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Neighbours Episode 2390 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2390
Australian airdate: 19/05/95
UK airdate: 11/01/96
UK Gold: 28/12/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bianca is back from her trip.
Billy and Toadie see a picture of Lucy in a magazine.
Libby is furious with Luke and tells Ren she'll never ever be friends with him.
Sam wants to know why Annalise has left a poem out of her collection.
Annalise tells Sam that she would never leave a student's poem out of the collection to give herself a better chance in the competition. She admits the thought did cross her mind, but she pushed it away immediately. Sam doesn't entirely believe her and Annalise is most offended. She tells him off for not trusting her.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is looking forward to judging the poetry competition while Cheryl stresses about the cost of Sam's party. She suggests Lou could sing to put everyone off their food and keep catering costs down!
Danni runs in and says she's off to the club. Cheryl isn't pleased - the job at the club is only supposed to be for two nights a week. She tells Danni she'd better sort it out and come home at a decent hour tonight.
Everyone is having dinner. Marlene asks Bianca about her reunion with her mother, but she is unforthcoming. Marlene tries to discuss Helen's wedding, but Cody says talk of weddings and romance remind her of Rick and not in a good way. Marlene suggests talking about poetry, but Annalise immediately stomps on that one! Marlene suggests talking about Sam's birthday. He is offended that Marlene mentioned him last! Marlene gives up and tucks into her dinner!
CODY: So, what about you? How's Rhonda working out in the shop.
MARLENE: Ha ha. Very funny.
She walks off, leaving Cody to wonder what she said!
The Pub
Ren and Luke tell Cheryl that they're definitely coming to Sam's party. Cheryl is delighted that they don't want to bring any dates with them(!)
Luke tells Ren maybe he should approach Libby in person to apologise. But she doesn't think it's a good idea and tells Luke a letter is the best way to go.
Lou and Cheryl's, the following morning
Cheryl is making Lou some breakfast, since they're now on a budget!
Danni arrives home at that moment. Cheryl isn't at all pleased and tells Danni she'd better explain herself quick.
Everyone is giving Sam presents for his birthday and he's amazed to hear they've arranged a party for him at Chez Chez. Also, there will be several surprises for him throughout the day.
Annalise tells Sam she hasn't quite finished his present yet.
He opens the garden gnome from Marlene and looks a bit puzzled!
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is tearing strips off Danni for staying out all night. She tells Danni it can't go on - Danni has had hardly any sleep in 48 hours. Danni says she's only taken on the work so she can pay more rent and help Cheryl out better. Cheryl tells Danni that she has to be home by 2am from now on, or she can find another job.
Garden of the Martins
Hannah is reading in the tree house when Cody joins her. Hannah is trying to write a story on what Erinsborough means to her. Cody talks her through it, saying there's her family, her friends, school, hobbies etc. She suggests a tour of Erinsborough to refresh Hannah's memory.
Bric-a-brac shop
Sam is ranting to Bianca that Annalise forgot about his birthday. He's not in a very good mood. Bianca tells him to relax and just enjoy his day.
Sam asks Bianca about her mum and she says they got on well. Sam says Bianca should invite her mum to Erinsborough, but she says her mum doesn't like to travel.
Sam gets a call from Marlene telling him to turn the radio on.
Lou is on the radio with a request for Sam, apparently his all-time favourite - Abba's "Dancing Queen". Sam is very embarrassed(!)
Marlene tells Annalise she's invited Sam's old footy team to his birthday party. Marlene tells Annalise she should end her bickering with Sam.
Annalise tells Marlene she's writing Sam a poem - it's a birthday present and an apology all in one.
Coffee Shop
Luke has finished writing his letter of apology to Libby, asking her to let them get back to being friends. Ren thinks he's written it really well.
Lou come in to ask Luke to do the catering for Sam's party. (Why, at such short notice?!!)
Chez Chez
Danni is half-asleep during her pub shift. Cheryl isn't pleased that so many people have turned up to Sam's party(!) Sam is horrified to see pictures of him as a child on the wall. Marlene introduces her "surprise guests", Sam's old footy mates. But it turns out that Marlene has invited a team from Eden Hills, not Sam's old team. Cheryl isn't pleased cos she's been giving them free beer!
Bianca tells Annalise off for forgetting Sam's birthday, and mocks her for writing Sam a poem for his birthday. But she softens a bit and apologises, saying that she's got a lot on her mind, but it's not about her mum honest. Eventually she tells Annalise that her mother didn't want a bar of her - she slammed the door in Bianca's face.
Chez Chez
The footy team have got very rowdy.
Marlene starts to make a speech but Annalise interrupts to read out her poem for Sam.
Yesterday I met a girl
She was crying and in pain
She was lonely and confused because
She'd lost her way again
It's something she's done a lot lately
Causing those she loves to grieve
And for that she's truly sorry
And that you must believe.
I'm not sure what she's looking for
And I don't know what she'll find
But I think it's love and honesty
And some kind of peace of mind.
I felt that I should tell her that she didn't have to stray
That there was one who truly loved her and he would point the way
He was strong and understanding, patient, loyal and true
His feelings for her immeasurable without a doubt she knew.
She would have to find this man
Sam Kratz was his name
And tell him to his face
That she still felt the same.
Everyone claps, Annalise and Sam hug and even the tough footy players have a tear in their eye!
Cubby house
Hannah tells Cody she's fed up of Toadie leaving a mess in the cubby house. She finds the copy of Ambrosia. She opens it and is shocked to see a picture of "Aunty Lucy" with no clothes on.
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