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Neighbours Episode 2389 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2389
Australian airdate: 18/05/95
UK airdate: 10/01/96
UK Gold: 27/12/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Luke tells Libby that he knew about Karl and Susan's plan - and he wants to break up.
Susan asks Annalise to come and give a talk to the kids about poetry.
Danni is rushing out to the nightclub. Brett is not impressed that Danni didn't come to Helen's wedding.
A horn sounds outside and Danni says it'll be Fabian. Brett snaps at her that he's still waiting for her photos for his article. She apologises and promises to do it tomorrow.
Mal is spying on Danni getting into the car with Fabian. Susan and Billy are on the computer playing a game, while Libby studies at the table and Karl just stands there rolling his eyes.
MAL:(to Susan) I'm hungry.
SUSAN: Make yourself something then, I'm a working woman and I only cook on the weekends if I feel like it, and I don't feel like it!
Mal tells Billy he's heard Billy and Toadie were chatting up Lucy Robinson at Helen's wedding. Billy says he was just being social(!)
Karl suggests that Mal goes down to the Holy Roll and gets a pizza. Libby moans about Luke.
Holy Roll
Luke tells Sam and Ren that orders have been pouring in for the pizza business, so it's all going well. Ren tells Sam that Danni has been very slack recently - she's still waiting for her new designs. Sam moans that Annalise is too busy with her poetry to make plans for his birthday. Luke gives Sam his pizza.
Annalise is too busy to eat pizza as she's working on her poetry. Sam sighs and says she doesn't talk about anything except poetry these days. Annalise takes offence, but Sam says he just feels a bit left out - their relationship is important too. Annalise assures Sam that she loves him, it's just that she has lots to do. Being together is not the only reason they're alive.
ANNALISE: Sam, what does Erinsborough mean to you? I'm having a bit of trouble with this poem.
SAM: How about a place where noone gives a damn about anyone but themselves.
He stomps off to bed.
No.28, the following morning
Annalise comes to chat to Susan about her poetry talk. But Susan is busy and tells her she's sure it'll be fine. Mal and Billy are playing on the computer. Susan is fed up of the computer and thinks they need to have a family meeting about it. She also tells Mal and Billy that they must come to Annalise's poetry talk. Mal isn't keen, but looks interested when Susan tells him that Danni will be there!
Danni is just getting back from the nightclub. Brett rolls his eyes and says she has to do her photos today. Danni moans that she's too tired, having been out all night.
Holy Roll
Danni and Brett come in. Danni has managed to get into her school uniform, but looks awful. Libby comes in and Luke says hello. She walks off without a word.
Susan is introducing Annalise to the pupils (Danni is asleep on her desk).
Annalise begins her talk about poetry - how to her, it's a way of communicating with only a few words. She believes it's life- changing and causes you to speak from your heart.
Holy Roll
Ren and Luke chat about Libby while doing the lunchtime rush. Ren thinks that Luke should talk to Libby. Luke isn't keen, so Ren says she'll have a chat to Libby first.
Annalise is just finishing her talk. Danni is still asleep on the desk.
A boy in the class comes up to Annalise afterwards and asks her to read his poem. Meanwhile, Susan asks Danni if she's alright. Danni says she might be coming down with a cold(!) But Brett dobs her in - she's been staying out all night and they are suffering due to the lack of photos for the magazine.
Holy Roll
Luke brings Karl a cup of coffee and asks him how Libby is. He says he'd like to be friends, but Karl tells him to forget it - it never works(!)
Danni is ranting at Brett for dobbing her in. Brett is unmoved, saying Danni has brought it on herself. Brett tells Danni not to go to the pub tonight but she says Fabian needs her - she might lose her job. Brett says that passing Year 12 is more important! Danni says she doesn't want to go to Uni, so she can't see the point of finishing Year 12. Brett points out that the nightclub won't last forever.
Ren comes to see Libby about Luke. Libby doesn't really want to talk about him, but Ren explains that Luke is sorry for plotting with Karl and Susan.
LIBBY: You can tell him from me that there is no way I'll ever be friends with him!
Annalise is reading Sam some of the poems the schoolkids have written for the poetry competition. They are not very good, but then she reads one which is really good and looks a bit worried.
The family meeting has convened. They all put a case for why they should have priority on the computer, but Susan says noone has a valid reason. She says they should just have a computer roster. She suggests that Billy draws it up.
MAL: Might as well be in the army as in this family.
KARL: You're very welcome to join up, my boy!
Sam is trying to fix his drill and sees that Annalise has left the good poem out of the competition file. He reads it out.
Ode to Erinsborough
When I sit through window gazing
At the place I find amazing
It's not a street or shop or park
That finds my heart and makes its mark.
But the touch of people I can trust
To light my life and erode the rust
Of doubt.
Sam asks Annalise if she was going to leave the poem out of the competition entries. She said she did think about it, but would never have done it.
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