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Neighbours Episode 2391 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2391
Australian airdate: 22/05/95
UK airdate: 12/01/96
UK Gold: 31/12/01
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl tells Lou they have to keep tightening their belts financially.
Lucy tells Mark she's made up her mind to kick the drink and drugs.
Cheryl shouts at Danni for working at the club all night - she has to work only weekends until 2am or give up the job.
Hannah finds a picture of Lucy in Billy's Ambrosia magazine.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is packing up leftovers from the party and putting them in the fridge so they can save money on food.
Danni is doing her homework at the table while Brett is watching a programme on the history of Madeira (how thrilling!)
Danni asks Brett if he's done his assignment - she wants to have a look at it. She's panicking about her own. Brett agrees she can have a look at his notes, but not the assignment.
Hannah and Cody are making bread for breakfast. Cody is explaining to Hannah the sort of things people do when they are desperate. She tells Hannah that Lucy must have been desperate for money.
Lucy comes in at that moment, saying she's been to see Mark. Cody says sarcastically that Lucy and Mark are getting very chummy(!)
Luke and Mark are playing chess when there's a knock at the door. It's Billy. He's come to ask them if he can use their swimming pool, so he can train up to counteract his asthma. They agree.
When Billy has gone, Luke picks up a leaflet on a 40-hour famine for WorldVision.
Luke and Mark chat about Lucy. Mark says Lucy tried hard to seduce him at the cottage. Luke thinks Mark is a saint for refusing.
MARK: You don't understand, mate. I really wanted to.
LUKE: So? You're only human.
Lou and Cheryl's the following morning
Danni has fallen asleep while doing her assignment. She begs Brett to have a quick look at his, but he refuses. Cheryl serves them left-over pizza for breakfast. Danni protests that she's diabetic and has to eat well.
Cheryl tells Danni off for not putting her schoolwork first.
Coffee Shop
Luke thinks he could take over from Mark as Lucy's support partner if necessary, but Mark says he made a promise to Lucy.
Cody and Phil come in chatting about Helen's honeymoon - apparently she and Reuben are having a great time. He's not sure where they'll live when they get back though. Phil says it's not out of the question that he will move out rather than Helen and Reuben.
Toadie tells Billy that the Ambrosia magazine is missing and Billy looks worried. Hannah comes in at that point telling Billy and Toadie that they should be ashamed of themselves. Hannah says she's going to dob them in to Karl.
Lou is looking for this week's Greyhound Mag. Phil tells him that the latest Ambrosia has just come in, but Lou isn't interested. Lou tells Phil that the greyhound has to keep winning or he'll be in trouble with Cheryl.
Coffee Shop
Cheryl tells Luke that she hopes the greyhound wins.
Lucy comes in and goes through to the kitchen to see Mark. She asks him if she can come back to work at the shop - she's changed her mind. She thinks if they are together all the time, Mark can keep an eye on her.
Danni is still harrassing Brett about the assignment. He agrees to help her in the library.
Toadie and Billy approach Hannah at her locker. Toadie tells Hannah that if she tells Karl about the magazine, they'll tell everyone that Lucy is in the centrefold. Hannah runs off in disgust.
Lou is sitting with Suede Tess, reading through poems for the poetry competition. Phil joins them and they chat about Cheryl's newfound thriftiness. Phil tells Suede Tess that she'd better win!
Brett is helping Danni to finish her essay. She says she's going to keep working at the nightclub though. Brett is incredulous - he thinks Danni will fail Year 12 if she keeps on. Brett threatens to tell Cheryl, but Danni says she'll make it worth his while - she'll buy him lunch everyday so he doesn't have to eat leftovers. Brett finally agrees. But he tells her when she gets sprung it's nothing to do with him.
Mark comes round to see Lucy. He tells her that he can't be her support partner anymore - he wants Luke to take over. Lucy is very angry that Mark is breaking his promise. She throws him out of the house, slamming the door behind him.
Coffee Shop
Hannah is telling Cody the latest developments with Toadie. Cody says everyone will see the pictures anyway, Ambrosia is sold everywhere.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is hungry and Cheryl makes him eat an apple(!) She says Brett should do the 40-hour famine, but he says he already is(!)
Luke comes round to see Lucy, saying that Mark feels terrible. Luke says they can make things work with him as her support partner. Lucy reluctantly lets him in. He tells her she is better off with him than noone at all. Lucy says she's upset that Mark let her down - how does she know that Luke won't do the same thing? Luke realises that Mark hasn't told Lucy about his feelings for her.
Later, at the Coffee Shop
Luke asks Mark why he didn't tell Lucy about his feelings for her. He says he can't. Luke insists that he must, or Lucy will self-destruct.
Hannah is buying up all the copies of Ambrosia but puts them back quickly when Phil comes in. They chat about homework bt when Phil goes in the back. Hannah starts putting the magazines in her bag. But Phil comes back and catches her in the act.
<<2390 - 2392>>
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