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Neighbours Episode 2375 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2375
Australian airdate: 28/04/95
UK airdate: 21/12/95
UK Gold: 07/12/01
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou and Phil think Suede Tess will be a winner.
Toadie says he's cursing the Kennedy family.
Mark is sacked for giving leftover food from the kitchen to the homeless.
Number 30
Jen tells Mark that he should go for unfair dismissal, but he doesn't think it'll do any good.
Sam and Annalise are playing rock-paper-scissors when Brett comes round. He tells Sam he's looking for a job, but now Annalise is helping him, there's no work at the moment. He tells Brett he's got a job on a house next week though and he could use his help. Annalise and Brett start talking about travel. Sam looks left out and rolls his eyes quietly to himself.
Libby is telling Karl that her editor boss thinks she's improving. Karl takes a prank call - it's silent. Karl thinks it's Sandy - she's been to see him eight times this week. He puts the phone down. Libby says Karl should just send Sandy to a shrink - she'd have to be nuts to be interested in Karl!
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is looking forward to Suede Tess's race tomorrow. Brett tells Lou and Cheryl that he's got another job with Sam. Cheryl says that now Brett is 18 he should start to pay rent now. Brett is horrified.
The phone rings and it's a prank again. Libby looks a bit scared. Apparently the caller said that Libby didn't deserve to live and she should get out of the house now while she still can.
Libby insists to Karl and Susan that it wasn't Sandy Morris. Billy looks a bit unsure, but says that it could have been Toadfish - he knows that Billy dobbed him in. Karl says there's nothing they can do until they have proof - they'll just have to catch Toadie in the act.
Coffee Shop
Mark asks Luke where his little admirer is (meaning Libby). Luke tells Mark to shut up. They chat about Mark's problem with feeding the street kids. Luke suggests Mark gets someone to put the food out in a black bin bag, then Mark can pick it up after closing time. Mark says he knows just the person to help him.
Lou and Cheryl's
Mark comes round to see Lou and Cheryl and tells them he's been sacked. Mark wants Brett to put the food out instead, but Cheryl doesn't think that's a good idea - Brett could get into trouble too. So Mark asks about the Chez Chez food but she says she can't take the risk in case someone gets food poisoning.
The phone rings and Karl answers it to the mystery caller who quickly hangs up. Billy dials Toadie's number quickly and Toadie answers then rings up. On both calls, they could hear the same rock music in the background. Susan suggests they get on to Angie and Kev.
Coffee Shop
Lou, Cheryl, Jen and Phil are waiting for Suede Tess's race to start. Mark joins them.
Outside Lassiters
Annalise is "helping" Sam with his gardening wearing girly gloves and trying not to get her hands dirty! She breaks a nail and screams loudly. She storms off in a huff telling Sam she quits.
Phil, Jen, Lou, Cheryl, Marlene and Mark are watching the race with a glass of wine. The dogs race off.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is sitting filing her nails sullenly. Sam comes in and tries to reason with her. He apologises for asking too much of her. She softens and says he wasn't, but that manual labour isn't her thing. Sam says he'll get someone else to help him and he'll make it up to Annalise. Annalise says that since everyone is at the races he could take her home for a "full body massage"!
Luke watches them go and smiles knowingly.
Suede Tess stops mid-race and runs off in the wrong direction(!)
Brett is telling Libby about the food being thrown away - he sympathises with the kids who need the food. Libby tells him to be careful.
Susan hasn't seen Toadie today and Billy asks her to stop Karl dobbing Toadie in to the cops. She says she can't stop Karl doing anything!
Susan comes in and answers the phone to Toadie doing a prank call.
On the other end of the phone, Billy sees Toadie in a phone box and confronts him. They push each other about. Billy shouts at Toadie that he'll just end up like Shane and stuff his life up. Toadie storms off.
Susan has called Angie round. She arrives with Toadie in tow. She makes Toadie apologise for taking the car and for making the prank calls. He says he won't make any more calls. Angie says she's realised she hasn't been disciplining Toadie cos her mind's been on Shane - he's been sent down for 6 months. From now on she's going to put more attention on Toadie as she's neglected him in the past. Angie apologises profusely to the Kennedys and says she's glad about the community service. She asks them not to press charges and they agree. Toadie is anxious that the Kennedys won't stop him being mates with Billy. Susan says it's up to Billy. Billy hesitates then invites Toadie down to the Coffee Shop.
BILLY: Want to go down to the Coffee Shop? Dad, can I have the car keys...? Only joking!
They all laugh and Angie tells Susan and Karl that Billy is such a calming influence on Toadie.
Coffee Shop
Toadie tells Billy that he'd like to swap with him - he'll do the violin part so that the old dears won't want them back the following week(!)
In the kitchen, Libby pins Luke to the counter and kisses him. He doesn't resist and kisses her back.
<<2374 - 2376>>
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