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Neighbours Episode 2374 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2374
Australian airdate: 27/04/95
UK airdate: 20/12/95
UK Gold: 06/12/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Luke catches Mal and Danni trying to get it on in the Coffee Shop and tells them off.
Phil tells Jen worriedly that Lucy's bed hasn't been slept in. Jen tells him not to worry.
Bill confesses to Karl that he, Shane, Toadie and Justin took the car.
Mark tells Ren that Lucy needs him to look after her. Ren thinks Mark is in love with Lucy - he's fooling himself.
Billy tries to slope off to school, but Susan calls him back. She tells him that Karl has told the police about the joyriding. Billy is horrified but Susan goes on to say that if it went to court he'd probably get a community service order. But noone is pressing charges, so they've decided to impose a Kennedy Service Order instead! Susan has booked Billy into a nursing home every Sunday for a month where he has to sing and play the violin for the residents while they have their lunch. Billy looks horrified and so do I - who'd want Billy's playing over their Sunday lunch?!!
Number 30
Mark is stressing out about Lucy. Ren tells him to calm down. She goes to make them a cup of tea. Mark insists that Lucy needs help.
REN: There's only one person who can help Lucy. And that's Lucy Robinson herself.
Mark catches sight of a fashion magazine on the table and starts riffling through it, but just then the phone rings.
MARK: Karl? What? Is she OK?
Apparently Lucy has been found and is asking for Mark.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett thanks Danni and Mal for helping prepae a great birthday. He's twigged about the getting it on and looks at them both knowingly.
Mal is fed up that they were sprung by Luke - what if he tells anyone? Danni says he worries to much.
Number 30
Karl has brought Lucy round - she's completely out of it. He says it might be drugs but he's not sure.
Lucy is lying on the couch drinking a cup of tea.
Coffee Shop
A girl is flirting with Luke while he tries to get rid of her. She seems a bit weird.
Libby comes in and Luke isn't pleased to see her. He says he can't have lunch with her - she should be at school. Libby asks why he's in a bad mood. She slopes off leaving Luke to sigh heavily.
Everyone is congratulating Brett on his 18th and giving him cards.
Billy apologies to Mal about the car.
MAL: I don't like staring down the barrel of a loaded father like that. Not when I don't deserve it.
Mal is quite forgiving towards Billy though. Toadie comes up and drags Billy off. Malcolm scowls, but he's too loved-up with Danni to really care.
Hannah and her mate are talking quietly about bras but Toadie overhears. He pings Hannah's bra strap.
Hannah and her mate are complaining to Susan about the bra strap pinging. She says he's always doing it. Susan says she'll sort Toadie out.
Number 30
Mark asks Lucy if she did drugs last night and she says she didn't - it was just too much booze. She says she's learned her lesson now. She starts coming onto Mark and tells him she likes him a lot. He gets up awkwardly and goes off to the youth centre. Lucy decides to crawl off home. She asks Mark not to tell anyone about her binge. She says she can handle all her personal problems given a bit of space.
Susan is ranting at Toadie and Billy about sexual harrassment. She gives them detention every Friday for a month and tells him to join Billy at the nursing home on the weekends.
Coffee Shop
Libby has come to see Luke again. He insists he can't have lunch with her - he's too busy. Karl comes in and is surprised to see Libby there. The weird girl gets up and approaches Karl - she introduces herself as Sandy Morris. He sort of knows her and shakes hands. She wants to talk to him about something and he tells her to make an appointment. She is very weird throughout the whole conversation.
Mark is settling Lucy on the sofa. Ren comes in to see how Lucy is and offers to hang around for a while while Mark is at the Community Centre.
Danni and Mal are canoodling at her locker. Brett demands to know where they were at lunchtime. They just giggle. Brett and Libby tell them to get a grip on themselves.
Hannah and her mate are still talking about bras and back away from Toadie and Billy.
Toadie wants to know more about the nursing home. Billy explains to Toadie that Karl has found out about the car. Billy confesses that he had to tell the truth to take the heat off Malcolm. Toadie is very angry that Billy has dobbed them in. He says he's putting a curse on all Kennedys(!)
Hannah and her mate come in chatting and Lucy runs out and shouts at them that she's trying to sleep. She storms back to her room.
Coffee Shop
Brett is trying to talk to Libby about saving to go overseas, but she's drooling over Luke instead. Brett says sometimes he feels completely invisible.
Hannah and her mate are chatting about Lucy's split personality. Hannah says she's never seen Lucy like this before. She'll be more careful around her in the future.
Karl wants a word with Malcolm before he rushes off to Danni's.
Karl sits him down for "the talk". He says that his relationship with Danni is developing. Mal says that Karl doesn't have to worry - he's not going to do anything stupid with Danni. Karl is impressed that Malcolm is that serious about Danni.
MAL: When did you and mum...you know?
KARL: What?
MAL: ...know that this was it, the real thing?
KARL: I suppose it was right from the beginning.
MAL: Exactly!
KARL: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me...?
MAL: That's right! I'm in love with her, Dad. I'm in love with Danni. That's great, isn't it?
When Mal has gone, Susan come in and finds Karl looking a bit stunned. He tells her it was a pleasantly surprising conversation - Mal is quite a sensible young man inside.
Hannah creeps in so as not to disturb Lucy. Lucy apologises for before and says she's feeling better now - she doesn't normally behave like that. She gives Hannah a hug and they agree to be friends, but Hannah looks a bit disconcerted still.
Coffee Shop
Libby is sitting at the bar when Mark comes in. He's ranting about the owner of Lassiters - he's accuses Mark of stealing leftover food for the shelter. Mark says it was only going to be thrown away anyway, but it doesn't matter - he's been sacked.
<<2373 - 2375>>
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