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Neighbours Episode 2355 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2355
Australian airdate: 31/03/95
UK airdate: 23/11/95
UK Gold: 09/11/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Customer: Colin McKinnon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl has bad feet.
- Karl and Cody discuss Cheryl's feet.
- Hannah suggests Phil should pick someone decent to go out with - like Jen.
- Phil realising Jen has feelings for him.
- Susan finds cigarettes in Billy's bag.
Karl tells Cody to take the rest of the afternoon off as they're not busy. Susan comes in and tells Karl that she found cigarettes in Billy's schoolbag. Karl doesn't freak out and suggests he could use the same trick that his father pulled on him.
Phil tells Helen that he's got a problem. He likes Jen and wants to asks her out - but he's worried about making a fool of himself. In fact, Jen asked him out a couple of times but he didn't think she was being serious(!).
PHIL: Do you think she'd go out with me?
HELEN: Well, why shouldn't she?! Philip! You're a very attractive man. You're good company, you have a great sense of humour, well, most of the time, so why *wouldn't* she want to go out with you?
PHIL: I'm old, I'm balding, I'm overweight, I have a family...
HELEN: Ask her, Philip, what do you have to lose? And you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Coffee Shop
Angie is spilling coffee on the customers and Susan tells her to be more careful.
Cheryl comes in holding up a dress and wearing a tiara. Angie asks her if she's going to an over- the- top party and Susan awkwardly tells her that Cheryl is going to Lou's inauguration(!)
Angie is surprised to hear that Lou is Mayor and says the freeway will be built in no time! Cheryl says Lou was elected on a no Freeway platform! Susan hustles Angie off and Cheryl heads off to see Karl.
Karl is looking at Cheryl's feet. He asks her about her two toes. Cheryl explains that her brother broke them when she was little. Karl tells Cheryl that she does have a lot of corns from the unsuitable shoes. But she also has arthritis - the once- broken toes have got inflamed. Cheryl refuses to believe it.
Cody wants to use the computer, but Helen needs it to make up the Youth Centre roster with Mark. Brett suggests that she could get a second hand one of her own, but Cody doesn't think she can afford it.
Karl and Susan grab Billy when he comes in. They sit him down, and in a very over the top way, give him milk and biscuits. Then they give him some cigarettes and encourage him to smoke them(!) Susan even lights one for him.
SUSAN: Doesn't he look so grownup, Karl?!
Cheryl is dressed for the over-the-top party Lou's inauguration. Lou is a bit nervous, but she insists everything will be great. Her feet are still hurting and she limps off.
Phil awkwardly approaches Cody and asks when Jen is arriving. There's a knock at the door, and Phil practically sprints to open the door and greet her. He offers her a cup of tea and fawns over her a bit. Helen, Mark and the rest talk about the computer again, and Cody says she's decided to sell her car so she can buy a computer.
JEN: Oh, at last, the woman sorts out her priorities!
PHIL: Takes a lot for some of us to do that.
Billy, Karl and Susan are eating dinner. Afterwards, Karl insists that Billy smokes a cigarette. He thinks it's weird as they're against smoking. They explain they want him to understand what it's like to be an addict. Billy stubs out the cigarette and says he's had enough.
Cheryl and Lou are home. Cheryl is limping and eases her shoes off. She wonders where Brett and Bianca are. She's a bit worried that Brett could get hurt with an "experience girl". Lou asks Cheryl if she's alright, but she doesn't tell him about the arthritis.
Brett comes in and says he enjoyed the inauguration. Cheryl limps off to bed.
Helen decides to make a cup of coffee for everyone and drags Cody off to help her (a transparent ruse to leave Phil and Jen alone)
Phil awkwardly tries to ask Jen out.
PHIL: You probably don't want to go for this. Well, I wouldn't, if I were in your shoes...but...I mean, if you were me, and I was you?
JEN: Philip, what are you trying to say?
PHIL: Will you go out with me?
JEN:(instantly) Yes.
PHIL: You will?
JEN: I'd love to.
PHIL:(surprised, and relieved) Good! Great! Good and great! I should help with the coffee because it gets heavy...well, not the coffee, the tray...and Helen...good! Great!
He dashes off to the kitchen!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Lou sees Karl and tells him that based on the talk at the inauguration, he will have a fight on his hands preventing the Freeway. It might be a case of NIMBY. They agree that they didn't picket other freeways, but they understand the issues better now.
Brett tells Cheryl that he likes Bianca, but he's worried she won't be around for long. Cheryl breezily tells him that there are plenty more fish in the sea!
When Brett has gone, Lou says that Cheryl should be grateful that Brett wants to talk to her. Cheryl starts banging on that everyone thinks she's old and Karl thinks she's got arthritis in her toes. Lou says that arthritis isn't just for old people and it can be treated. He says she'd better go back and talk to Karl.
Cheryl has come to see Karl again, much to his displeasure(!) She tells him she's ready to do something about it. She doesn't want to change her shoes, and asks if there are surgical options. Karl says she could have her toes amputated which Cheryl actually takes in her stride(!) He backs down and says he could put her on anti- inflammatory drugs. Or they could have some special insoles made. Or Cheryl could just stop wearing stilettos. Cheryl says she might consider surgery(!)
Car Yard
Lou advises Cody to sell her car privately, but he relents and says he'll ask around.
Susan gives Billy an after- breakfast cigarette and sits and watches him smoke it. Billy looks really fed up and starts coughing. Susan says he can put the cigarette out now, but Billy is having some sort of breathing problem.
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