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Neighbours Episode 2354 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2354
Australian airdate: 30/03/95
UK airdate: 22/11/95
UK Gold: 08/11/01
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Danni advises Libby to stay at school.
- Toadie and Billy smoke in the woods.
- Reuben tells Helen and Ren that Kingston is very ambitious. Ren is pleased, but Reuben doesn't approve.
- Ren tells Fabian Conte that Danni's designs are hers. Danni overhears, but Ren bustles her out of the house.
Kingston has worked out that Danni is the designer, but he doesn't think Fabian noticed anything strange.
Mark and Luke come in and Ren sends them off. Mark is not pleased, saying that they do live there too(!)
Ren tells Kingston that she'll square things with Danni. He warns her not to let the designs get out.
Coffee Shop
Ren thanks Danni for not making a big fuss at the house. Danni says she doesn't want to do business that involves lying and cheating. Ren says she's trying to make a success of the company, and Danni won't be complaining when the money rolls in(!)
Bianca hasn't been able to find any information about her mother - she's been advised to contact Health and Community Affairs. Marlene says that Bianca is no longer a Ward of State, and they have to give her her file under the Freedom of Information Act.
Libby comments that Billy hasn't eaten very much. Susan asks Billy if he's feeling alright. He says he's just tired after cross country. Susan says Billy is unfit from watching so much telly!
Mark comes round to talk to Susan about the kids in the country (the scheme to give families a break and the kids a holiday). Susan says she'll give Mark some names.
Marlene asks Luke to put a few dollars on "Turf Rocket" for her.
Brett is surprised that Danni didn't go nuts with Ren. Brett thinks that Ren is getting too big for her boots, and Danni should get a contract from her. Danni says it's not a big deal and at least Ren is pushy enough to sell her ideas. Brett doesn't look convinced.
Mark asks Ren if she really cares about Danni - he thinks Ren is using Danni. Ren tells him that sometimes you have to be tough in business and she's going to take Danni with her to the top. She tells Mark angrily to stay out of things he doesn't understand.
Brett is helping Bianca fill in a form about releasing her file. Mark comes round and tells Brett that Ren has turned into a monster. Marlene says that Kingston's grandfather Reuben is lovely, but Kingston is quite different. She resolves to have a word with Helen about him.
Libby and Susan are writing down names of their friends in the country. Billy wants to go over to see Toadie, but Susan steers him into his bedroom to do his homework instead(!)
Libby tells Susan that she's decided to stay at school. Susan is really pleased, and pleased to hear that Danni had a hand in persuading Libby.
Marlene is telling Helen that Kingston has been a bad influence on Ren. Helen finds it hard to believe that Ren is walking over people to get ahead. She tells Marlene that she hasn't really discussed Kingston with Reuben, but admits that Reuben does have a few reservations. She pointedly tells Marlene that it's none of her business.
Marlene wonders out loud how her bet went this afternoon.
No.24, the following morning
A limo pulls up outside with Luke and Sam in it. They head into the house, still a bit drunk, and start cooking bacon and eggs. Unfortunately they make a big racket and wake up Marlene and Bianca. They are very cross. Luke mollifies Marlene by giving her money. He didn't back the horse she said, as he didn't think it had a chance(!) and backed another one instead. Fortunately, it won! Marlene calms down a bit, but Bianca flounces off back to bed.
Ren is up early looking at clothes in the living room. She tells Mark that she's got a photo shoot today, and isn't sure what to wear. She decides to buy something new. She bundles up her current clothes and says she'll take them to Marlene's(!)
Susan tells Libby that she and Karl will pay for her to go to a night- time photography course. Libby is pleased.
Casserole runs through the living room, chased by Billy. She poops on the carpet(!) then breaks a few things. Susan despairs!
Brett is having breakfast and Danni tells him that she has an interview for the cadetship at the paper. Brett tells Danni crossly that it was Libby's job - and Danni talked her out of it! Danni says going back to school was the right decision for Libby anyway(!)
Bric- a- Brac Shop
Helen gives Marlene a picture to sell for her. Marlene asks when Helen will be seeing Reuben again - apparently tonight.
Ren comes in and gives Marlene a bag of her clothes and says she can donate the money to the Youth Centre. (This is just to prove to Mark she's not a hardened businesswoman though)
When Ren has gone, Marlene tells Helen that Ren has become rather cold.
Brett is not happy with Danni for applying for the cadetship at the paper. He says she is a rotten little schemer.
BRETT: You know, Danni, sometimes you can be really full of it.
Coffee Shop
Mark, Bianca and Sam are chatting about Bianca's mum.
Brett and Billy come in. Susan is serving and tells Brett to thank Danni for encouraging Libby to stay at school.
Danni awkwardly tells Libby that she went for an interview at the paper. Danni insists that she had Libby's best interests at heart, as she's really academic and should stay at school. Libby is not impressed.
Coffee Shop
Brett is telling Mark about Danni and the job. They agree that Ren and Danni are cut from the same cloth these days.
Susan gives Mark some addresses of people in the country who need a break. She can't remember the address of one of them, so she opens Billy's bag to find his address book. Billy rushes over and tries to stop her, but too late - Susan has found cigarettes in his bag!
<<2353 - 2355>>
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