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Neighbours Episode 2288 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2288
Australian airdate: 23/11/94
UK airdate: 22/08/95
UK Gold: 08/08/01
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Philip East
Guests: Ling Mai Chan: Khym Lam
Air Conditioning Rep: Bob Halsall
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
- Sam and Brett finding the boat - and Danni's insulin
- Cheryl thinking Lou's spent $2000 on her birthday present
Well that cliff-hanger didn't last long as the first shot we have is of Mal and Danni huddled together on the beach. Danni wakes up in Mal's arm but there's no romance as she demands to know what he was doing. He says he was trying to keep her warm. They start arguing over whose fault it was that the boat capsized (seriously - how did Danni's bag stay in there then?) and debate on whether to go to the Store (closer) or the house (where Danni has more insulin).
*calls her doctor friend* OK, so not wildly inaccurate. Diabetics shouldn't really go without their insulin and should always check their levels regularly. Having said that, it's been almost a day since Danni's eaten anything so her main concern should be on getting food, not having a supply of insulin to hand.
Mal says it'll be quicker to head for the store and off they go.
This is the life. Karl has an RDO, the kids are away, nothing to do... Susan wonders if he'll be bored but Karl's sure they'll think of something to do.
SUSAN: What? Like Bridge with Philip and Helen?
SUSAN: You could mow the lawn.
KARL: Casserole's done a good job of that.
SUSAN: You could paint the shed.
KARL: We don't have a shed.
SUSAN: You could fix the air conditioner at the surgery.
KARL: I've already reported it.
SUSAN: Well then, that's everything.
And they kiss. Well, almost everything... He picks her up and makes rather quickly for the bedroom, stopped at the last minute by a knock on the door. Karl turns and unceremoniously whacks Susan into the door frame before nearly dropping her. Ouch. He apologises and checks that she's OK before hissing that they're not home. Susan makes him answer the door - to Marlene.
Susan wishes her happy birthday before Marlene tells them that Cassie's got out and is grazing in her garden. Karl wants to leave her to cut the grass but it's the flowers she's eating and leaving calling cards on the path. Karl says he'll get dressed and come get her.
Lou and Cheryl's
Over Cheryl's birthday breakfast she muses over the card from the kids, saying they'll bring her a present back from the beach. Oysters? Pearls? Or an octopus... Lou gives Cheryl her present which she gushes over. Tearing into the paper she's less than enthused to find it's a pie maker. And not a gold encrusted one that would have cost $2000. Phil comes over and Cheryl wonders where they're off to - they're going shopping for Suede Tess. She jokes that she should be grateful he's not buying jewellery for some floozy but Lou laughs and bids her goodbye.
Number 30
Mark's working on his vows and hopes that it's going to be good enough. Ren has a look and says that it's really good, it's got heart and is moving. Ren picks up on a line, "closest friend like a sister" and suggests Mark change it as the bond between man and wife is different to that between brother and sister. And also not illegal.
Lou and Cheryl's
Marlene and Cheryl are swapping presents - Marlene's also got Cheryl a pie maker. Shame these are the days before eBay! Marlene asks after Lou and Cheryl informs her mother that he's gone off to deal with some business. She'd have thought that with the kids away the adults would be playing, and Marlene suggests that he could be planning something for that night. Cheryl latches onto the idea of a party being expensive... They notice that Tess has decided to chew her way through a pair of shoes and Marlene says that she needs training.
Cassie's now firmly tied up and Karl is back to finish what he started. Hopefully without beating her up this time. Cassie's not getting out again - trust him.
SUSAN: I should trust you?
KARL: Totally.
SUSAN: You won't lead me astray?
KARL: Totally.
As they head for the bedroom they run through a check list. Blinds closed, answer machine on, pager on memory, kids away... knock on the door.
KARL: It's a conspiracy!
This time it's Annalise; she's got a suss mole she wants Karl to look at. Karl sharply refers her to the surgery and starts to herd her out the door. Now. Go away. Bye!
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl returns with Tess to find Cheryl doing the laundry. Lou's still out, "buying stuff for the dog". Marlene wonders if he's out buying stuff for Cheryl's birthday instead. Marlene says that Tess is a bit more under control now, all you need is a firm hand. To prove the point she tells Tess to sit, only that means "run off" in Tess' world...
Number 30
Annalise is ready over Mark's poem, she thinks it's sweet and nice and says that she likes it. Only Mark sees through it and asks what's wrong. Annalise wants him to reference her dress and hair but he rightly points out he's not seen them. Mark says that he thought it was supposed to be about how they feel not how they look but Annalise says that how she looks will be a big part of how she feels. Mark asks if he should put that into the poem but she says it's his poem and he should write what he wants in that tone of voice that really means "yes, I want you to change it to exactly what I want, but I want you to think it was your idea".
Lou and Cheryl's
The boys come back and show off the blanket they've bought for Tess. Cheryl tries to find out where else they've been but they've not. Lou makes a comment about not being able to bear the suspense any longer which sends Cheryl running into his arms in delight. Lou then asks where Tess is. Cheryl says Marlene is training her, and not to panic, she's on a chain. This is the last thing the boys want to hear as they take off.
Karl's writing out a sign - DO NOT DISTURB. Subtle. Susan can't believe he's doing this but he says they're queuing up outside their door.
SUSAN: It's embarrassing! Everyone will know what we're doing!
Hate to break it to ya, Suse, but we all know what the Kinky Ks get up to on a regular basis.
Karl goes to put it on the door but as he opens it he finds the air con man standing there. Karl tells him that he's supposed to go to the surgery, that's why he gave them the surgery address.
Number 30
Ren is reading over the revised poem and she's not impressed. Mark's tried his best but he can't express how he truly feels in words. Ren twigs that Annalise said something about it and offers to talk to her about it. Mark says it's no big deal.
Marlene's brought Tess over and the guys tell her that training will destroy her 'killer instinct'. Marlene apologises and leaves.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou apologises for the mess Tess created and says that she's over at Phil's now. Lou promises that they'll celebrate her birthday in style that night but for now he has to go down the car yard, sort out some paperwork. He'll go out, come back for afternoon tea, then sort out a few more things before returning for the evening when her wish is his command.
New York / Martins
A few establishing shots set the scene for Debbie dialling a number. Back in Erinsborough the phone rings and Phil answers, pleased to hear his daughter's voice. Phil asks when she's coming home - will it be for Christmas? - and Debbie replies that's why she's calling...
Susan's massaging Karl's back in an attempt at seduction.
KARL: There's no point because the doorbell will go off.
They kiss. Nothing.
KARL: The kids will come home.
Another kiss, still nothing. Before anything can happen he takes her hand and they literally run into the bedroom.
Lou and Cheryl's
Annalise has brought over a present for Cheryl and picks up on Cheryl's bad mood. Cheryl admits that she went down to the car yard to surprise Lou but according to Alex he was never there. She intends to ask Lou what's going on and is sure there's a reasonable explanation. Annalise wonders if there's another woman and Cheryl says there isn't. And to prove it when he goes back out this afternoon she's going to follow him.
Beachbr>Mal and Danni have been walking for hours, Mal doesn't seem too sure where he's going and Danni is looking a bit worse for wear.
Marlene has faith in Lou but Annalise is convinced he's cheating on Cheryl. Marlene says that brides are not supposed to think like that - at least not for a little while!
Annalise answers the door to Ren who broaches the subject of Mark's poem. Ren says that Mark put his heart and soul into it and she can't understand why Annalise wanted him to change it. Annalise defends her opinion and Ren says that it came across as criticism. Annalise goes on to say that she's a published poet and the criticism that she's received in the past has made her better - and Mark will appreciate that when he makes his edits.
Cheryl's followed Lou and is not happy to see him embracing a young woman, and even less so when he gives her a gift.
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