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Neighbours Episode 2289 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2289
Australian airdate: 24/11/94
UK airdate: 23/08/95
UK Gold: 09/08/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Philip East
Guests: Father Michael Graham: Greg Scealy
Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Jason Von Thunan: Kristian Pithie
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Mal and Danni struggling to find help
Helen and Mark discussing what'll happen to Ric
Cheryl spying on Lou
Brett's in a panic, wondering how they're going to find Mal and Danni. Jason and Stonie have headed to the Store and Sam says they'll have raised the alarm by now. Rupert, Packo and Squirrel come back having been searching the bush all morning. They agree they'll start checking the beach now and Sam says to be back by dark.
Mark's got a selection of colourful cummerbunds for Annalise to choose from. She's adamant that he'll be in classic black and white despite him wanting to add a splash of colour. Mark brings up the fact that she rubbished his poem, now she's telling him he can't wear what he wants. Annalise apologises for her lack of tact but maintains that it needs work. She also points out that she's the one who reads all the magazines, she dresses to impress... Mark agrees to a black cummerbund somewhat reluctantly.
Cheryl is fuming about what she witnessed and is packing away Lou's things in boxes. Marlene wants her to take some time and to think about it before making a decision. Cheryl only stops when she realises she has a shift at the pub so she decides to "take the garbage out later". She swears Marlene to secrecy - Lou is hers.
Mark is packing away the cummerbunds and Annalise asks if he's OK with it. He says it doesn't matter but anything further is interrupted by Ric and Cody's return. Cody passes on the good wishes of her family before heading home. Ric enthuses about the Darwin Lassiters and says he passed on some ideas to Gabby about people management. Mark asks if the place has ground to a halt yet which Ric shrugs off. Mark tells him that Helen wants to speak to him - Annalise tells him the teenagers were fired and the oldies reinstated.
Cody's excitedly telling Helen about her family and how they're getting on. Cody says that Ric spent a lot of time in the Darwin branch and has come back filled with ideas with doesn't fill Helen with confidence!
Brett, Lib and Sam have returned to the house to regroup but Brett and Libby are desperate to get back out. Before they can head off Mal, Danni and Jason turn up. Mal and Danni had been wondering around in the bush and ended up near the General Store, bumping into Jason and Stonie just before they called the cops. Mal says they're clearing the track now so they can go home in the morning.
Ric asks Mark what happened with Helen reversing the decision he made. Mark says that the people he hired couldn't do the job and Helen had to sort out the mess. Mark dryly states that Ric's not going to make 'Employee of the Year ' and Ric worries that Helen's told Crowley who's just been looking for a reason to sack Ric. Mark doesn't know one way or the other.
Ric changes the subject to cummerbunds and suggests that he go for colour. Mark just says he should talk to Annalise about that as he doesn't care one way or the other. Ric asks if Mark's getting cold feet which he denies. Ric goes on to talk about the long term commitment and says that it would be stupid to let something small trip them up. Mark admits it's not the small things, it's the bigger issues, like values and beliefs, and he's not too sure if they're thinking along the same lines anymore.
Lou comes home and greets Marlene who makes a snide comment. Lou thinks that Marlene's had words with Sam.
LOU: We've all got to sow our wild oats, get some experience, otherwise life is not worth living.
Marlene asks what Lou got up to and he says that he was at the yard. Marlene says that she walked past there, no sign of him only Alex. She keeps asking questions so Lou wants to know why the interest. Marlene puts him off and Lou picks up the papers he came home for and heads off.
The guys are playing "Who Am I?" while Brett fusses over Danni. Rupert sums up his person - Australian, female, not famous, can't sing, can't dance, can't act... is he brainy? The gang all yell no to Packo's great annoyance as Rupert tries to work out that he's her!
Squirrel goes over to Sam and asks to have a word but he says not right now so she nervous suggests later?
Rupert guesses someone but he's wrong, Mal says that he's hopeless.
RUPERT: Yeah, look at you two - Rambo and Madonna, I'd have got that ages ago.
Mal and Libby take off their names in annoyance and Rupert asks if that means he wins? The volley of cushions hurled in his direction seem to indicate otherwise...
Annalise is mulling over the wedding and Cheryl says that it sounds like she's having doubts. Annalise says they're not doubts, they're 'wonderings'. Cheryl thinks this is a great idea, the lower the expectations the less she'll get hurt. Annalise asks what's wrong and twigs that Cheryl saw something when she followed Lou. Cheryl admits to seeing him with the other woman. Lou doesn't know that she saw him - but he soon will.
Cody comes over and tells Ric that Helen was being a bit funny about him earlier. Ric tells her about the staff issue. He asks how she was and if she's told Crowley but Cody doesn't know any details. Ric thinks he's blown it but Cody says no one's perfect. She says if he keeps his cool he'll be OK.
Mal and Jason talk about his move to the City. Mal says that he's doing OK with the adjustment, it's Billy who's had a hard time of it. He mentions that Billy's gone back for a holiday and Jason goes quiet. Mal presses the issue and Jason reveals that there's a rumour going around - the sudden move led to people talking, and they're saying that Doctor Kennedy killed someone then shot through.
Ric panics when he realises that Helen's at the door and Ric begs her to answer it and suss her out on the state of play. Cody's not happy about lying to Helen but eventually gives in.
Cody answers the door as Ric hides and tells Helen that she's waiting for Ric herself. Cody brings up the subject of the staff and Helen admits that she's not happy. Cody brings up Crowley and Helen says that she's not told him, but that's not good news. Helen's concerned about Ric's judgement and says that Rosemary appointed Ric and isn't big on second chances. If she calls Helen and asks about Ric, Helen won't lie.
She really needs to talk to Ric and get it sorted and Cody promises to tell Ric as she starts to show Helen out. From behind the couch Ric sneezes and Helen pauses before leaving. Ric comes out and complains about the dust under the couch.
Cheryl has packed up Lou's things and piled them up in the lounge. She helps herself to a large drink just as Lou comes home. He pauses when he sees his things and asks what's going on. Cheryl says that a friend has suggested she go over to celebrate her birthday and spend the night. In the meantime she wants Lou to pack and leave - she knows about the lady friend. Lou says that it's not what she thinks and he wants to explain but she's not in the mood to listen. She just wants him out.
Father Michael finds Mark in prayer and comments that it's good to see. He picks up that all is not well.
MARK: You know when you've wanted something so badly, that letting it go would probably tear you apart? And knowing that if you did it would probably be a mistake?
Father Michael thinks they're last minute doubts but Mark's not so sure. Father Michael thinks they could have a wonderful life together and can Mark give him one reason why that's not true? Mark can't and admits that they do still love each other. He turns back to look at the crucifix and smiles gently.
The guys have all made popcorn and Squirrel leaves them to it to go over to Sam. She's insistent on talking to him despite his attempts to brush her off.
SQUIRREL: Look, I've been trying to tell you. I'm having a baby and you're the father.
Cue a look of shock and surprise on Sam's face.
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