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Neighbours Episode 2287 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2287
Australian airdate: 22/11/94
UK airdate: 21/08/95
UK Gold: 07/08/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Jason Von Thunan: Kristian Pithie
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
- Sam telling Bianca she can stay at the shop until she gets on her feet
- Helen suggesting that Ren be devious about the bridesmaid dresses
- The beach party gang realising they're stranded
Annalise has called over and asks Helen if her dress will be ready for the big day. She asks if Helen knows why it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride's dress before the wedding, Helen assumes it's something to do with losing the impact.
A quick Google search shows that it dates back to the time when women were property of their father and pretty much all marriages were arranged. Not seeing the bride in her dress before the ceremony meant that the groom had no idea who he would be wed to, and if the bride was less than beautiful, he wouldn't know it until she was next to him at the altar when it would be a lot harder for him to leave her.
Anyway, back to 1994 Erinsborough and Annalise wonders if the same stands for the bridesmaid dresses as Ren is likely to show hers to Mark. Helen tries to broach the subject but Annalise has to race off to prep the others for the rehearsal.
Susan's relieved that Sam called and let them know that they arrived safe. Karl points out that she can be such a worrier at times but Susan lists all the things that could have gone wrong; flat tyres, run off the road...
KARL: Yes, they could have been kidnapped by aliens too.
Susan says her worrying is a way of fending off trouble - people always think it would never happen to them. If she thinks it then it won't happen. Billy comes out with his bags all ready and packed. Karl points out that he doesn't leave until the morning but Billy can't wait to get back there. He misses the country - it feels like home still.
Beach House
Libby's sulking, Brett's starving, Danni and Louise are arguing over the burnt meal, Stonie finished off the last of the food and Sam's trying to keep the peace... Fun and games! Sam suggests they get an early night, reassess things in the morning. Beside, Mal's mate will be arriving with food tomorrow. Danni says that if they can't get out, how is Jason going to get in?
Phil's worrying over Hannah going away without parental supervision. Helen reminds him that Hannah's not a little girl but Phil's still worrying - she's still his little girl. Hannah's just as keen as Bill and comes out with her packed bags. Phil says that he's proud of her, going away on her own. It's very grown up. He tells her that Debbie called, she's going to home soon. The problem is that Cody's in Debbie's room so they'll have to sort something out.
Helen gets off the phone and says that there's a mutiny brewing. Ren has informed her that thanks to the chat they had earlier, Annalise has decided to make the bridesmaid dresses even more ugly for more impact. Unless Helen can talk some sense into Annalise, they're walking out and she doesn't know what she's going to do.
PHIL: You know what they say, Helen. If you stay up all night, it'll dawn on you.
Thankfully, Phil is the only one to find that joke amusing.
It's finally stopped raining (and has apparently dried out very well...) and Mal calls the guys out. Sam's set up a bit of a campfire with stuff he's foraged from the surrounds. Bush Tucker Man indeed. They all tuck in, but not after telling Stonie to wait in revenge for him eating all the food last night.
Bric-a-Brac Shop
Bianca makes a mug of coffee and looks over a list that Sam's given her when Marlene walks in, demanding to know who she is.
Hannah comes over, excited about the trip and raring to go while Phil's nervously double checking the details. Billy wonders if Hannah's planning on bringing her rhythm gym ribbon - all his friends are going to think she's weird if she does. Hannah quickly hands it over to Phil while Billy tries to hurry Karl along. Hannah hugs and kisses Phil and Helen goodbye while Susan calls a reluctant Billy over to do the same.
Bric-a-Brac Shop
Bianca has brought Marlene up to speed and wonders why she believes her. Marlene says when you've got a bunch of shifty friends you pick a liar. Marlene's not bothered, it seems like she's been keeping the place nice and tidy. Bianca tries to claim that she's eighteen but Marlene rightly pegs her at sixteen. Bianca says that Sam promised he wouldn't tell anyone she was there, and he's been great to her - given her some work. Marlene wants to help Bianca but she's not willing to accept anything so she offers to take her home tonight and get a decent meal into her.
Susan comes in and Karl asks her to help him find Mrs Hughes' file. Susan quickly locates it under 'C' - for Charlotte. She likes to keep things friendly and on a first name basis, but it's OK because those who don't like that are filed under surname. Karl nearly has a fit at his wife's mixed system until he realises she's done it deliberately to get out of being his receptionist. Karl hopes that Mal's logic is better!
SUSAN: I'm perfectly logical, thank you. It's just... selective logic.
KARL: Tell me something. How is it that we've managed to stay married for so long?
SUSAN: Because you love me. And because you never quite sure when I'm having a go at you or not.
Karl jokes that their relationship is out of control - with the kids away how about a second honeymoon?
Beach House
The guys are hungry again, some of the guys have gone off to see what else they could find. Stonie reckons it's a waste of time and Danni snaps at him for eating it all - again. Sam points out that he's not done Danni any favours with her diabetes but Stonie forget about that. Mal muses that his mate is a reliable person, if he could have got through he would have been here by now
Phil is playing with Hannah's ribbon - he says she drives him up the wall but he still misses her. Annalise comes over and Helen broaches the subject of the dresses. She says that when you do a painting you have to make everything around the subject compliment it in order to highlight its beauty.
ANNALISE: By making everything else look ugly?
Helen says it's the opposite and shows her a picture of a sunset painting. The sunset catches the eye but its surrounding is tasteful. Bringing it back on topic, Helen says that the bridesmaid dresses are nice but they don't compliment Annalise's dress the way they should. She shows Annalise the catalogue of the Eden Hills place and finally Annalise gets the message and agrees to think about it. Phil compliments Helen on her deviousness.
Beach House
Someone's going to have to go to the Store to get food, and if the road's out then they can go by boat. Sam offers to go but he's Bush Tucker Man so Mal's going. Danni says she'll go with him too - she's going to need something sweet really soon and if she waits then it'll be longer before she gets food. Sam checks that they can swim but Danni's main concern is that she's going with Mal. Stonie's the next name into the hat but he's reluctant to accept. Louise has a dig at him and mutters that with Squirrel being sick all the time this is not what she planned for a holiday.
Marlene is doing the nan thing, showing Bianca photos of Sam. Annalise comes in and Marlene introduces then, saying that Bianca will be staying with them for a while. Bianca goes to object but Marlene is firm; no arguments. Annalise says that the rehearsal went well and it'll all be fine if he can finish his poem on time as well as muttering about a few other things Mark did to annoy her. When she's gone Bianca asks if Annalise truly loves Mark - "I hope so," is the reply!
Karl lights the candle on the table before moving over to Susan in the kitchen. He stands behind her and proclaims "that smells wonderful".
SUSAN: Me or the dinner?
KARL: Both.
SUSAN: Good answer.
Karl tells her to listen - no noise, no teenagers, no music, no arguments... Susan asks if he misses them a bit, he says he'd rather miss them in the morning. Susan compliments him on his succession of good answers and they kiss.
Beach House
Danni and Mal aren't back yet and the knock on the door turns out to be Mal's mate Jason with a box of food. He got bogged 15ks up the road, ended up walking the rest of the way. Jason asks after Mal and after finding out about the boat trip says that the storm is setting back in. The couple who run the Store would have put them up for the night as there's no way they'd have tried to row back at night. Right?
Karl goes to thank Susan for a wonderful meal - but his thanks is interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Phil and Helen who say that they figured the Kennedys must be feeling the empty house as much as them so they thought they could play some Bridge. Susan invites them in, Karl shooting her a look as he closes the door.
Sam's out on the sand with Brett. As they walk along they spot something and Sam takes off - it's the boat that Danni and Mal were in. It's upended on the beach, covered in seaweed. As they roll it over Danni's bag is miraculously inside, and Brett digs in to find her insulin still there.
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