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Neighbours Episode 2281 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2281
Australian airdate: 14/11/94
UK airdate: 11/08/95
UK Gold: 30/07/01
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Marilyn Tanno: Catherine Milte
Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Photographer: Warwick Begg
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Lou telling Brett he's one of the finalist
Cheryl telling Annalise that she's withdrawing the offer to have her reception at the hotel
Lou telling Cheryl that he and Phil are considering buying a greyhound - and Danni doesn't believe him
Sam and Ren finding a girl sleeping at the shop
The girl offers to leave but Sam tells her that she doesn't have to, not right away. They find out her name is Bianca and ask if she's run away from home. Ren reassures her that they're not going to tell anyone. Bianca says that before this home was a detention centre, but she's served her debt to society. You can only stay at drop in centres for two nights and someone stole her handout so she had nothing. She defensively tells them that she's not stolen anything and starts to pack up. Bianca asks if they're going to call "the pigs" but Ren assures her they won't.
Mark's done the sums, everything - less the honeymoon - is going to be $1500. Marlene says that it's a once in a lifetime event and so the people who sell these know that the couple haven't done it before and certainly won't do the full catastrophe again. Marlene offers to help but Annalise declines, there's only so much "help" she can handle so Marlene leaves them to it. Mark asks if they can go for a cheaper version of the wedding rings.
Lou's rehearsing for the final while in the kitchen Cheryl, Danni and Marlene discuss Mark and Annalise's wedding. Cheryl snipes that they're not interested in having the reception at Chez Chez so what can she do? Lou finishes his rehearsal and decided to have one more crack at it - in the bathroom for better acoustics.
Mark is saying that they can't honeymoon in Turtle Island, he doesn't want to get into debt for a holiday. He says it's about them enjoying themselves, not where they are. Annalise sighs and says he's right, Tasmania would be fine as a honeymoon destination. Marlene overhears this as she comes home and says she had her honeymoon in Tasmania. It wasn't much but it was romantic. It obviously set the tone as "you don't have six children by accident".
I shudder to think.
Annalise says that they won't be having children right away, she's got a career to focus on first. The honeymoon agreed on, the reception is next on the agenda. All the places they've looked at are expensive and if they overrun there's a per-hour surcharge. Mark suggests telling everyone that they have to be out by ten but Annalise won't hear of it. Marlene suggests they try and get a cancellation somewhere and strike a deal.
Ren asks Bianca why she was in the detention centre, Bianca says she stole a car. Ren then asks when the last time she ate was, Sam had better hurry up with that pizza! Bianca seems a bit touched that they care.
Danni asks Brett what he's got her for Christmas, she wants to know if she'll like it or not. Brett wonders what Lou would like.
DANNI: A couple of alibis, a private phone line...
Brett says that Lou assured them they would find out what was going on but Danni doesn't buy it so they make a deal - $30 that Lou is innocent.
Bianca's slept behind the counter and is packing up her things when she hears Sam at the back door. She goes and unlocks it for him, saying it was safe than sorry. He's done her breakfast and she thanks him for everything.
They go outside and he asks her if she's had any trouble with guys in the past. She doesn't say at first but then admits that every girl at the centre has had trouble with guys in the past. Sam says she doesn't have to worry about him just as Ren turns up and sends Sam off to get her a coffee. She's brought Bianca some clothes but she seems very underwhelmed by the whole thing before going off to try them on.
Cheryl is telling Danni that if she lets them go to the beach house then Brett will be in charge as he's the one with the common sense. Danni says she's off to the "torture chamber" for her last exam and Cheryl wishes her luck. Brett says that he's going with Lou to the big audition and Danni wants to get a full update.
Mark comes over to ask Lou for a favour. He talks about the car in which he proposed to Annalise in, and wonders if it'll be available for the wedding. Lou says it's not and Cheryl wonders why not. Lou says it won't be but he'll see what he can sort out for Mark. Cheryl wishes him luck with his audition and Lou sets up for one final practice. He asks if Mark wants to stay and give his opinion, and when he agrees Lou starts up the stairs... to the bathroom.
Annalise is clearing tables when Cheryl walks in. Things are tense between them until Cheryl sets the ball rolling and apologises. They make up and Annalise says that she does want Cheryl to sing at the wedding after all.
Marlene calls in saying she's rung 27 reception places and there was one that was prepared to make a good deal. She's made a tentative booking, all Annalise and Mark have to do is go and see the place.
Lou's still practicing in the corridor. Marilyn, the programming manager, comes up and introduces herself to him, and asks if it's a prepared script he's working from. She tells him that they'll be providing the script. She tells him to come through and suddenly Lou's a lot less confident than he was a moment ago.
Bianca thanks Sam for everything and says she wishes she could do something to say thanks. When Sam says he's sure he could think of something, Bianca immediately assumes the worst. He wants to convince her that he's not a sleaze bag and he was thinking about having her help out with some jobs he's got on, and he'd pay her naturally.
Lou's doing his audition and stumbling over the words. After faltering on one section he says he'll need to read ahead. Once he's done that he starts talking about wetlands and what the meeting (he was reporting on) was all about. Marilyn thanks him.
Outside the studio Lou tells Brett that he was hardly professional. Marilyn comes out and tells him that it was brilliant. Lou says he had to wing it - that's the salesman in him coming out. Marilyn assures him that Radio Erinsborough is relaxed radio and he's got the job. He's exactly right for it, and even though they can't pay him for it, it might bring him a bit of fame.
Next up is the photo shoot of Lou and Marilyn, the pair of them playing up for the camera, Lou kissing Marilyn on the cheek.
Bianca's helping out Sam, saying she's thought about going to night school, getting an education. Sam offers to let her stay in the shop until she gets on her feet.
Lou's telling Annalise and Mark about his new gig on the radio and then brings up the wedding. Mark says that they've still not worked out who's going to give Annalise away. Lou says that someone in the neighbourhood could do it, but Annalise can't think of anyone. Lou starts dropping hints - someone who's always been there, good friend, statesman like figure - and Annalise says he's right, she knows just the person. She walks off leaving Lou looking somewhat miffed!
Annalise gets off the phone - Mark's father has agreed to give her away. She goes into the kitchen and Mark gets up as he hears something smash. She's dropped a plate and broken it clean in two. Mark says it was one of Rick's, a present from his mother. Ren takes the pieces to get rid of the evidence and Mark goes to finish the dishes; some of his favourite glasses are in there!
Sam's mobile rings, it's Ren asking if they want to go out for dinner that night. Bianca says she can't go but Sam says she'll be paid in cash for the day, of course they can. He wins her over with the promise of garlic prawns and tells Ren that they're in.
Danni bounds over saying she's finished her exams. Sam introduces Bianca to his cousin and Danni says she's off to burn her books. I did that after my last geography lesson.
Marlene comes out with some rubbish and finds the two parts of the plate in the bin. She picks them up, looking at them and gets an idea.
Danni and Cheryl are about to sit down to a video when Cheryl gets up to get some chocolates from her hiding place so Danni's left to answer the door. It's Marilyn from the station, asking after Lou, but naturally Danni doesn't know who she is. Marilyn hands over the photos from earlier and Danni looks through the shots of Lou and Marilyn kissing.
Cheryl asks who was at the door and Danni quickly hides the photos, saying it was someone who got the wrong house.
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