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Neighbours Episode 2280 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2280
Australian airdate: 11/11/94
UK airdate: 10/08/95
UK Gold: 27/07/01
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Susie: Vanessa Carroll
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Con Costa: Anthony Breslin
Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sam moves into the back of the Bric- a- brac Shop.
- Mark is sick of Rick trying to impose US business ideas on the Lassiter's restaurant.
- Mal asks Sam to cover for him while he goes to kick- boxing lessons.
- Lou drops a bag and there's a skirt in it - but not in Cheryl's size!
Phil is telling Lou with feeling that he can't be involved in any affair he might be having. Lou insists he has an honest reason, but doesn't want Cheryl to know yet or she'll take the idea over.
Cheryl comes over and looks at them curiously. Lou says they were just talking about dogs. Cheryl observes that Lou's tie is horrible(!)
When Cheryl has gone, Lou reluctantly whispers his secret in Phil's ear.
Karl and Susan are discussing Lou's possible affair(!) and how flustered Lou was when Susan asked him about it. Karl thinks Susan is getting ahead of herself and thinks they should keep their nose out. Mal is earwigging too!
Ren and a couple of mates (Susie and Kristy) are discussing Annalise's wedding dress and looking through magazines. Annalise says she wants something low- cut. She also asks all three of them to be their bridesmaids. Susie and Kristy are chuffed, but Ren looks less pleased.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Rick has relented and has let Cody eat some left- over dessert. He's still being funny about it and Cody gets cross with him. Rick tells her that he's just trying to push himself so he can get a good career going. She isn't impressed and walks off.
Back of Bric-a- Brac shop
Mal thanks Sam for covering for him about the kick boxing. Danni and Brett are also there and say they need hush money. Mal says they can all go to his mate's beach house at the end of term. They are pleased. Their good cheer doesn't last though as Mal lets slip that Lou is having an affair(!)
Car Yard
Brett marches up to Lou and isn't impressed when Lou tells him that he's a finalist for the newsreader job ont he radio. Brett glowers at him and finally asks him outright.
BRETT: Lou, are you having an affair?
LOU: I beg your pardon?
BRETT: You heard me. And I want you to be straight with me, right? What's going on?
LOU: Nothing's going on, mate, certainly not an affair. Where did you get this nonsense from? Is Annalise still going on about...
BRETT: It was Malcolm.
LOU: Malcolm?!
BRETT: Yes. And I didn't believe him...well, I don't want to believe him...
LOU: Well, don't. Brett, I wouldn't lie to you. I am *not* having an affair.
BRETT: But you were lying to me. You tell me you're going places and you're not there...you've been acting strange...
LOU: Alright, alright, something is going on. But not an affair, I promise you, nothing like that. I would never cheat on your mum, never.
BRETT: Then what?
LOU: ...
BRETT: Alright, I believe you, it's not an affair! But if you want me to defend you, you're going to have to tell me what's going on!
LOU: Mate, I appreciate your support, but it's very complicated.
BRETT: What do you mean?
LOU: Brett, you'll find out soon, I promise.
He walks off.
BRETT: So what am I meant to tell everyone else?
LOU: Tell them they'll find out soon as well.
Annalise is going through the wedding guest list with Ren. Ren tries to get out of being a bridesmaid, but she is interrupted by Danni rushing in through the back door.
DANNI: Annalise, you were right all along!
REN: Hey, calm down!
ANNALISE: What's happened?
DANNI: It's Lou. He's having an affair.
Annalise says that she knew it(!). Ren says that Lou has been behaving strangely, but it doesn't have to be an affair.
Susan and Karl are having dinner when Cheryl comes over. Susan is very awkward with her and a bit over the top(!) At another table, Phil is looking very bored while Rick regales him with management ideas. Phil tells him that Australian business is different to the USA, people are more laid- back.
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Mal tells Sam that he's enjoying kick- boxing. Sam says he'd better get home as his parents have called him for dinner.
Ren comes in to see how Sam is going. He doesn't like not having a shower and has eaten takeaway for every meal! He asks Ren to go to Lassiter's restaurant with him tonight. She says as long as he has a shower(!) They talk about Lou's rumoured affair.
Cheryl congratulates Lou on making the finals of the news competition. Danni glowers and Brett doesn't look too happy either.
CHERYL: Alright, Danni, what's got into you? You've obviously got *some* bee in your bonnet. COme on, out with it.
DANNI: Well, alright. The only reason he wants to do this news- reader thing is so that he's got an excuse to go running off all the time. Did you ever wonder about that, Mum?
LOU: Danni, what are you on about?
BRETT: Lou's a very busy man. Aren't you, Lou?
LOU: Yes! Yes, I've got a lot on my plate at the moment. (To Cheryl) Am I neglecting you, sweetheart?
CHERYL: Of course you aren't! Are you going to be home for dinner?
LOU: Well, actually, I've got something planned with Phil.
DANNI: Who?!
LOU: Phil. We're...er...off to the greyhounds. Thinking of buying a dog.
DANNI: That's a new one(!)
CHERYL: Oh, Danielle, now I want to see some manners around this place. Lou has done nothing to deserve your lip.
DANNI: Yeah, well, it's a matter of opinion, isn't it!
She stalks off.
Susan and Karl ask Mal how his time at the gym is going. Just then, there's a knock at the door, and a bloke introduces himself as Malcolm's kick- boxing instructor, come to return his kit(!) He tells Karl that Mal is doing very well.
INSTRUCTOR: A few more sessions and he'll be ready for his first fight.
KARL: Oh, he's ready for that all right!
He glares at Malcolm darkly.
Rick wants to hang out with Cody, but she tells him she is busy studying. They do chat about going to Malcolm's mate's beach house. Rick says he might be too busy.
Phil comes in dressed in a suit.
RICK: Woah, Phil! Get down, you groover!
As Rick opens the door to go, Lou arrives, also dressed in a suit. They tell Cody they're off to look for a dog.
Karl is almost apoplectic with rage.
KARL: How dare you, HOW DARE YOU stand there and lie to our faces, as sweet as pie! What's got into you Malcolm?!
MAL: I said I'm sor...
KARL: No, no, I don't want to hear any more of your pathetic excuses. I'm not going to tolerate this anymore, do you hear me?! I said, DO YOU HEAR ME?!
MAL: Yes, Dad.
KARL: Good. Now, sit down and listen. And for goodness sake, let some of this sink into that thick skull of yours, because I'm not putting up with this any more.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Sam and Ren are looking through the menu. Rick comes over and stiffly shows them the specials. Sam laughs at him. Ren says they've got two converts - Rick spouting American business and Mark spouting religion.
Lou and Phil are discussing names for their greyhound. Flashhand, or Phillou. Lou thinks the last one sounds like a pastry!
Cody joins them. Mr Moolah...Butch...
Cody doesn't think dog racing sounds interesting, but Phil and Lou say she'll love it and vow that she's coming with them next week.
Karl is still ranting at Mal.
KARL: And you can forget about every privilege you ever had in this house, my boy, because there will be No More Treats for you. There'll be no TV, no sports magazines, from now on you get up, you go to school, you come home, you eat, you sleep, and that is it. That is your life until I say differently. And you can help Elizabeth and Billy with their chores as well. You have something to say about that?! Good! And of course, there will be no, and I repeat, no kick- boxing in any manner, shape or form, have you got that one loud and clear?! Now, until you can prove worthy of our trust, I've got to tell you your mother and I are seriously reviewing this beach holiday idea of yours as well. I'm going to wash up before dinner, I can't stand the sight of you any longer.
Karl stomps off to his bedroom (perhaps he has a sink in there)
SUSAN: He's very disappointed in you Malcolm, we both are. You just think about that for a while.
(Good grief, you'd swear Malcolm had been selling drugs)
Back of Bric-a- Brac shop
Sam and Ren come in laughing at Rick's behaviour. Ren hears a noise in the shop though, and Sam goes to look. Scary music plays as Sam goes through the main shop. It turns out to be a girl, sleeping under the counter. She looks up at them with wide eyes.
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