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Neighbours Episode 2279 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2279
Australian airdate: 10/11/94
UK airdate: 09/08/95
UK Gold: 26/07/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Alex: Ross Simmons
Diner: John Forsythe
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou wants to become a news reader on the radio station.
- Sam crossly tells Marlene that he's moving out.
- Brett is worried about Libby's sudden interest in him.
Libby is trying to work out what to wear on her date with Brett. Susan suggests a black dress.
Mal is heading off to training. Susan hopes he's not going kick- boxing, but Mal assures her that he's training with Sam.
Lou is playing his demo tape for Danni and Ren (and Lolly). They think he sounds serious, but Lou says news- readers are meant to(!)
Brett is worried about his date with Libby, but doesn't want to let her down either. Danni suggests Brett could go looking like a dag, but Libby might not notice the difference(!) However, Brett thinks this is a great idea.
Phil tells Vikram that the judges for the Newsagency Competition are coming back next week. Helen and Rick are shopping. Rick tells them that he's looking forward to a managerial career.
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Sam is struggling to move furniture around when Mal arrives. He explains that he's moving into the shop. Mal tells Sam that he needs him to cover for him while he goes to kick- boxing lessons. Sam very reluctantly agrees, as long as Mal helps him move his furniture.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Rick has been going through the profits for the restaurant. He tells Mark he wants to use some of the things he learnt in Montana to improve profits. He suggests using some dried herbs instead of fresh ones, but Mark is adamant that he won't compromise the taste of his cooking. Just then he smells his pastry burning(!)
Back of No.28
Libby is dressed up in a nice black dress and Susan tells her she looks lovely. She offers to lend Libby her black jacket. Susan is a bit wistful that Libby has grown up so much.
Brett is dressed in dirty jeans, trainers, and an old sweatshirt. Danni and Ren tell him that he stinks as well(!) Lou says that Brett had better watch out for Karl, who might be aggreived!
Lou is heading down the car yard to do some work on a car. Brett offers to help tomorrow, but Lou turns him down. Everyone thinks this is a bit suspicious.
Phil is thinking about buying a racing greyhound - maybe Lou would like to form a syndicate. Helen says her father was in to dog racing. She's thinking of calling Rosemary to get Rick to calm down a bit.
Cody staggers in with the last of her stuff and tells them that Sam has moved out too. Cody decides to go and see how Sam is going. Before she goes, Helen tells her that she's found a self- defence class. Cody is pleased and is looking forward to it. She also thinks Rick has got a bit big- headed.
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Ren and Cody have come to see Sam. It's dingy and dark, but Sam is loving being away from Marlene(!) Mal comes in and Sam asks him how the kick- boxing went. He explains to Ren and Cody that it's a martial art, it's not just about kicking people's heads in(!)
Libby is stressing that Brett is 20 minutes late. Finally, there's a knock at the door and it's Brett. Susan answers the door and looks him up and down in some confusion. Libby looks very disappointed and Brett says he'd better go and change. There isn't time though, so they decide to head off. Susan looks rather gutted for Libby.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Rick tells Brett that he's not suitably attired to eat at the restaurant. Mark sees them talking and comes over, saying he has some spare clothes out the back "for emergencies"(!)
Phil is talking to Lou about the greyhound idea and he's very enthusiastic. Danni is less enthusiastic about a "smelly, slobbering dog". They agree to have a look on the weekend. As Phil is leaving, he slips Lou a letter. Danni looks suspicious.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Brett is dressed in Mark's spare chef gear(!) As he walks through the restaurant, some of the customers compliment him on his cooking(!)
He sits at the table with Libby and apologises to her. She smiles and says that nothing else can go wrong!
BRETT: I'm sorry. About everything.
Back of Bric- a- brac shop, the following morning
Mal, Brett and Libby pop by to see Sam on their way to school. Apparently the bloke from the house- boat place rang, and it's a lot more expensive than they thought. Sam suggests camping instead. Mal wonders about a beach house - he knows a bloke from back in the country who has one that might give him mates rates.
Sam asks Brett how his date went. He says he survived.
Libby is dreamily telling Susan about Brett, saying she's never felt so comfortable with a guy before. Susan is please. Then she tells her that she's thinking about buying a car of her own.
Car Yard
Lou is on the phone to someone about "next week" and behaving somewhat suspiciously. Then he heads out, leaving his employee Alex in charge.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Rick is going through the accounts again and tells Mark that he wants to increase the number of tables in the restaurant. He is not keen.
Cody comes in and asks if they have any spare chocolate mousse going. Mark says he has and that they'll be throwing it out anyway, but Rick is not pleased and says they must minimise waste.
Car Yard
Susan arrives looking for Lou, but only Alex is there.
Phil and Vikram are rehearsing a little song. Brett tries not to criticise(!)
Susan comes in and mentions to Brett that Lou wasn't at the car yard today. Just then, Lou himself comes in and tells Susan to come down to the car yard tomorrow instead. Lou drops one of his bags and to their surprise, a woman's skirt (not Cheryl's size) falls out!
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