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Neighbours Episode 2282 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2282
Australian airdate: 15/11/94
UK airdate: 14/08/95
UK Gold: 31/07/01
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Miranda Starvaggi: Leah De Niese
John Krokos: Nathan Godkin
Alex: Ross Simmons
Old Lady Shopper: Jean Clayton
Judges: Susan Cooper Nathan King
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Phil and Vik performing for Brett - and Brett telling them not to give up their day job
Marilyn giving Danni the photos
Phil and Lou saying that they'll take Cody to the track with them next time
Karl and Susan telling Mal that there's no way he's doing kickboxing
Phil gets off the phone and says that the greyhound he and Lou are interested in is now available for sale. Suede Ted will soon be theirs. Hannah says that given Phil will be busy with the dog for a while, if she can do the gym class then he wouldn't have to worry about her. Helen and Cody both advocate the benefits of gymnastics but Phil won't give her a definitive answer.
Cody and Hannah talk about her orientation day tomorrow. Cody says that it's scary - you go from being Top Dog to bottom of the ladder. Hannah's excited though, given that Billy's there. Miranda doesn't know any high school boys so she can't wait.
They're sitting down to their family meeting, first item on the agenda is the beach trip. It belongs to the parents of a friend of Mal's, and they can use it but Mal's responsible. All he wants is the OK from Karl. Susan brings up finding a replacement for the surgery but Karl says that the response to his ad has been lukewarm at best. Libby and Mal want to know about the beach house. Karl says that Susan's for a second chance but Karl's not too sure. Mal claims it's not fair but Libby says it's worse for her - if Mal can't go then neither can she and her friends.
Karl tells him they've not said no, but they've not said yes. Once Billy is reassured that no matter what he's spending the holidays with his old mates in the country he asks if the meeting is over. Mal sighs that there never seems to be anything to discuss before getting up.
Danni's looking through the photos when Lou comes downstairs. She shows him the photos and he's thrilled at how good they've come out. Danni accuses him of cheating on Cheryl but Lou points out that they're publicity photos and come tomorrow they'll be in the newspaper. He's not impressed at her lack of faith but Danni brings up his behaviour of late. He tells her she'll find out soon enough and he has a clear conscience.
Colin tells Phil and Vik that the judges are planning another visit that day and he tries to rally them for another rehearsal.
Lou comes in and says that they can pick up Suede Ted that afternoon. Phil sighs and says that he can't because of the judges coming, and Lou says he's got business for the next few days so they agree to pick the dog up at the end of the week.
Once Lou's gone Colin tries to get Phil and Vik to do another rehearsal but they make a quick exit.
Hannah walks into the kitchen, ready for her orientation day. Helen's made her lunch and Hannah asks what she can get Phil for Christmas. Helen tells her that her and Cheryl have been thinking about buying the greyhound that Lou and Phil are interested in but they can't remember the name of it. Hannah remembers it's Suede something, eventually coming up with Suede Tess.
Mal, Danni and Libby are walking in, saying how they can't wait to see the back of that place. Danni asks about the beach house and Mal says that he knows Karl will give in.
Billy mate John races up to him, proudly showing off some rare collectors card that he's managed to get hold of. Hannah calls out to Billy and he makes a quick exit, leaving her confused. Miranda comes up and says that she thought Billy was her friend. Miranda doesn't believe Hannah's protests that they are friends and walks away.
Cody answers the door in her dressing gown, Ric's off to buy a car, does she want to come? Cody says she's in, she just needs to have breakfast first. Ric can't believe she's having breakfast so late.
CODY: I'm on holiday. I don't have to eat breakfast until dinner time if I don't want!
Ric says she can relax after her exams but she has to wait to get her results. Hopefully she'll get in close to home so she can stay with Ric, but if she has to leave then she suggests packing him in her suitcase.
Karl has lost his keys and asks Susan where they are. She denies having his last and points out that he borrowed hers when he couldn't find his own. He tells her that unless they find them he will be late. Susan stops him - they've not even left for the surgery and already he's in boss mode, so he can look for the keys himself. She's obviously the boss at home then... He snaps that she had them last and with a roll of her eyes Susan walks around to the table and picks up Karl's jacket. Going through the pockets she pulls out his keys and throws them to him. In the other pocket he finds Susan's key which he returns to her.
KARL: I don't know what I'd do without you.
SUSAN: I think it's about time you found out.
She tells him that this isn't healthy for them, she's going to organise a receptionist and then she's going to see Lou about a second car.
KARL: Well at least make sure the files are in order before the temp comes in.
SUSAN: I don't know, Karl, what's the magic word?
She manages to leave and slam the door shut before he calls out "please!", following her out.
Hannah and Miranda are bored, wondering if they're sat in the wrong spot. Hannah can't see Billy anywhere, he'd tell them where to sit. Danni comes over and the girls lament as to how bored they are. Danni empathises with them getting lost and says she'll show them the behind the scenes tour of the school, beginning with the canteen and a fool proof method of queue jumping. Hannah having a friend in year eleven suddenly makes up for all ills and Miranda thinks she's cool again.
Vik and Colin start up a round of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", using rolls of wrapping paper for oars. Phil seems to be nursing a headache when Lou comes in. He asks if he could go a referee for a flat he's renting. Phil agrees and Lou tells him to keep it under his hat.
Susan calls in to see Lou and they go over to see some cars when Lou drops some keys. Susan notices one of them has "Erinsborough Real Estate" on the key ring and assumes that he and Cheryl are moving into property. Lou denies this and offers to start the car up for her. Susan asks if she can take it for test drive and Lou says that it's not a good time for him right now, but she can take it anyway, see what Karl thinks and get back to him.
Hannah finally catches up with Billy and he quickly claims to be busy and leaves. Miranda says that if a boy is mean to you then it means they like you. Hannah doesn't buy into that and as they leave Hannah thanks Danni for the tour. Mal comments on Danni's generosity, she's almost as generous as his sister. Libby immediately twigs that he wants something - he wants her to cover for him while he goes to kickboxing classes. He doesn't listen to their protests and says that it'll be fine.
Helen's dropped in to see the performance and the guys scramble into position when the judges arrive. They start off OK, but the routine quickly falls apart when Colin misses his timing, crashes into a stand, and it gets worse when he pulls a party popper over the judges.
They are not impressed and declare that they'll end up with last place.
Billy drops by and apologises to Hannah for ignoring her. There are rules in high school; he can't be seen talking to a year six girl. He tells her that he can't wait for the holidays, he's off to the country, but before he goes they can hang out, do some work on the club house?
Ric and Cody are sending up the routine for the sake of Karl, but it's interrupted when his pager goes off and he has to go. Ric says he can picture Cody doing just that in a few years, running off to some emergency, and he offers to help her with her bedside manner...!
Susan asks Libby where her brothers are. She says that Billy is at Hannah's and tactfully avoids answering the question as to where Mal is. Susan eventually works out that Libby's hiding something in regards to Mal and Libby says that he's playing cricket. Susan asks a few pointed questions which Libby answers but Susan's not buying any of it.
Phil and Vik are throwing out their hats and when Vik suggests burning them Phil gets out a lighter and is trying to set fire to it when Colin races over to stop him. Colin wants to hang onto them, they might come in useful. Phil has never been so embarrassed in all his life and the only positive thing to come out of it, according to Vik, is that no one was injured!
Phil declares the whole thing a fiasco but Colin just says it was a matter of taste. I'd imagine between those who have it, and Colin.
Cody asks Hannah how the day went and she says it was different to how she'd expected. Ric starts winding her up about the initiation rites but Cody reckons within two weeks Hannah will be running the joint.
Susan asks how they're getting on with the club house and Billy says that he and Hannah did some work on it that afternoon. Karl comes in with a very sore looking Mal and Susan's concern dissipates when Karl tells them that he got a call about an injured kickboxer and it turned out to be his own son. Susan lays into Libby about where she said Mal was before asking if Mal's OK.
KARL: For the moment, yes, but I have a feeling he's about to get a lot worse.
Mal says it's not that bad but Karl declares it to be Mal's worst nightmare...
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