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Neighbours Episode 2269 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2269
Australian airdate: 27/10/94
UK airdate: 26/07/95
UK Gold: 12/07/01
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Philip East
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Vikran Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Tamsin Caldo: Soula Alexander
Joseph Caldo: John Turner
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl is planning a dinner party with a potential partner.
- Lou receives a letter that alarms him.
- Phil tells Hannah that they have to talk about her communication with Julie. She doesn't want to.
- The horse gets into the house when Karl and Susan are out and trashes the place.
Karl despairs - he says he'll call and cancel. Susan suggests going to a restaurant instead, but they'll clean up a bit first.
SUSAN: Where are you going?
KARL: To get a shovel!
Danni and Cheryl are surprised to hear that Lou has sold the car. Lou says the bloke was thrilled!
Cheryl is reading the newspaper and apparently the most distrusted professions are politicians, insurance agents and used car salesmen. Lou is offended and says it's a generalisation.
LOU: Remind me to line the cat tray with it.
DANNI: We don't have a cat.
LOU: We'll get one!
No.24 (evening)
Marlene and Cody are chatting about the end of year party and Sam chaperoning it. (No drinking, no drugs, no loud music, no mess and everyone home by 10.30pm!)
Phil pops round to see Cody to voice his concerns about Hannah talking to Julie as if she were still alive. Cody thinks it's a bit freaky, but probably quite normal. Phil asks Cody to spend a bit of time with Hannah to help her out as they are good friends. Cody readily agrees.
Susan and Karl are finishing the cleaning when the guests arrive early. They quickly hide the cleaning implements and introduce themselves to Tamsin and Joseph. However, the place is still a bit of a mess and they explain about the mishap with the horse. They take it in good part and agree to eat at the Waterhole - Tamsin asks if she can take the bucket of manure for their veggie patch too!
HANNAH: She says she wants to move on, but I don't want her to.
CODY: Maybe she wants you to enjoy your life instead of always spending it looking backwards?
HANNAH: I don't enjoy it. I hate it.
CODY: At the moment.
HANNAH: How can I enjoy it without Mum being around? Having her to talk to is the only think that's good about it.
CODY: What about your dad? He loves you, and Debbie, and your gran...
HANNAH: They're overseas. They're not here. No- one's here except Dad, and he's sadder than I am. I feel alone without Mum. Now she wants to leave me.
CODY: Your mum loved you very much. She wouldn't want anything that's not right for you, would she?
HANNAH: I suppose not.
CODY: No, she wouldn't. So trust what she says. Let go and move on.
HANNAH: I can't.
CODY: OK, then, think what's best for her. Now come on, she's in a different space now, a different world, it's not fair to keep calling her back.
HANNAH: I need her.
CODY: Maybe she needs you to release her.
HANNAH: I want to do what's right for her...but I don't want to as well.
CODY: You can tell her how much you love her by the way you say goodbye. And by having enough guts to do it for her, no matter how much you don't want to.
HANNAH: It's just...I don't think I can. I don't know how to.
CODY: Then we're going to have to think of something really special, so you can tell her how much you did love her.
Lassiter's Lake (by full moon)
Hannah and Cody approach the lake. They have a small flower arrangement with a lit candle.
CODY: Now just try and think of all the good times you had.
HANNAH: Yeah. I'll try.
She looks down at the candle.
HANNAH: It's not right to keep you here, Mum. You've got somewhere else to go now.
She puts the arrangement on the lake and pushes it off.
HANNAH: Bye, Mum. Love you.
The candle floats off into the lake, while Hannah and Cody hug.
Karl and Susan arrive home. The dinner went well, and Karl has found a new partner. He's very glad to be getting back to his own practice. They get a bit fruity and Karl prescribes "bed rest"!
Cody is helping Phil and Hannah to pack up Julie's things for the charity shop. Hannah is upset and hugs Phil.
Marlene is looking through the bag of Julie's clothes. She tells Cody that she could sell a few of them in the shop, but feels it might be a bit ghoulish. Cody says she could give the money to Hannah for a holiday bonus. Marlene agrees.
Lou is looking for a number in the phone book, but quickly puts it down when Cheryl appears.
CHERYL: Oh, Louis, you're still here! You'll be late for work!
LOU: Er, yes, I'm just leaving. I've got to go and rip off all those unsuspecting customers of mine(!)
Cheryl is off to work as someone has called in sick - hopefully Marlene will be able to look after Louise.
When everyone has gone, Lou opens the phone book again.
Cody is excited for her last day in school and the party tonight. As she's leaving, Cheryl arrives and asks Marlene to look after her today. Marlene readily agrees and tells Cheryl not to worry.
Colin is hounding Phil about the fun run. At first Phil thinks Colin wants him to compete, but he only actually wants some sponsorship. Phil is very relieved(!) Colin thinks it'll be great for the Newsagency Awards, and also he wants them to form a Barber Shop Quartet. Vikram thinks it's a good idea, but there are only three of them. He and Colin start practising their singing anyway, and Phil rolls his eyes.
Marlene and Lolly are hanging out. Cheryl rings to see how things are going. When Marlene puts the phone down and goes back to Louise, she has gone!
Colin and Vikram are still rehearsing. Lou comes in and Phil yells at them to keep it down.
Lou asks Phil what he thinks about User Car Salesmen. Phil says they've got a dodgy reputation, but he's sure Lou is squeaky- clean! He admits he's been re- evaluating a few things, and thinking about first impressions - what do strangers think of him? Phil thinks that some people's work puts people off (like a customer who works for the tax department). Colin and Vikram start singing again.
Marlene and Cody are looking for Louise. Marlene is beside herself and wants to ring the police. Cody says she'll have a look around first.
Colin and Vikram convince Phil to join their vocal trio. He relents and says he's only doing it for the business. They start singing.
Cody tells Marlene to call the police. Just then, Cody smells a dirty nappy. Louise has crawled under a table with a long table cloth (why didn't they look there?!)
Vikram, Phil and Colin are still singing. A crowd has gathered, including Hannah, who think their singing is great. She's pleased to see Phil looking happy, and asks if she can join in. She says she could do some choreography too(!)
Marlene is dropping Louise off and tells Cheryl everything is fine. Lou comes in and tells them that he's made a decision about work.
LOU: I've decided I'm going to quit.
LOU: That's right, quit! Finish, kaput, finito! Fade to black, bring down the curtain.
CHERYL: What for?
LOU: No more flogging cars for this little black duck. I am going up in the world!
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