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Neighbours Episode 2268 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2268
Australian airdate: 26/10/94
UK airdate: 25/07/95
UK Gold: 11/07/01
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Geoff Hunt and Philip East
Guests: Chip Kelly: Martin Crewes
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Father Michael Graham: Greg Scealy
Brian Kavanagh: Shane Lee
Mary Kavanagh: Melissa Gunner
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl wants to invite a potential partner and her husband over for dinner.
- The priest doesn't think Annalise and Mark are all that compatible based on their questionnaire answers.
- Billy is attacked by bullies at the school again. Mal vows to sort them out.
- Ren tells Sam that they're better off as friends, because he's still in love with Annalise.
Coffee Shop
Annalise has a call from Father Michael. She tells Mark that Father Michael is running a retreat for engaged couples. Mark protests, but Annalise says that it's a good idea to get as much help as they can. He reluctantly agrees.
Mal and Brett examiner Billy's bike, which is "stuffed". Libby is comforting Billy (he has a few scratches and a nose- bleed) while Mal is still ranting.
Karl is moaning about the state of the house, but Susan points out that it'll be sorted for tonight's dinner - everything is organised.
Chip offers to help Ren out looking after Lolly from time to time and she agrees. She asks him to go in the fun run for Amnesty: "Jog for Justice" and to help her raise awareness about it. He agrees.
Brett sees Stonie revising for his exams - he's starting to feel like he might even pass! He asks Brett if Cody ever says anything about him, because he really likes her. He's not sure how to impress her. Brett suggests that Stonie could sort out Billy's bullies to impress Cody! Stonie thinks it's a great idea!
Sam and Marlene are talking about the end of year party being held behind the Bric- A- Brac shop. Marlene says Sam will have to supervise it.
Annalise comes in and tells them that they're going to a Catholic Engaged Retreat. Sam rolls his eyes, but Marlene thinks it's a good idea to go into marriage with your eyes open.
When Annalise has gone, Marlene turns on Sam.
SAM: Well, does she love the guy or doesn't she, she ought to know! She shouldn't need someone else to convince her.
MARLENE: It's not a matter of whether she loves him or not. She's just trying to make sure that their marriage will work!
SAM: Yeah, well, no- one's going to be able to tell her that for sure, are they? You just don't get those sort of guarantees. Life just kicks you in the guts when it feels like it(!)
MARLENE: Oh, we are in a cheerful mood(!)
SAM: I'm fine.
Stonie approaches Billy and tells him he's going to help him out with the bullies by being his bodyguard. Billy is suspicious, so Stonie explains he's trying to impress a girl.
BILLY: You're serious? You'll really be my bodyguard?
STONIE: Your troubles are over.
Annalise is packed to go on the religious retreat. She tells Marlene she doesn't think Mark wants to go. Marlene thinks it's a good idea - they need to know that their marriage will work. Anyway, Mark will probably see how worthwhile it is when he gets there.
SAM: Off to the funhouse, are we? Wish I was going on that one(!)
ANNALISE: Sam, why can't you just be happy for me as a friend instead of always saying these nasty comments?
She heads off.
Marlene tells Sam off but he is unrepentant.
Mark hasn't finished packing yet because he doesn't know what clothes are required for a retreat. Annalise advises him to wear loose clothes as there'll probably be a lot of meditating and praying. Mark is not too chuffed to hear this(!) and even less chuffed when he hears he'll be sleeping in a male dorm. Annalise says they'll need to pick up a bible for him on the way.
Stonie reckons that his brother Shane can fix his bike for a low price. In the background, Mal and Brett are chatting about the fun run. Mal comes over and asks if Stonie is hassling Billy, and is rather surprised to hear that Stonie is acting as his bodyguard. Mal is not impressed saying he's Billy's brother and should be handling things! Billy says he'll do it his way.
Catholic Retreat
Annalise and Mark have arrived, and are greeted by Father Michael. He introduces them to another couple - a married couple who will be helping with the retreat.
Ren and Chip come round to sign Sam up for the fun run, but he isn't very keen (clearly has other things on his mind).
When they've gone, Marlene tells Sam off again, saying he's turning into a real misery- guts.
Catholic Retreat
The married couple are giving the three engaged couples some tips eg about faith and trust. Father Michael asks Mark if he'll share his views about marriage with the group. Mark awkwardly stands up and just says he wants their marriage to work. Annalise stands up and tells them that she loves Mark, and she wants their marriage to work. And after listening to the married couple's advice, she's sure they'll be able to.
Mal, Billy and Libby come in. Karl warns them not to mess the place up (they've had the carpet cleaned). Susan explains that Karl is having dinner with a potential partner tonight. She sees that Billy's shirt is ripped and he tells her he had an accident on his bike. Mal reveals that he was bashed by a couple of pupils. Billy tells them that he has everything under control - he's got a bodyguard now - and he doesn't want Karl going up the school and embarrassing him. Billy goes off to his room with Karl calling after him that it's top priority at the next Family Meeting (Why wait?! They're all there!)
The kids asks if they can skip dinner to go to the cinema, and Karl readily agrees.
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Sam is pumping iron when Mal comes in. He asks Sam if they can train together and he agrees. Mal sits down and starts stretching.
Catholic Retreat (garden)
Mark asks Annalise if they can go home as he's feeling very uncomfortable. She never seemed very religious before he asked her to marry him. Annalise says it's not necessarily about religion, it's about the basis for their marriage.
Susan has set the table and changed into a weird shapeless dress with big grey spots on it. However, the delivery people have called and asks if they can pick the wine up. They decide to leave the back door open while they're gone so the carpet can air (I sense disaster)
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Chip comes in and gives them some tips on using weights. Sam doesn't look too chuffed, but agrees to listen.
Catholic Retreat (garden)
Mark is sitting on his own and thinking. Annalise is talking to Father Michael. Father Michael explains that religion is very new to Mark, and she needs to be patient with him.
Karl and Susan come in and find the table has been overturned. It seems that the horse has got into the house. Karl despairs.
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