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Neighbours Episode 2267 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2267
Australian airdate: 25/10/94
UK airdate: 24/07/95
UK Gold: 10/07/01
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Geoff Hunt and Philip East
Guests: Father Michael Graham: Greg Scealy
Bullies: Andrew White, Douglas Lukic
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Libby tells Susan and Karl that Billy is being bullied at school
- Sam isn't happy that Ren and Chip are an item.
- Danni explains to Brett that girls go for "quiet, mysterious types". He vows to change.
- Annalise asks Mark to do pre- marriage religious instruction. He refuses.
ANNALISE: But the church kind of demands it!
MARK: Demands it?! Who's getting married here, them or us?
ANNALISE: That's besides the point.
MARK: I'm sorry, but no, babe. Look, this is supposed to be just for us and now it's being overtaken by something I know nothing about, right?
ANNALISE:(getting cross) Well, you'll have to find out about it! I mean, we are getting married in their church after all, don't you think we should respect their traditions?
MARK:(grudgingly) I suppose so.
ANNALISE: Come on, it'll be OK.
MARK: I know it's going to be OK, babe, I want it to be fantastic, I want to marry you so much! But it doesn't have to be in a church. It can be anywhere.
ANNALISE: No, but it'll be so beautiful in the church, you'll see. I mean, as soon as we pass this exam...
MARK: Woah, woah, what?! Exams?!
Annalise looks sheepish.
Brett and Ren are discussing going to an Amnesty meeting. Cheryl and Ren suggest asking Libby, but Brett wants to be "cool" and take it easy with her. Danni mocks Brett's hair.
Just then, Libby comes over to invite Brett and Danni to rehearse for the play. Brett tries to act cool but just ends up confusing everyone(!)
Ramsay St
Mal and Billy meet Libby, Danni and Brett. They talk about Hannah's horse and Billy's problems with the bullies at school. Billy says it will be find as Brett has given him some tips. Billy asks Brett about the go- kart and he comes over all "cool" again. Billy asks if he's been bashed on the head(!)
Annalise tells Ren that she and Mark are having separate beds until the wedding. Mark tells Ren that a priest is coming around to give him religious instruction (he has reluctantly agreed).
Brett, Danni and Libby are rehearsing the play with Billy and Mal watching. Brett is being cool again and says he isn't going to say his lines until he "feels them properly". Danni and Libby are not impressed and Mal and Billy wander off.
Ren tells Sam about Annalise making Mark do religious instruction. He crossly tells her that Mark should do whatever makes Annalise happy.
Sam asks if Ren and Chip are together - he thought they had something going. Ren tells him that's he's not really interested in her, Sam really wants to be with Annalise. He admits this is true, but she's with Mark.
Danni is ranting at Brett, telling him to stop being "mysterious". He insists he likes to take his time with the part and Lou agrees with him(!) Danni thinks that Brett has gone mad(!)
Annalise introduces the priest to Mark. Mark offers him a cup of tea, but the priest says he'd rather have a beer. Mark looks surprised, but goes to get one. The priest says that Mark seems to have a rather narrow view of religious people.
Mark returns with the beer. The priest gives Annalise and Mark a questionnaire to fill in. He puts them at their ease, saying that the process is about having an understanding of the church's faith and checking they're compatible with each other - there won't be any pressure to convert to Catholicism. He suggests that they fill out the form separately while he drinks his beer.
Mal wants to show Billy a few "moves" to use against the bullies at school. Billy says he'll do it his way.
Libby comes out and Mal tells her he thinks Brett is dorky.
The priest is looking through Annalise and Mark's music collection. It seems Annalise and Mark's tastes in music are very different.
Annalise has finished her questionnaire rather quickly. The priest tells her to write everything down she can think of. She admits there are definitely things that she won't be able to live with for the next 40 years.
Mark comes out and asks the priest about the "Do you think your spouse will change when married?" question. He tells Mark to write down everything he can think of.
Ren tells Sam that she really likes Chip. He says she's a beautiful, wonderful woman, so Chip should like her too. He wants him and Ren to always be good friends. They agree to be friends rather than lovers.
Mark and Annalise have finished their revised questionnaires. The priest reads through them and looks a bit concerned. He thinks they have a little way to go before he'd be happy for them to exchange marriage vows. But on the positive side, he can see that they're in love and their commitment to physical abstinence until the wedding shows they're both willing to sacrifice. The priest gives Mark some brochures to read before their next session.
No.22, the following morning
Lou reads a note that alarms him and quickly puts it in his back pocket. Cheryl is feeding Louise and asks why Lou seems a bit het up. He says it's nothing, but he looks very worried.
Mark is reading through the priest's brochures. He tells Ren he'll need a lot of cold showers before the wedding. Ren says he can come in the fun run to distract him. He says he's willing to sponsor someone, but that's it.
Annalise comes round with some flowers for Cheryl to thank her for the gifts she gave her and Mark the other day. Cheryl isn't there, so Lou takes them. Lou asks Annalise if her getting married makes her want to get in touch with her father - to get in touch with the past. Annalise says she doesn't want to meet him anymore - she would hate it if he turned out to be a low- life loser.
LOU: What if he was like me?
ANNALISE: Like you?
LOU: Yeah, me.
ANNALISE: What are you on about?
LOU: Oh, it's just that...I thought maybe, no matter who he is, you'd want to know him. Wouldn't you?
ANNALISE: Would he want to know me?
LOU: Yeah. Yeah, I think he probably would.
Ramsay Street
Mal, Libby and Billy are heading to school. Billy sees Brett and invites him to work on the go- kart this afternoon. Brett comes over all "cool" in front of Libby.
Billy arrives ahead of the rest, on his bike. The bullies meet him.
BILLY: Why don't you guys pick on someone your own size?
BULLY 1: Nah.
BILLY: Why don't you pick on someone of your own IQ then?
BULLY 2:(confused) Say that again?
BILLY: Why don't you just pick on someone else!
BULLY 1: Nah, we like you, Kennedy, you're from the country!
BULLY 2: Yeah, got to look after our mates from the country. Not to bright, are youse?
BILLY: Thanks for the compliment(!), but...
BULLY 2: Give us your bike.
BILLY: How about we debate this, get some other people to join in. A few teachers, maybe.
BULLY 1: Yeah, like your mum? You big wuss.
BULLY 2: Get off!
BULLY 1: I think he's deaf! Maybe I should knock the straw out of his ears!
He knocks Billy's helmet off.
BILLY:(getting off his bike) I'm off.
The bullies chuck his bike on the floor and then round on Billy. They push him to the floor on top of his bike.
Coffee Shop
Lou is reading the mystery note when Mark comes over to invite him to come over to watch the Variety Club videos.
Mal, Libby and Brett find Billy with a ripped shirt sitting on top of his bike.
MAL: They're not going to get away with this! No- one does this to my brother!
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