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Neighbours Episode 2266 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2266
Australian airdate: 24/10/94
UK airdate: 21/07/95
UK Gold: 09/07/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Philip East
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cody is tutoring Toadie.
- Hannah has had a dream about Julie and insists to Phil it was real.
- Colin has heard from his mate at the Variety Club Bash that Mark has proposed to Annalise. Sam is very upset.
- Cheryl congratulates Annalise and Mark with a party.
Annalise and Mark are opening engagement presents. Annalise is looking forward to a very big wedding, despite Mark suggesting a simple celebrant. They decide to find out if it will be OK for Mark to get married in a Catholic Church.
Phil, Susan and Karl are chatting about Annalise and Mark. Phil says he's finding it hard with all of Julie's things still around. Karl suggests putting her things out of sight, but Phil isn't sure he's ready to yet. He says he'll think about it.
Marlene and Colin are talking about how much they like Vaudeville and hope it comes back(!)
Cody and Stonie are studying at the table and laugh at Marlene and Colin's dancing. They decide to study at the back of the shop instead. Marlene says that she's rented it to Sam, but it should be OK. She gives them the key.
PHIL: Hannah? There's something we have to talk about.
HANNAH: Yeah, what?
PHIL: What we're going to do with your mum's things. I don't ever want to forget her. I'll always remember her, and I'll always love her. But we have to get on with our own lives, no matter how hard it might seem at the moment.
HANNAH: Do you want me to go ask her what she wants us to do with our things?
PHIL: Hannah, these talks with your mum...
HANNAH: It's great, isn't it! It's like she's still here with us.
PHIL: She's always be with us, sweetheart. But only in our hearts and in our minds.
HANNAH: No, I mean *really* here. She told me she was.
PHIL: Hannah...
HANNAH: I'll go and ask her now. It's OK, Dad, I'm sure she'd talk to you if you asked her!
Back of Bric- a- brac Shop
Stonie asks Cody if she has any ideas for the Year 12 break- up. Cody says the staff will be ready for past pranks, and maybe they should be more subtle, like painting a message on the roof that they won't find for years.
They resume studying biology.
Annalise has got an appointment for her and Mark with Father Michael tomorrow. He might be able to fit them in for their wedding before Christmas. Annalise tells him that she doesn't want to sleep with Mark until the wedding, to make their wedding night more special. He very reluctantly agrees(!)
Sam is in a very bad mood. Annalise comes in and tells them that she and Mark are sleeping apart until the wedding. She and Marlene chat about dresses etc, with Sam glowering quietly to himself in the corner.
ANNALISE: Aren't you happy for me, Sam?
SAM: Any reason I should be?!
Phil is folding up Julie's clothes and looking sad. Hannah comes in.
HANNAH: Mum said most of her clothes should go to charity.
PHIL: You don't mind the thought of other people wearing your mother's things?
HANNAH: She said they shouldn't be wasted. But she'd like us to keep some of her favourite dresses. And she said everything else should go to you, me, Michael and Debbie. You know, jewellery and stuff.
PHIL: Hannah...we have to talk about this communication you're having with your mother.
HANNAH:(picking up a jumper) I think we should keep this one.
Susan is playing the piano. Karl says he's found a book about "Death and Dying" that he might drop over to Phil in case it helps (a cheery read I'm sure). Susan observes that Karl is starting to settle in to Ramsay Street and is pleased that things are starting to go well for them in Erinsborough.
No.24, the following morning
Sam, Cody, Annalise and Marlene are having breakfast. Sam offers to give Cody a ride on his bike which is running well. Marlene says it's nice to hear Sam speaking civilly to someone(!)
When Cody and Sam have gone, Annalise thanks Marlene for looking after the Coffee Shop for her.
MARLENE: I'm interested to hear what you think about the changes I made.
ANNALISE: Changes? What changes?
MARLENE: Oh...you'll see. I think you'll like them.
Annalise looks worried, but Marlene just sits her down for a cooked breakfast to "build her up for the wedding"(!)
Colin gives Phil a gift - it's a notebook he's put together with some doodles done by Julie that he found under the counter. He also tells Phil that they've been nominated in the "Newsagency of the Year Awards". Phil says they can have a go at sprucing the place up if Colin wants to.
Coffee Shop
ANNALISE:(shocked) Marlene. What have you done to my coffee shop?!
MARLENE: Improved it, don't you think.
ANNALISE: No, I don't! I mean, where are all my healthy vegetarian dishes?
MARLENE: Well, they weren't very filling...
ANNALISE:(looking at the juke box) And what are all these? And it's so dark in here.
MARLENE: Don't you like any of it?
ANNALISE: No, I don't. I definitely don't, Marlene.
Sam drops Cody off. Stonie comes over and says the Year 12 End Of Year Party has been cancelled. Squirrel comes over and asks Sam for a ride on his bike, but he says he's too busy right now. Cody says she'll think of somewhere to hold their party.
Coffee Shop
MARLENE: I think you're wrong, Annalise. A lot of people have said this place makes them feel really like being at home.
ANNALISE: If they want to feel at home, they can stay at home!
Mark comes in and Annalise tells him what's happened. She takes down the "Gone With The Wind" posters and tells Marlene she wants everything back the way it was before she gets back from seeing Father Michael!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Karl tells Susan that he'd like to invite a prospective partner and her husband over for dinner. Susan says a lot of jobs need doing around the house and the garden needs mowing.
Susan is accosted by Colin on her way in, but fortunately is rescued by Phil. She has come about an advert for a second- hand lawn mower, but it's been sold. Phil suggests Hannah's horse(!) and to his surprise, Susan says that will be fine. He asks her to thank Karl for the book, which has been a great help, apparently.
Back of Bric- a- brac Shop
Cody is on the phone trying to organise a venue for the Year 12 party, but no- one will take them. Marlene comes in and tells them that Annalise hates all the changes to the Coffee Shop. Sam comments, "Surprise, surprise"(!)
Marlene tells Cody and Stonie that they could have the party where they are - in the back of the shop. Sam points out that he's the one that rents it, so Stonie grovels and Sam reluctantly agrees(!)
MARK: Hi, babe, how did it go?
ANNALISE: Fantastic! He says it's booked in for right after Christmas. And you're going to love the church.
MARK: After Christmas?! I can't wait that long!
ANNALISE: Come on, Mark, it's as hard for me as it is for you.
MARK: Yeah, but you said *before* Christmas, babe!
ANNALISE: Don't be a grump, alright? So there's a few sacrifices.
MARK: What is it?
MARK: Come on. You've got that 'How am I going to tell him this?' look all over your face.
ANNALISE: Oh, I have not.
MARK: You have so, out with it.
ANNALISE: Well, it's just so that we can get married there. Did I tell you how beautiful it is?
MARK: Yeeesss, and?
ANNALISE: Well, you'll have to do the teeniest- weeniest bit of pre- marriage religious instruction.
MARK: I'll have to do what?!
ANNALISE: Religious instruction. Come on, Mark, it's not that big a deal.
MARK: No! No way! Look, I don't know what it is, but I'm not doing it, alright?!
<<2265 - 2267>>
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