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Neighbours Episode 2270 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2270
Australian airdate: 28/10/94
UK airdate: 27/07/95
UK Gold: 13/07/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Philip East
Guests: Chip Kelly: Martin Crewes
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Rupert: Tori Webster
Louise: Katrina McEwan
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Chip agrees to help Ren to organise the fun run. They kiss.
- Lou tells Cheryl and Marlene that he's decided to quit the used car business.
- Ren and Chip try to sign up Sam for the fun run, but he doesn't look impressed.
ALL KIDS: 5...4...3...2...1...!
They all whoop and through streamers as the bell goes on their last day of school. Cody, Stonie and their mates head off the Coffee Shop to talk about the party tonight. Danni, Brett and her mates see them go. Squirrel suggests crashing their leaving party tonight!
Coffee Shop
Cody tells Danni and Brett that they're not invited to the party - they can have their next year. Brett says they could be the servants - they could pour the drinks etc. Danni looks horrified, but Stonie and Cody think it's not a bad idea.
Cheryl is trying to reason with Lou, but he says he's fed up of being known as "shonky". He wants a new challenge, and for his kids to be proud of him. He doesn't know what his next move will be yet. Cheryl just rolls her eyes.
Cody is stocking up on snacks for the party. Phil says they've all had a hard year, including Debbie. He thanks Cody for helping with Hannah, and tells her to come over any time she likes.
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Sam is lifting a weight that's too heavy for him and Mal tells him off. Sam is trying to beat Chip, feeling he's ahead of him in everything. Mal asks him about Ren, and Sam admits that he and Ren have decided to stay friends, because he still has feelings for someone else. He won't tell Mal who.
Outside the Pub
Danni isn't impressed at the prospect of being a "slave" at the party, but at least they get to go. Chip and Ren are at a table, and Ren suggests they meet up tonight.
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Sam and Mal are putting away the gym equipment. They are still chatting about Chip when Squirrel comes in. She makes eyes at Sam and says she's come to put the decorations up. She explains about the slave arrangement - she will start by being Sam's slave(!)
Lou is buying Ambrosia magazine. He tells Phil it has an article about the top 50 businessmen in Australia that he wants to read. Phil laughs disbelievingly. Lou explains that he's looking for a new occupation - to improve himself. Phil thinks it's fantastic - after all, he loves the newsagency. Lou thinks the newsagency is a step backwards, and Phil is offended. Lou says he wants people to look up to him. Phil thinks Lou should change his job for the right reasons, not just to impress people. On the way out, Lou asks Phil if he can have some private mail redirected to the newsagency. Chip overhears and looks intrigued.
Sam pops round to see Ren who is baking bread. He asks if she'll come along to the party to help him control the kids, but she already has plans with Chip. Sam is worried about Squirrel trying to crack on to him. Ren is offended that he only wanted her to come as a bodyguard.
Back of Bric-a-Brac shop
Cody, Squirrel and co are setting up. Squirrel is determined to "get it on" with Sam tonight. Mal says that Squirrel isn't Sam's type - Squirrel is too aggressive.
SQUIRREL: Tonight, he's mine!
MAL: In your dreams, maybe!
Lou asks Danni what occupations she admires. She says roadies for bands are really cool!
Ren has come to borrow a candle- holder from Cheryl.
Brett comes down dressed in a prison outfit, ready for the slave gig. Danni is not impressed and sends him off to change into normal clothes!
Sam wants to give the party a miss, but Cody says it'll be fine - she'll protect him from Squirrel!
Stonie calls around to escort Cody to the party. He's also got a present for her - a nice brooch.
CODY: Did you steal it?(!)
STONIE: No, I bought it for you. To say thanks for being my tutor and my friend.
She pins it on and they head off. Sam quietly tells Cody that it seems she has an admirer. Cody says that's ridiculous - Rick is her boyfriend.
Chip has stood Ren up. She goes to call him, but replaces the handset. Sadly, she blows out the candles.
The party is in full swing. Squirrel and co are serving drinks. Squirrel is looking for Sam, who is hiding behind a curtain. She finally finds him and pulls him on to the dance floor(!) Stonie is telling Cody about protecting Billy from the bullies. She says that violence isn't the answer.
Elsewhere, some of the Year 11s decide to spike the punch(!)
Lou is reading through possible careers. He thinks he needs something halfway between a used car salesman and Prime Minister! Cheryl suggests a public relations, or a public speaker. Lou doesn't think that's prestigious enough. Cheryl doesn't understand why Lou is suddenly changing making major changes.
CHERYL: What made you change?! What's happened, something has, hasn't it?!
LOU: Well...
But they are interrupted by a knock at the door and it's Ren. She sadly returns the candle holder, telling Cheryl that she's been stood up. She asks if they can watch a video together instead, but Cheryl tells her she's busy.
When Ren has gone, Lou tells Cheryl, that he's just having an image crisis, and that's it.
The party is getting a bit out of hand. Squirrel is still trying to get her claws into Sam, who is looking very uncomfortable. Cody tells Brett that she'd like to go on a holiday. Stonie suggests they could go together and split the cost.
Ren has come round to see Phil, but he's engrossed in the football. She looks a bit fed up, and decides to head off to the party.
A fight has developed between a couple of Danni's mates. Another guy has painted a mural on the wall. Sam tells them all off and Squirrel has another go at him, but just then he is saved by Ren, who has just arrived. She tells Squirrel that Sam is her boyfriend and to back off. Squirrel stomps off and Ren laughs. She admits to Sam that Chip stood her up. Sam is offended that is the only reason she came.
Cody tells Stonie that she is looking forward to a holiday. Stonie agrees and plants a kiss on her. Cody is shocked, and even more shocked that someone has taken a snap of them, just at the wrong moment.
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