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Neighbours Episode 2263 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2263 (Mark proposes to Annalise)
Australian airdate: 19/10/94
UK airdate: 18/07/95
UK Gold: 04/07/01
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Bullies: Andrew White, Douglas Lukic
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Colin has rearranged the newsagency
- Colin intends to make changes to the Coffee Shop while Annalise is gone
- Mark and Annalise talk about Gaby and Jack's engagement
- Brett sneaks into Libby's room to steal some hair off her hairbrush!
Libby's bedroom
Libby is shocked and shouts that Brett had better have a good explanation! Karl and Susan are roused out of bed and rush in with dressing gowns on...
KARL:(angrily) I want to know exactly what you think you're doing in my daughter's bedroom!
Brett stammers a bit.
KARL: What sort of a pervert are you, anyway?!
Susan and Libby try to calm Karl down. Libby says Brett was just looking for the toilet and probably took a wrong turn - she just had a bit of a shock when she found him in her bedroom. Susan suggests that they all talk about it in the morning. Behind his back, Brett takes some hair off Libby's hairbrush then awkwardly hands it back to Karl.
Colin is having dessert with Marlene and Sam. Marlene has apparently found a location for her shop - and it has a big room at the back that Sam could use for his office. He'll have to pay rent, though(!) Sam says with his mobile phone, he can just as easily work from home, but Colin says there is great advertising space outside.
Danni casually picks up a test- tube she comes across and Brett snatches it off her. He confesses that he's making a love potion. Danni guesses that it's for Libby.
DANNI: Brett, you've really lost it. I think it's time to call in the men with white coats.
Brett says he's come this far, and now he has to go through with it.
Annalise and Mark are still traversing the Outback (they're in a wooded section now). Annalise is driving and ends up stuck in a river!
Libby and Billy are bickering as usual. Karl is still glowering about Brett's presence in Libby's room last night.
KARL: That is one very peculiar young man!
Libby, Susan and Billy roll their eyes.
Mark is wading in the river. It seems the fanbelt in the engine of the car has broken. Annalise whips out some tights and Mark excitedly tells her he can use them as a replacement fanbelt!
School (outside)
Brett tells Danni that his love potion just might work. Libby almost overhears him but he sees her just in time and starts talking about the Council instead. Apparently the Recreation Officer has agreed to help clean up the lake.
Just then, a couple of bullies set upon Billy.
BRETT:(calmly) Hey, guys. Get out of here. And try to find a brain to share as you go, will you?
The bullies head off, but say, "You'll keep" to Billy.
Back of Marlene's Shop
Sam tells Marlene that the back room is too big for him. Marlene says she could supplement the rent with him fixing up some bits of the shop.
Annalise and Mark are back on the road. Annalise is driving and enjoying herself. The camera pans up and there are dozens of cars crossing the Outback as part of the Variety Club Bash.
Libby asks Brett why he was *really* in her room. He confesses that he was looking for her hairbrush because he is making a love potion.
BRETT: Look, I know it sounds stupid, but I couldn't help it.
LIBBY: Couldn't help what?!
BRETT: Look, I was desperate to get you to like me, OK?
LIBBY: Brett...you don't need a love potion to do that.
BRETT: I don't?
LIBBY: No! I already told you I think you're a nice guy. Just we have to get to know each other better and see what happens. Alright?
BRETT:(pleased) OK.
Phil is trying to calm Colin down with his outlandish ideas for the Newsagency. He says the hats, bowties and music all have to go. Colin insists that they're had a wonderful reaction. Susan is there and Phil asks for her opinion. She awkwardly tells Colin that the music is a bit annoying, but that she likes the uniform (naughty Susan!) Colin suddenly says they could do a barber's shop choir!
Susan comes in and joins Karl at the bar. They get a bit fruity with each other and then Susan tells him about Phil's frustrations with Colin at the newsagency. Karl is still looking for a property but not having any luck. He may have to work away at this rate.
Annalise is getting tired now and feels sweaty and dirty. Mark is still in good spirits though and suggests that he drives for a while. Besides, he's got an idea.
Back of Marlene's Shop
Sam is fitting a light. Marlene is babbling about finding Sam a girlfriend(!)
School (outside)
Libby is ranting at Danni for not getting her lines right in the play. Suddenly they hear Billy shouting - he's been set upon by the bullies again. Danni and Libby pull them off and then comfort Billy who is upset.
Marlene and Sam come in to buy a paper. Colin asks Marlene what she thinks of the idea of a barber shop quartet. She's all for it, much to Phil's disgust(!) Marlene says she could join in with a bit of tap dancing and gives them a demonstration(!) Phil just looks aghast in the background!
Mark and Annalise have stopped at a gorge with a waterfall and are having a swim.
ANNALISE: We don't lose points do we, for stopping like this?
MARK: No, I reckon the judges will give us bonus points.
ANNALISE: What for?
MARK: Our big news.
Annalise looks confused.
MARK: What I want to ask you. I want to marry you, Annalise!
ANNALISE:(shocked) Oh, Mark...
MARK: Hang on, I know it's a bit sudden and we're still young, and you want a career and to travel and everything...and you can still do that. It's just that I reckon we've been through more ups and downs than half a dozen failed marriages.
ANNALISE: Yep, and still together!
MARK: Exactly. And we still love each other. Well at least I do.
ANNALISE: I do too.
MARK: Well?
Annalise backs away from him in the water.
<<2262 - 2264>>
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