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Neighbours Episode 2262 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2262
Australian airdate: 18/10/94
UK airdate: 17/07/95
UK Gold: 03/07/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Chip Kelly: Martin Crewes
Alf Taylor: Frank Bren
David Fellows: As Himself
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl isn't impressed with the "Name The Waterhole" competition entries.
- Annalise and Mark are in Darwin for the Variety Club Bash
- Brett and Ren are hunting frogs in Lassiter's Lake(!)
- Hannah tells Cody that Julie has come to her in her sleep.
Mark and Annalise are driving along. They are in a good mood and enjoying the open road, despite the heat.
Cody tells Phil what Hannah said to her about Julie. She thinks she's given Hannah false hope about Julie "being in the next room". Phil says that Hannah has an active imagination and he doesn't think a dream is anything to worry about. He's dreaming about Julie too.
Brett and Ren have been unsuccessful in acquiring frog spit. They decide to substitute with dog spit(!) Lou asks if they still cut up frogs in school and Ren is disgusted. Lou is surprised that there are no frogs at Lassiter's - there used to be loads. Maybe the lake is polluted now.
Brett starts ranting on about the council and says that someone should stand up to them. Lou thinks Brett should do it - he could organise a pressure group. Brett looks thoughtful.
Outside No.26
Billy, Cody and Libby are heading off to school. Brett joins them, saying he wants to check out the Science Lab at School. He mentions the pollutionat Lassiter's Lake and Billy agrees - he got a rash from a blackberry spray there. Brett thinks they should do something about it, and Billy suggests a petition. Cody and Libby agree to meet them in the newsagency after school.
Hannah is rushing to school, but Phil wants a chat about Julie first. He gently tells Hannah that he's there for her if she wants to talk and mentions the dream.
HANNAH: It wasn't a dream. I talked to her.
PHIL: Hannah...we both miss Mum very, very much, and sometimes when you want something hard enough, even though we know we can't have it, our dreams give us a little taste of what it might be like. There's nothing wrong with that, those feelings are very precious: it gives us something to hold on to. But it's still part of the dream.
HANNAH: Dad, I know what dreams are like. This was different. It was more real.
PHIL: Hannah...
HANNAH:(firmly) I was with Mum. I was.
A bloke with a bandana over his face pulls up Mark and Annalise. They ask for their help in moving a buffalo up ahead and they give them some money.
Libby is eating her lunch and reading a book. Brett is spying on her in the background. He creeps over with a scissors in hand, trying to get some of her hair. At the last second Libby turns around and Brett cuts her shirt! He covers, saying he was trying to cut the label off(!)
Sam and Chip come in. They are looking forwad to the football presentation tonight. Cheryl still hasn't picked a name winner.
LOU: Cheryl wants something with pizazz.
CHIP: Pizazz?
SAM: Hang on...what about "Chez Chez"? There you go...it's got that exotic, international flavour, what do you reckon?!
CHIP: Don't give up the day job, mate!
CHERYL: Hang on...Chez Chez isn't half bad!
Sam grabs a pen, crosses out Colin Taylor's entry of 'The Blue Lagoon', writes 'Chez Chez instead, and adds it to the other entries!
CHERYL: 'Chez Chez'! It's good!
Phil is intrigued to see Cody, Brett, Bill and Hannah talking intently. Cody explains they're planning to ask the Council to clean up Lassiter's Lake. They're going to start with a petition. Phil suggests having a word to Andrew McKenzie, the Council's Recreation Officer.
Sam is surprised that Chip has brought Ren with him as a date. He mocks Sam for drinking milk.
When Ren has gone off to the bathroom, Chip tells Sam that Ren is "a bit of a spunk". He looks uncomfortable.
It's night now, and Mark is showing Annalise the Milky Way. They start talking about Gaby and Jack getting engaged, and Mark says it's nice to surprised people sometimes. He starts kissing Annalise, when they are interrupted by a familiar face - at first they think it's Colin Taylor, but it turns out that it's his identical twin Alf Taylor. Mark asks if they can catch up some other time, but Alf ignores this and follows them, making smalltalk. He explains that he's in the green 62 Ford with a leprachaun on the roof.
ANNALISE: Ah, you're Irish, are you?
ALF:(pause) No.
He wanders off and Mark and Annalise don't follow him!
Hannah is trying to make a white sauce, but it's gone wrong. She and Cody are laughing about it. Phil comes in, and he's got Thai takeaway, and invites Cody to join them. He tells Hannah she doesn't have to become chief cook and bottlewasher.
Cheryl says she quite likes the idea of watching blokes doing aerobic trampolining(!) Lou laughs and says they stuff a pair of socks down their pants!
Sam, Chip and Ren come back from the football presentation. Chip has won a number of medals. Sam hasn't won anything and looks a bit fed up. Ren tells them that she's had a great night. Lou asks if Ren has had a few drink, but she says she had only had orange juice. When she sits down, Chip orders her a vodka and orange. Cheryl asks after his trampolining outfit and enquires whether he put socks down his leotard.
CHIP: Socks? No need for socks, mate!
CHERYL: I knew it!
They all laugh.
Brett comes in and drags Ren off to work on the love potion.
Ren says they'll just go over to Libby's and get some hair. Brett can excuse himself to go to the bathroom, sneak into the bedroom and take some off her hairbrush.
Alf is telling Mark stories about himself and Colin around a campfire. Mark looks extremely bored and eventually drops off. Annalise is already asleep.
Libby is about to go to bed when Brett and Ren arrive. Brett awkwardly tells her about their plans to campaign for Lassiter's Lake and then asks to go to the bathroom. He nervously heads off.
Ren can't think of anything to say, so she decides to leave(!)
Libby's bedroom
Brett is sneaking around in the dark looking for Libby's hairbrush. He finally finds it, but just then Libby turns on the light.
LIBBY: Brett! What do you think you're doing?!
Brett just brushes his hair!
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