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Neighbours Episode 2261 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2261
Australian airdate: 17/10/94
UK airdate: 14/07/95
UK Gold: 02/07/01
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Gaby Willis: Rachel Blakely
Zac Willis: Jay Callahan
David Fellows: As Himself
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil isn't coping with Julie's death
- Annalise and Mark are off on a road trip
- Hannah isn't coping with Julie's death. She slips on some water and cuts herself with a knife.
Phil is shocked to see that Hannah is injured and helps her up, hugging her.
PHIL: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
HANNAH: I want Mummy to be back home again!
PHIL: Oh, I do too, baby, I miss her too. We have to face the fact that she's gone. It's just the two of us now, Hannah. It's just you and me. I haven't been looking after you very well, have I?
HANNAH: It's OK. I didn't think you wanted me around anymore!
PHIL: Of course I do, I love you! I've been so selfish! Please forgive me. I'm sorry.
Ren and Brett are reading through some recipes for libido- enhancing perfume. They are laughing at the ingredients and procedures (eg dried goats blood eaten naked under a full moon at midnight)
BRETT: Oh yes, I can see me knocking at Libby's window at midnight, 'Yo Lib! Get out here, get your gear off and eat this bat poo!' She's really going to go for that!
Ren finally sees a realistic(!) recipe and shows it to Brett. They will have to get some weird ingredients though (eg frog spit)
Lou clambours out of bed and tells them to stop making a racket - he's trying to sleep!
No.26 - Hannah's bedroom
Phil has bandaged Hannah's hand and has got her in bed with a cup of cocoa, so things are looking up.
PHIL: Everything's going to be OK from now on.
HANNAH: Don't think I'll ever stop missing mum.
PHIL: I don't want you to. But she'd want us to get on with our lives. Be happy again, OK?
HANNAH: Yeah...I'll try.
PHIL: We'll help each other try.
HANNAH: Cody says it's like Mum's just gone to another room, and we don't have a key for it.
Phil takes this in. Then he decides to sleep on the bottom bunk of Hannah's bed, a bit like a slumber party so they can keep each other company. Hannah looks much happier.
Mark and Annalise have arrived and are struggling in the heat. They are met by a bloke who shows them into a retro- looking car.
Annalise and Mark are having a walk around. He suggests that she goes shopping this afternoon for some cool clothes.
Phil has cleaned the house and is just bringing Hannah breakfast in bed, but she is already up. She's very pleased to see the state of the house - Phil has even done the laundry. He starts brushing Hannah's hair and says he'll give her a lift to school!
Cheryl is looking through the pieces of paper with the suggestions for the new name for The Waterhole. Lou heads off to work. Brett and Ren whisper about the ingredients for the love elixir. He's determined to go through with it.
Darwin (Hotel Room)
Annalise and Mark are having a snog (yuk) when there's a knock at the door. It's Gaby and baby Zac! They greet her happily. Gaby says that Pam and Doug love it in Darwin, and so does she - everything's working out. Even she and Jack are "doing OK". She invites them to dinner at Pam and Doug's tonight. Annalise wants to know more details about Jack.
Cheryl is going through some name suggestions for The Waterhole, but she doesn't like any of it. The Froth and Bubble - The Gin Palace - The Groggery - The Cheryl's Arms. Cheryl doesn't like any of them.
Lou is pleased to see Phil at work. He apologises for being rude to Lou the other day. Apparently Colin has moved everything around in the shop(!)
Cody and Hannah come in. Lou invites Phil to the greyhounds, but he wants to have a night in with Hannah, cooking and hanging out. They invite Cody to join them too and she accepts.
Mark and Annalise, in a musical montage, are looking around the markets. They end up watching the sunset at the beach.
Ren goes to put Lolly to bed. Cheryl is still going through the names for The Waterhole looking a bit despairing. The only one on her shortlist is "The Rubbedy Dub", but she doesn't really like it.
Brett comes in from a council meeting, saying they can't afford the Youth Centre, they've channelled the money into twinning with a town in Turkey - the councillors have used the money to go off to Turkey to set it up!
Brett goes off to do the love potion, and Cheryl grills him over where he's going! He says he's just going looking for a frog!
Darwin (Hotel)
Annalise and Mark are putting their shopping away when Gaby pops round to pick them up for dinner. She tells them they have an announcement tonight, but Annalise has already guessed - Gaby and Jack are engaged!
Gaby and Jack are also thinking of flying down and catching up with Annalise and Mark at The Bash.
They leave, and as they do, Mark looks thoughtful.
Ramsay Street
Brett is sneaking around with a net looking for frogs. Ren creeps up on him and scares him. Brett tells her this is serious business and she tries not to laugh.
Phil, Hannah and Cody are just finishing dinner. Hannah invites her over again tomorrow, and they agree to be surrogate sisters. They could also have a sleepover tonight.
Lassiter's Lake
Ren and Brett are wading through the lake wearing fisherman's waders(!) Just then Ren treads on an eel and screams. Brett tells her to concentrate - if he doesn't find frog spit, he won't have Libby(!)
Darwin (The Bash)
Annalise and Mark have arrived at the start line. The lead cars heads off and they follow.
Hannah wakes Cody in the night to tell her she was right when she said Julie had gone to another room, but she has the key now.
HANNAH: Last night, Mum came to me in my sleep. She was really real! Then she said everything would be OK, and she'd never leave me again.
CODY: Hannah...
HANNAH: Mum's come home, just like I wanted her to!
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