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Neighbours Episode 2260 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2260
Australian airdate: 14/10/94
UK airdate: 13/07/95
UK Gold: 29/06/01
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Ms. Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Butza: Emily Stanza
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Special Guest Appearance by: John Hinde
Holly: Trained By Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Marlene trying to win the John Hinde competition.
- Annalise tells Mark that she needs a proper doona and mattress to cross the Outback(!)
- Lou wins the competition for a date with John Hinde.
- Phil is drunk and not being a very good father.
Marlene tells Lou that he's won the competition with John Hinde, and asks him to swap for her blood eels prize. Colin comes in and says he's coming on the date with Lou and John Hinde too! Lou looks aghast and quickly tells Marlene that she can have the prize! Marlene is delighted.
COLIN: As long as everyone's happy, then?
LOU: Happy? Colin, I am delirious!
Phil is looking at a photo of Julie and Hannah and drinking a glass of wine.
HANNAH: Dad? Dad?
PHIL: What is it, Hannah?
HANNAH: Will you drive me to Pony Club?
PHIL: Better not. I'm already facing one drink driving charge.
HANNAH: Well, I can't walk, it's too far.
PHIL: Right, well, here, why don't you take this?
He gives her some money.
PHIL: Get a taxi, eh?
HANNAH: Dad, I know I'm a nuisance, but there's hardly any food and I've got nothing clean to wear.
PHIL: You're not a nuisance. And don't you worry, I'll attend to it, Button.
HANNAH:(snapping) I told you not to call me that! I'm Hannah, remember?! HANNAH, HANNAH, HANNAH!
PHIL: Yeah...why don't you ring for a taxi and then wait for it outside, you don't want to miss it.
Ramsay Street
Cody is shooting a few baskets when Hannah comes out. They chat.
HANNAH: It's Dad.
CODY: Is he acting weird?
HANNAH: It's like his body's here, and his head's somewhere else. I don't think he cares about me at all anymore.
CODY: Yes, he does. He's grieving. We all react in different ways.
HANNAH: He doesn't even want me around. He wouldn't even drive me to Pony Club.
CODY: Do you want *me* to drive you? If your Dad will lend me his car?
HANNAH: I'm sure he will!
CODY: OK, then, well, let's cancel the taxi!
Brett and Lou are talking about John Hinde. Danni is looking for her script - apparently Lou has been reading it(!) Lou says he remembers being their age, and a Barbara Jones. It's clearly a happy memory as he chuckles to himself(!)
School - Rehearsal
Butzer is telling everyone off for not learning their lines. Miss Stoner decides to start with a run- through of the musical numbers. She tells them that Libby and Danni are swapping parts, and Brett is very pleased.
Colin and Marlene are dressed up for the evening with John Hinde. Marlene has many questions for John - she's looking forward to asking him his opinion on Elvis movies(!)
Annalise and Mark come in with even more camping equipment.
MARK: Creature comforts? This is a portable Hilton!
Mark rants at her that it's too much, but Colin chips in and says there are great extremes of temperature in the Outback.
Mark is trying to get Annalise to compromise on her Outback luggage. Finally she asks if Mark would prefer to take Colin, so Mark backs down(!)
Colin and Marlene head off for their evening with John Hinde.
School - Rehearsal
Everyone is singing dreadfully. Miss Stoner sighs and says it was pathetic. She rants at them for not learning the words and says that maybe they should just quit. Butzer protests, and the other kids say they'll try to improve.
Lou gives Annalise a gift - some tights for an emergency fan- belt, and some pepper for radiator leaks.
Lou gives her a cheque for $316 - to bring what they raised ($19,684) up to $20,000. Mark says they'll try to represent him well at the Variety Club Bash.
Cody has made Hannah some hot chocolate and they sit down for a chat.
CODY: So, things have been pretty tough, haven't they?
HANNAH: Just a bit.
CODY: Don't you mean massively?
HANNAH: I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I get angry with Dad, and then I think, well, I guess he's sad, just like I am. And that he can't help being this way. He won't be like this forever will he?
CODY: No, no, I don't think he will.
HANNAH: Everything's so mixed up. You don't stay this sad for always, do you?
CODY: I think when you lose someone you love very much, there's always going to be some sadness inside you somewhere. But eventually, sooner or later, that sadness inside of you, gets mixed up with all the happy memories you've got...and well, it becomes easier.
HANNAH: What's it like to die?
CODY: Noone really knows, do they?
HANNAH: People keep telling me that Mum's gone to heaven. But where's heaven? Up in the sky? That's stupid.
CODY: I'll tell you what I think, Hannah. I think when you die, it's just like going off into another room. And your mum hasn't left you, not really. She's just...somewhere else. In another room. And the reason why you can't be with her is because you don't have the key yet.
HANNAH: But when I die, I'll get the key, right?
CODY: Yep.
HANNAH: That's nice. So...it's like she's still with me.
Annalise and Mark come in. They are setting off on their trip tonight.
School - Rehearsal
Brett and Libby are rehearsing the proposal scene.
BRETT: I only wonder what you could have achieved if the war had not come along.
LIBBY: More Olympic medals? More International Swimming tours? I guess we'll never know for sure.
BRETT: Fanny, there's one thing I'm sure of.
LIBBY: What's that, Bernard?
He gets down on one knee and the kids snigger.
BRETT: I love you, Fanny Dura. And I want you to be my wife! I would have asked you years...
But Brett has had a little "reaction" and limps off to sit on a chair, saying he's got a cramp. He whispers to Sam while Libby asks if Brett has appendicitis(!)
LOU: Hello, Phil. Just came by to see how you're getting on.
PHIL: Yeah, fine.
LOU: You could have fooled me, mate. You look terrible. Can I come in?
Phil reluctantly lets him in.
LOU: Finding it hard to pick up the pieces, eh?
PHIL:(drinking a glass of wine) I told you, I'm alright.
LOU: Phil...I didn't come here to upset you, mate. People are concerned, that's all. I guess there's nothing worse that losing your partner, but that's no reason for you to drop your bundle.
PHIL: I just need a bit of time out, that's all.
LOU: There's Hannah to think of, mate. I understand it's tough...
PHIL:(angrily) You don't understand, Lou! I don't think anyone understands. People keep saying to me, 'I know how you feel'. How would they know how *I* feel? They wouldn't have a clue.
LOU: Well, maybe that's true mate, but they do care and they want to help.
PHIL: Fine. They want to help, they can start by minding their own business.
LOU: If that's what you want.
PHIL: What I want, Lou, is to be left alone. Why can't the people of Ramsay Street understand that? Just tell them to leave me alone!
LOU: I'll do that. I'll be off then.
John Hinde, Marlene and Colin are talking about movies. John Hinde tells them he's had a wonderful evening with them. They make a toast to celluloid!
HANNAH: I don't suppose you did any shopping?
PHIL:(slurred) No, I didn't.
HANNAH: Or the washing?
PHIL: No, I didn't do any washing either!
HANNAH: I've got nothing to wear...
PHIL: For heaven's sake, Hannah, you're eleven years old, can't you turn a machine on?
HANNAH: I suppose. Do you have anything to eat?
PHIL: Not hungry.
Hannah opens the fridge and throws some rotten food out. She answers the phone to Helen.
HANNAH: Gran! How's America? Oh, no, we're fine. No, no problems. He's not here right now, he just had to go to the shop to get some milk. We're not used to shopping, but we're getting there. How's Deb? Is she? Half her luck?
Phil calls out, asking if it's Helen, but Hannah ignores him.
HANNAH: Yeah, honestly. No reason to worry about us. Yeah. I'll tell him.
PHIL:(calling) Is that Helen calling from America?!
HANNAH: It's just Miranda, Dad.
PHIL: Oh, thought it was Helen.
HANNAH: Yeah, I miss you too. Bye Gran.
She puts the phone down.
HANNAH:(to herself) Please come home.
Mark and Annalise are heading off on their trip with a huge mound of stuff. Cody helps them out with it and tells them to have a great time. Mark leaves some of Annalise's "essentials" behind.
Holly is barking.
HANNAH: Look, Holly, I know you're hungry, but it's frozen! Go away, go on!
Holly runs off. Hannah has a large piece of meat in a saucepan, and then sees that the washing machine has leaked. As she goes to sort it out, she slips on the soapy water, hits her head on the floor and cuts her hand on the knife.
HANNAH: Ow! (Wretchedly) Oh, why did you have to die?! Can't you see we need you?! Can't you see that?!
<<2259 - 2261>>
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