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Neighbours Episode 2259 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2259
Australian airdate: 13/10/94
UK airdate: 12/07/95
UK Gold: 28/06/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Police Officer: Michael Harrop
Special Guest Appearance by: John Hinde
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Brett kisses Libby. She slaps him.
- Karl confronts Dr Davies about the steroids.
- Marlene is looking for premises for her shop, and trying to win a date with John Hinde.
- Karl tells Susan that he's resigned from the clinic.
Marlene thinks she has a great chance of winning the competition as she's been renting loads of videos to up her chances. Danni and Brett look bored and make their excuses to leave. Colin and Marlene start talking about competitions and how to enter them.
Susan is pouring her and Karl a class of port each. She thinks Karl did the right thing, and they'll manage with money. Karl has checked the books at the surgery, but Davies has covered it up. Karl says he'll tip off the authorities informally.
There's a knock at the door and it's a police officer, with a summons for Malcolm to appear in court.
Coffee Shop
Mal is moaning to Libby that Erinsborough High is a dump. Libby suggests that he finds an athletics club outside of school, but Mal wants to go to a private sport school.
Danni and Brett come in. Mal says he'll put the private school idea to the Family Meeting. Brett tells them about Marlene and the competition, but they don't look interested.
Marlene thinks "The Beer Barrel" is a great name for a pub, but Sam doesn't agree(!) Sam thinks it should be something more family friendly.
Ren comes in and invites them down to the pub. Marlene asks her what she thinks of "The Beer Barrel". Ren thinks it would turn off the wine and spirits crowd.
Marlene looks at her latest video, then quickly hides it. When Sam and Ren have gone, she has a closer look.
The Family Meeting is just starting, with Billy in the Chair. They start with Good News - Susan's job. Libby is not very happy and says it'll be very embarrassing(!)
Colin and John Hinde are discussing old movies. Colin tells him that they've been inundated with entries for the competition.
At another table, Ren and Sam are having a drink. Ren recognises John Hinde and decides to go over and talk to him. She invites him to have a game of darts with them and he agrees! Ren introduces him to Sam. They start playing and John Hinde throws a double 20 straight off!
Karl has told the family about resigning from the clinic, and he'll have to look for another practice, but everything will be fine. Mal tells them that Erinsborough High isn't very good for sport - he needs a sports- oriented school. Karl doesn't think Mal merits special treatment, given the summons, and all except Malcolm end up voting for him to stay at Erinsborough High.
Brett is telling Sam that he's got a big plan to win Libby over. Sam says it's not about a plan, it's about personal chemistry - it's either there or it isn't.
BRETT: Yeah, but I want her!
Danni and Marlene overhear and laugh at him. Brett says he'll work on the chemistry.
Mal is sulking and Susan comes to talk to him. She says they can check out some athletics clubs. Mal says he can just coach himself. Susan asks if he's ever been offered steroids. He says no, and goes off to bed.
Newsagency, the following morning
Sam limps in to pick up the posters for the Coffee Shop for Marlene. Brett is in the shop, buying a book about "spells and love potions" and tells Sam it's for a school project(!)
Libby comes in to pick up the Kennedys' paper which wasn't delivered that morning. Brett offers to walk her home and she agrees. Then she smells and odd smell, and Sam says he hopes it's not him(!)
Ramsay Street approach
Libby and Brett are walking along. Brett is going on about feminism, but Libby says that she thinks she was rude to Sam. Brett invites Libby in to rehearse for the school play. She tells him to ask Danni over to No.28 and they'll all rehearse. Brett looks a bit put- out, but gives himself a quiet "Yes!" anyway!
Coffee Shop
Marlene is measuring up for curtains for the John Hude event. Marlene is thinking of changing the menu to more "traditional favourites" but Sam doesn't think it's a good idea to mess with Annalise's business. Colin thinks it's a great idea, however!
MARLENE: I'll have this place humming by the time Annalise gets back. She just won't recognise it!
Oh dear.
Danni, Brett and Libby are rehearsing, and being mocked by Mal and Billy. Susan tells them off.
Brett tells Susan that he can't play a love scene with his sister. Susan agrees to talk to Miss Stoner about Libby and Danni swapping roles. Brett looks delighted!
Ren is putting Lolly down for a nap. Danni is teasing Brett about him liking Libby. They chat about Mal, and Danni says he seems like a "spunk" but is a bit "up himself". She goes off to watch Mal and Billy playing cricket.
Brett asks Ren for advice with the spells(!) She says they might as well give it a try.
Ramsay Street
Karl, Susan, Libby, Mal and Billy are playing cricket. Danni comes along and catches Karl out.
Marlene comes along and tells them they have to be at the newsagency in fifteen minutes for the John Hinde competition.
Sam drives up on his bike, and Marlene gets on it. Sam asks Marlene if he smells(!) She says she hasn't noticed anything(!)
Colin is going through the various competitions and John Hinde is drawing the winner. Marlene wins the "guess the number of bloodworms in the jar" competition. Next, they draw the raffle for a date with John Hinde. John draws the ticket and the winner is...Lou Carpenter!
Marlene is crestfallen.
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