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Neighbours Episode 2258 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2258
Australian airdate: 12/10/94
UK airdate: 11/07/95
UK Gold: 27/06/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Chip Kelly: Martin Crewes
Dr. Andrew Davies: Peter Docker
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Louise Barker: Katrina McKewan
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Chip tells Sam that his doctor will help with his injury.
- Annalise isn't looking forward to camping on her and Mark's trip.
- Cody puts the exam papers on the Principal's desk with an anonymous note.
- Dr Davies offers Sam an anabolic steroid.
Stonie and Louise confront Cody and say she's sold them out to the Principal. She says at least she didn't dob them in personally.
LOUISE: You've got so many tickets on yourself, you don't know who your real mates are! I was relying on those exam papers.
CODY: Well, now you're going to have to do a bit of work like everybody else, Louise!
She stalks off, telling Cody she's "history".
Sam bursts out of Dr Davies's office.
DR DAVIES: If you'll just come back inside...
SAM: Forget it, I'm out of here!
KARL: Sam, what's wrong.
SAM: Ask him!
Sam limps off as fast as he can, and Dr Davies tells Karl that Sam is just the temperamental sports type.
Lou tells Annalise that he wishes he could go on the bash. He tells her that she'll cope fine once she's out there. Annalise does not look convinced.
Lou offers to give Annalise a few pointers on Outback driving.
Chip is being charming to Cheryl. He says he's into aerobic trampolining and Cheryl laughs. He assures her it's a real sport and he'll be entering the National Championships as soon as he can find a sponsor.
Sam limps in and tells Chip he needs an urgent word - outside.
Outside the Pub
SAM: What kind of idiot do you think I am?! I suppose you've got the whole team invovled as well. Is that the kind of scam you've got going, or what?
CHIP: What are you talking about?
SAM: You know full well what I'm talking about! Sending me to that bent doctor...if you think for one minute I'm going to stuff around with junk like that...
CHIP: Bent? Davies?
SAM: Yeah, Davies. Tried to put me on steroids.
CHIP: You're kidding!
SAM: Said it would improve my performance. Which is exactly what you said yesterday now I think about it.
CHIP: Mate, I had no idea - honest. He's always been OK with me.
SAM: Yeah, sure.
CHIP: Never put a foot wrong.
SAM: Well, then, why me?
CHIP: I don't know.
Cheryl brings them over some beers, and Chip tells Sam that it's just a misunderstanding. Sam tells Cheryl all about the offer the doctor made of anabolic steroids.
SAM: They must have some huge scam going.
CHERYL: "They?" You don't mean Karl Kennedy's involved?
SAM: Well, he works with Dr Davies...
CHERYL: That doesn't necessarily mean he knows what's going on.
SAM: Teah, well, it's still pretty suss as far as I'm concerned.
CHERYL: Oh dear, guns in the house, and now drug- pushing.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are having lunch. Susan asks why Karl is distracted and he tells her he's not getting along with some of his colleagues - he doesn't like the idea of not prescribing generics.
Sam comes in and Karl intercepts him.
KARL: This morning, at the clinic, you seemed a bit upset...
SAM: Yeah, you're dead right I was.
He stomps out.
Stonie and Louise have put a plastic rat in Cody's bag. They are still moaning on about the exam paper.
Coffee Shop
Karl is worried about Sam and Dr. Davies, and says he can't face another scandal!
Annalise is off for a driving lesson with Lou.
Back at the table, Susan tells Karl that she's nervous about the interview at the high school.
Dirt Road
Lou and Annalise are on a dirt road and Annalise is sliding the car around. She laughs and Lou rolls his eyes.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Karl wishes student good luck for her interview. He sees there's an office to let next door and looks at the sign with interest.
Cheryl walks by and studiously ignores Karl until he calls out to her.
KARL: What is this? My son's apologised for the shooting incident, can't we leave it at that? What, do you plan to permanently ostracise me and my family?
CHERYL: Well, that's up to you.
KARL: I'm sorry?
CHERYL: Sam's just told me what's going on at that clinic of yours.
KARL: What are you talking about?
CHERYL: If that's the sort of medical practitioner you are, Karl, then no, I can't afford to be associated with you or your family.
She walks away, leaving Karl looking bemused.
Dirt Road
Lou is giving Annalise some tips about getting control during a skid. Annalise drives off and Lou looks terrified(!). She goes into a skid and controls it effortlessly.
Lou looks shell- shocked!
Stonie is studying and tells Cody to leave him alone. He's still upset about the paper. Cody suggests Stonie gets a personal tutor - her!
Karl is having a cup of tea and playing some classical music when Susan comes in.
SUSAN: So...congratulate me!
KARL:(hugging her) Oh, you got the job!
SUSAN: No! Well, not the full- time job, and it's not Physics. One day a week teaching English Lit and helping with the school play.
KARL: Well, it's a foot in the door. Could lead to something more permanent.
Susan isn't sure about teaching Libby, or any of the other kids, as she hasn't taught for ages. Karl assures her she'll be fine. He tells her about the encounter with Cheryl and resolves to find out what's going on between Sam and Dr Davies.
KARL: Nothing seems to have gone right since we got to Erinsborough. I'm beginning to think we made the wrong decision moving here.
Cody is explaining anatomy to Stonie via a traffic analogy, and he's getting it quite well.
Susan is apprehensive about teaching the senior kids. Karl is in a bad mood. Susan tells him to go and see Sam.
KARL: You have to do the dinner, though.
SUSAN: Alright, what are we having?
KARL: Beef bourgignon.
SUSAN: Oh...stew(!)
Stonie is just leaving, and is in a much better mood, feeling he knows a lot more about biology now.
Karl pops round to see Sam.
SAM:(aggressively) What do you *want*?!
KARL: I need you to tell me what happened at the clinic, Sam.
SAM: Well, I would have thought that you'd have a pretty good idea!
KARL: If I did, I wouldn't be here! Now, was it something to do with what Davies prescribed?
SAM: You mean you really don't know?!
KARL: Know *what?*?! Will you stop being so evasive and just *tell* me.
SAM: Doctor Davies tried to put me on anabolic steroids, not just for my knee, but to improve my sporting performance.
KARL:(stunned) Are you sure?
SAM: Well, I didn't make it up!
KARL: This is anabolic steroids? Now, look, Sam, I knew nothing about this, honestly. Alright, look, Davies is on call tonight. If you'll excuse me, I think I need to visit the doctor.
Lou urges Annalise to be careful with his car on the trip(!)
Cheryl comes in tells them about the anabolic steroids at Karl's surgery. Annalise and Lou are shocked. A public service announcement about steroids follows.
Cheryl shows them some of the entries for the "Name the Pub" and they laugh.
DR DAVIES: This is ridiculous! It's like you're making me out to be a drug- pusher or something. Really, Karl!
KARL: Doesn't it amount to the same thing?
DR DAVIES: Nonsense! Anyway, which would you rather have? Some footballer shooting up in the toilets, or taking prescribed drugs in a controlled situation?
KARL: Obviously, neither. But what about the dagerous side- effects?
DR DAVIES: They're not dangerous at the level I administer them. Look, Karl, most athletes use them, you know that. Better we provide them than some...so- called gym chemist.
KARL: I'm sorry, I fail to see the distinction, unless you do this for free?
DR DAVIES: We all have to make a living.
KARL: No, no, Andrew. It's bad enough you take kick- backs from drug companies for promoting their products. But this is just totally unethical behaviour. I can't condone it.
DR DAVIES: So what are you going to do about it, Karl?
Sam and Chip are hanging out. Chip is hoping that Cheryl will sponsor him for the Nationals. Sam suggests that Chip does something to help Cheryl's business, so she'll be more likely to sponsor him. Chip says they could give her free advertising or something. Sam says he'll have to come up with something a lot better.
Karl tells Susan what happened at the Surgery.
SUSAN: So, you got it off your chest, then.
KARL: Yes, yes I did.
SUSAN: Good for you!
KARL: Yeah, not so good for you and the kids, I'm afraid.
Susan looks at him.
SUSAN: I'm not going to like this, am I?
KARL: Probably not. I'm sorry, darling, but we're in for a bit of belt- tightening. I've resigned from the Clinic.
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