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Neighbours Episode 2264 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2264
Australian airdate: 20/10/94
UK airdate: 19/07/95
UK Gold: 05/07/01
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Gaby Willis: Rachel Blakely
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl tells Susan he might have to work away.
- Billy is set upon by bullies who are seen off by Libby and Danni.
- Mark proposes to Annalise. She backs away from him in the water.
The Outback
Annalise ducks under the water completely.
MARK: Annalise? Annalise!
Annalise surfaces just by Mark and throws her arms around him.
MARK: Is that a yes?!
ANNALISE: Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
Mark whoops with joy and his voice echoes through the gorge.
Karl and Susan are being affectionate and grossing Malcolm out. Billy and Libby come in and they immediately sit down for a family meeting. Susan wants to know why Billy's shirt is ripped and Libby tells them about the bullies. Malcolm doesn't like living in Erinsborough much, but Karl tells them all firmly that they're in Erinsborough for the long haul, and they're not going back to the country.
KARL: We've just got to grit our teeth and hang in there. OK?
They all look miserable.
SUSAN: Oh, come on, you lot, we can do it!
The Outback
Annalise and Mark have arrived at the campsite for the evening. they are wandering around arm in arm and discussing their relationship. Suddenly they hear an aeroplane.
ANNALISE: I bet it's Jack and Gaby!
Brett has got a load of nets and is off to help clean out Lassiter's Lake. He tries to get Danni to come, but she refuses. Anyway, she's going to mind the Coffee Shop for Marlene. Brett stalks off saying she is apathetic.
Campsite in The Bush
Gaby has arrived, but Jack isn't with her as he's looking after baby Zac. Mark has got the tent set up.
MARK: Gaby, we're really glad you came, you know. We've got something to tell you, don't we Annalise?
GABY: Yes...?
MARK:(to Annalise) You tell her.
ANNALISE: Mark and I are going to get married!
GABY:(excitedly) I knew it! I knew I had to be here tonight! Oh, congratulations!
Gaby says they should come to live in Darwin too, it's a great place and business is booming. Annalise isn't sure though. Just then, the tent falls down(!)
Billy is looking for a matching button for his shirt (the bullies pulled one off). Malcolm asks Billy what he's going to do about the bullies - he thinks Billy should take them on physically. Billy isn't keen.
MALCOLM: Billy, what's the worst that can happen? A bit of blood, a few bruises...
BILLY: Broken nose, couple of teeth...
MALCOLM: Yeah...
BILLY: Intensive care, dead...
Malcolm says it's more important that Billy keeps his self- respect!
The Outback
The Variety Club cars are on the move again. They are driving across tracks now and greeting children of remote villages.
No.26 (Hannah's room)
Hannah is talking to an invisible Julie, telling her she doesn't have to worry about her and Phil.
Lassiter's Lake
Billy and Brett are wearing waders and cleaning rubbish out of the lake. Hannah and Libby join them. Brett suggests that Billy talks things through with the bullies (like he did with Stonefish back in the day). Billy reluctantly agrees to give it a go.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Sam thinks Marlene's stock of second hand clothes is terrible. Marlene thinks it'll be fine - there's a buyer for everything!
Libby, Brett, Hannah and Billy are having a drink. Danni starts asking them to buy her jewellery before they go to Marlene's shop. Brett says he can practice talking his way out of things with Danni. He does quite well and Danni stalks off, telling them to "forget it". Billy is quite pleased.
Karl has been on the phone to someone about a job. He tells Susan he's been offered work at a clinic in Belmont for 3 months - but it's over 3 hours drive away. He'll have to move to Belmont. Susan is aghast.
The Outback
Annalise and Mark are driving.
Lassiter's Lake
Billy, Brett, Libby and Hannah are cleaning the lake again. Libby isn't sure about the "talking your way out of being bullied" thing, she thinks Billy might get beaten up(!) Just then, Billy comes across a billy cart, which they pull out.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Danni has brought Marlene her jewellery to sell in the shop. Marlene asks Sam to make a cabinet, but he refuses, saying he's now off- duty. Sam reminds Danni that they have to sort out the new sign for the pub by tomorrow.
Just then, Brett, Billy, Libby and Hannah drag the billy- cart in.
HANNAH: Billy found it.
BILLY: Hey, who else?
LIBBY: Billy by name, Billy by nature!
Marlene is quite taken with the billy- cart and tells them old stories of having races with her brothers on billy- carts. Marlene thinks the billy- cart is pretty old. They'll tart it up and it might be worth serious money to a collector.
Danni has done various designs for the wording "Chez Chez". Sam asks her if she wants to be a designer one day. Suddenly Danni has an idea - she'll design a medallion for the pub to be used for promotions. There could be a "Chez Chez" club - the medallion will entitle people to a discount.
Hotel room (Darwin)
Mark has now bought Annalise a ring - she obviously loves it. Gaby comes in and admires the ring too, and gives them an engagement present of a weird wooden platter. Gaby invites them out to party a bit and celebrate - apparently Jack is waiting in the car.
Susan is explain to Mal that Karl has to move to Belmont for a bit. He's not happy.
Just then, Karl comes off the phone, having had some great news.
KARL: You can forget about Belmont, that's history. I have just been made an incredible offer!
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