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Neighbours Episode 2249 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2249
Australian airdate: 29/09/94
UK airdate: 28/06/95
UK Gold: 14/06/01
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Philip East
Guests: Karl Kennedy: Alan Fletcher
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cody is finding studying hard- going.
- Marlene suggests she and Danni go into business selling jewellery.
- Cody is demonstrating to Debbie how a woman in a shop was screaming. It causes Debbie to have another flashback and scream herself.
- Sam comes in on crutches.
Sam explains that he's hurt himself in football training. He is very cross and tells Marlene that his business is stuffed!
Cody is telling Rick about Debbie losing it. Rick thinks maybe Debbie should see a therapist. Cody is stressed about her exams.
Sam is on the phone explaining his situation with his foot to his work clients. Rick and Cody come in and Marlene offers them some lunch. Cody suddenly remembers she's lent some crucial notes to someone. Rick offers to help Sam out with his business.
Mark and Annalise come in with groceries. She asks Mark if they're going to move back in together. He awkwardly tells her that Rick and Ren still don't want her to. He suggests they find their own place instead. She likes the idea and says they could *buy* a place! Mark looks a bit worried(!)
Danni is making jewellery and tells Brett of for disturbing her things by trying to eat his lunch on the table too. Sam comes in and asks Brett to ask him with his business - he'll pay him. Brett reluctantly agrees.
Annalise is looking at houses in the paper but keeps looking at expensive ones in Eden Hills(!) Mark protests, so she starts looking at Elliot Park instead! Mark says they can't afford to buy *anywhere* yet. Annalise suddenly sees a competition to win a kit home. They have to enter a photo of a rugged Aussie male. Annalise says Mark could pose!
Coffee Shop
Rick is vearing overalls ready for working with Sam. Stonie tells Rick that he has a job on too, but he'd better not tell him what it is.
Sam and Brett have arrived. Karl is moaning that Doug didn't look after the maintenance of the house very well(!)
Brett reluctantly climbs the ladder to start cleaning the gutters.
Marlene admires Danni's jewellery. She doesn't think her jewellery is very distinctive and wants a better design - something really different. She gets hold of the idea to use bits of junk...she could use old, groovy stuff belonging to Marlene (oh dear!!)
Mark is uncomfortably preparing to pose for Annalise. He's worried that someone will recognise him in the photos(!) She wants him to pose in just cowboys boots(!)
Cody is trying to study, but can't seem to keep her concentration. She decides to lie down for a little sleep.
Marlene and Danni are sorting through junk for the earrings. Cody gets up and goes back to her study, but it isn't going very well.
No.28 (Garden)
Brett is still up the ladder. He is not enjoying himself in the slighest and tells Sam he's fed up of being a pushover. From his vantage point, Brett sees Annalise taking photos of Mark in the garden.
No.32 (Garden)
Mark is moaning about posing for photos, but reluctantly removes his dressing- gown. Brett cheers and Sam laughs. Mark is mortified.
No.28 (Garden)
Karl and Sam tells Brett to hurry up. He's fed up of being harrassed, so shakes some old leaves on to their heads!
Mark is sulking about exposing himself in front of the neighbours. Annalise says that doctors have seen plenty of naked people(!)
ANNALISE: You'll be the talk of the town.
MARK: That's what I'm afraid of!
Annalise is sorting through Marlene's junk, like an old nail(!) Brett comes in and Danni tells him to take his galah somewhere else as it's noisy.
Brett sits down with Dahl, and tells her that he's fed up of being a doormat - a nerd who gets no respect. From now on things are going to be different.
Coffee Shop
Stonie shows Rick some raffle tickets he's bought. He reckons he's going to come top in his class too! He quietly tells Rick that he's getting the final exam paper ahead of time. And if Cody wants them, she should come to him.
Cody is still panicking about her studies - it just won't go in. Rick comes in and wonders whether to tell her about Stonie's offer.
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