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Neighbours Episode 2250 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2250
Australian airdate: 30/09/94
UK airdate: 29/06/95
UK Gold: 15/06/01
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Philip East
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl sacks Victoria the nanny.
- Stonie tells Rick he can get the final exam papers.
Brett and Helen are sketching. He is moaning about the way people treat him, and that Cheryl always gives Danni all the attention. Helen tells him he's a very special person, and he wouldn't want to be like everyone else. Other people's insecurities shouldn't run his life. This strikes a chord with Brett. He thinks Helen is a special person too. He suggests they get out and celebrate life by getting out into the country.
Cheryl and Lou stagger in with shopping. Cheryl doesn't know what to do about the nanny situation. Lou tells her to just take Ren back! Yes, she has some radical points of view, but she's an excellent nanny. He tells Cheryl to swallow her pride!
The Martins and Helen are talking about how to scatter Julie's ashes. Michael comforts Hannah, but Debbie is rather withdraw. Phil suggests the memorial wall at the cemetery, but Hannah says Julie wouldn't want to be in a wall with other people. She'd rather scatter Julie's ashes in the wind, so she can be free.
Cheryl is offering Ren her job back. Ren is giving her a bit of a hard time, but she does eventually agree.
The Martins and Helen are talking about going on a trip and scattering Julie's ashes in the mountains.
PHIL: We'll make it a special goodbye.
HANNAH: I wish it wasn't goodbye.
Debbie is still withdrawn, and Phil and Helen are a bit alarmed.
Cody is trying to study and panicking about her lack of progress. She gets very cross with Rick for distracting her. He asks her if she'd look at the exam papers if she could, but she tells him she'd never cheat.
No.26, the following morning
The Martins and Helen are preparing for their trip to the mountains. Helen has invited Brett along but he's worried about intruding(!) Debbie is washing up and is still rather vague and withdrawn.
Ren is looking after Lolly. She's taking her down to the park to feed the ducks. Cheryl is very pleased that she and Lou have the place to themselves and Lou says he might change the locks to be on the safe side(!)
Puffing Billy
The Martins, Helen and Brett have arrived. The Martins are going on the train, and Helen and Brett are going to go by bicycle so they can get back to nature. The train is just leaving, so the Martins run to catch it. Helen sees that they've left Julie's ashes in the car, so Brett says they can take them on their bikes.
Lou is massaging Cheryl's feet (yuk). They talk about their sex life a bit and Lou says he's willing to wait. Cheryl says he won't have to wait much longer (yuk)
Cody is still stressed about her exams and realised she's left out a topic. She's worried her marks won't be high enough for medicine. Rick looks worried and heads off to see Stonie.
Brett and Helen are cycling along. Helen says she hasn't been on a bike for years!
Puffing Billy
Michael is trying to talk to Debbie as they go along. Hannah is having a good time, and tells Phil quietly that Julie would have liked it.
Lou and Cheryl are having a glass of wine in post- coital bliss (eurghh). They chat about Brett and Cheryl says she's very proud of him for supporting Helen.
Picnic area
Everyone has arrived and are having a picnic together and talking about Julie. Brett gives Phil Julie's ashes and they prepare to go off on a walk. Brett stays behind to clear up the picnic. Debbie is still very withdrawn.
Rick comes in with the final exam papers. He tells Cody he's worried about the pressure she's putting on herself. He gives Cody an envelopes and then leaves.
When he's gone, Cody opens the envelope and sees the title of the exam paper - "Erinsborough Certificate of Education 1994 - BIOLOGY"
Phil tips Julie's ashes out of their urn and scatters them. The Martins and Helen look on. Phil cries and Hannah comforts him.
PHIL: This is all my fault. It should never have happened.
HELEN: Don't blame yourself, Philip.
PHIL: If I'd stopped her from leaving after we'd had our argument...if I'd followed her up that tower, she wouldn't have fallen...she'd still be alive.
HANNAH: No, Dad, no!
PHIL: Oh, Hannah, Hannah, I'm so sorry.
MICHAEL: Dad, you didn't know!
HELEN: Don't do this to yourself, Philip.
PHIL: Oh, Helen. She thought I hated her. She probably jumped!
HELEN: You mustn't think that.
PHIL: Well, how do you know? How does anybody know? There was nobody with her.
DEBBIE:(suddenly) Yes, there was. I was there.
PHIL: What happened?
DEBBIE: I can't tell you!
PHIL: Why didn't you say something before?!
HANNAH: Debbie, what happened?
PHIL: I have to know!
DEBBIE:(panicked) Please don't ask me.
HELEN: Darling, darling, it's perfectly alright, all in good time! I think we should get her home before we put any more strain on her.
Phil agrees and Michael takes an anguished Debbie off.
HANNAH: Why won't she tell us?
HELEN: The memory has a funny way of protecting us sometimes, darling.
On the way up the slope, Debbie starts to sob in Michael's arms.
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