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Neighbours Episode 2245 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2245 (Julie's funeral)
Australian airdate: 23/09/94
UK airdate: 22/06/95
UK Gold: 08/06/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Detective Illich: Rod Densley
Detective Hackman: Colin James
Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Barb Connel: Ruth Yaffe
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sam tells Mark and Rick that he's a personal trainer down at Lassiter's.
PHIL: What do you mean you won't go?! You have to go!
DEBBIE: You can't force me to.
PHIL: I shouldn't have to force you, it's Julie's funeral for God's sake!
DEBBIE: I'm sorry, but I've made up my mind!
PHIL: I don't understand you, Debbie! What I do understand is that I do *not* need this right now! If you don't want to go, don't go! And to hell with it!
He storms out, very upset and Hannah runs after him.
MICHAEL: Did you have to do that?!
DEBBIE: I'm not going, Michael, I told you why.
MICHAEL: This isn't particularly easy for the rest of us.
DEBBIE: I couldn't handle it!
MICHAEL: That's what you say, but are you sure you're not just being selfish?
DEBBIE: That's not fair and you know it!
MICHAEL: Well, neither is treating Dad like that! This is no picnic for him either! He wants us to be there, it's our last chance to say goodbye to Julie, I think we owe him that. What's the use.
When Michael has stomped out, Helen tells Debbie that she understands how she feels, but she should come for her own sake - they all need to stick together as a family.
Cheryl is very angry about the placards. Marlene thinks Cody and Ren went a bit over the top, but Lou says they don't need trouble. He thinks Cheryl went over the top in firing Ren - they haven't got a nanny now! Marlene says it's fine - she can look after Louise. Cheryl and Lou exchange horrified looks(!)
Sam is having a drink with one of his fitness clients. She pours praise on him and thanks him for his help with her weight. She says his technique probably works just as well in the bedroom and they should go back to her house for some "even more personal training"(!)
Mark and Annalise are eating spaghetti bolognaise and having a little kiss on the settee (yuck). Marlene comes in and recoils at the state of the kitchen. She tells Annalise she'll have to clean up straightaway as she need to cook Sam's dinner.
Vikram comes around to condole with Helen. He asks Helen if he might come to the funeral, but she tells him that the funeral is a family affair only. She invites him round to the house after the funeral though. Debbie hears some of his words about families coming together in grief and looks thoughtful.
Sam is very takenaback by the client's advances towards him. She says she thought the idea was to make her feel happy and good about herself(!). She tells him she's insulted and she'll be speaking to Alan Crowley about him - he might be making a very bad career move in turning her down.
No.26 (laundry)
Phil finds one of Julie jackets which still smells like her and sobs. Helen comes sees him.
PHIL: Oh, Helen, I can't help it. I've never known anything to hurt so much. I just wish...I wish this was all a dream and I'd wake up and Julie would be there.
HELEN: But it isn't a dream, Philip. Julie's gone and there's nothing I can say or do will bring her back. Eventuallly the hurt will go. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but it will. I know, I've been there. It will go, I promise.
They cry in each other's arms.
No.22, the following morning
Sam is telling Marlene about his brazen client. He's made an appointment to see Crowley before she does - it's sexual harassment. Marlene is going over to see the Martins.
Phil, Hannah, Michael and Helen are sitting at the breakfast table in their funeral clothes.
HANNAH: Dad, it won't hurt her, will it?
PHIL: Hurt who?
HANNAH: Mum, being burnt up like that. Cremated.
PHIL: No, darling. Your mum's not there anymore.
HANNAH: Well, what if she is? Why can't we just have her buried instead?
PHIL: It comes down to the same thing. The body's like a shell...your mum's left that all behind now.
HANNAH: Gone to heaven?
PHIL: Yeah, that's right.
There a knock at the door and Helen answers it - it's Marlene. She condoles with Helen and asks if there's anything she can do to help. Marlene insists that she will do the funeral tea at her house after the ceremony.
Brett is dressed in a black suit for the funeral - he's a bit nervous, he hasn't been to one before. Cheryl tells Lou that the eulogy he's written is very good.
LOU: It's difficult to talk about Julie's good qualities. Difficult, because she had so many.
Debbie, Phil, Hannah and Michael listen quietly. Helen and Brett are sitting together.
LOU: But I think I'll always remember her as a good neighbour...and a credit to Ramsay Street. If ever you need a helping hand of a word of advice, you'd always get it from Julie. She was very generous. There was no nonsense about her. And in a crisis, Julie would be the first one to come knocking on your door. I think you all know that she and I didn't always see eye- to- eye. But I have to admit that most times, she was right, and I admire the way she stuck to her guns. Mind you, I never told her that.
Michael takes Phil's hand.
LOU: Above all, Julie Martin was loyal to her friends, and particularly to her family, whom she loved very much indeed. And I think that is what Julie would most want to be remembered for.
Annalise is dressed up for the wake and is very nervous. Mark tells her to calm down, they don't have to say much, just be there.
MICHAEL: I think now we should take the time to remember Julie individually. To remember how she touched our lives. She gave us so much love and energy. She was our mother, wife, granddaughter...we're all going to miss her. Julie loved every part of life with a passion, but particularly, she loved dancing. Next to Dad, I think dancing was her great love. But then again, I've never seen Dad happier than when he was dancing with Julie. That's the way I'd always like to remember Julie. Dancing with Dad.
The curtains close on Julie's coffin and Hannah sobs into Phil's shoulder. At the back, two men have come in.
Outside the funeral
Debbie tells Michael that she didn't want to come - she did it for Phil. Michael says that it brings back memories of their own mother's funeral and they hug.
Sam is dressed up for Julie's wake too. Mark seems to have his best cardigan on(!)
Sam has seen Mr Crowley but the client got to him first. So Sam told him to stick his job! He's starting to realise what women mean by sexual harassment in the workplace. He's decided to be his own boss from now on.
Ramsay Street
Phil, Helen, Hannah, Michael and Debbie have arrived back from the funeral. Phil says he can't face going to the wake and says he wants to be on his own for a bit. Hannah tells Phil desperately that she wants to stay with him, but Helen takes her off to No.24.
Helen thanks Marlene for doing the wake for her. Various people are there including Vikram, ??, Annalise, Mark and Cheryl. Everyone is naturally very sombre.
In the kitchen, Vikram tells Helen that he'd like to condole with Philip, but Helen explains he's gone straight home. He tells Helen that he'll look after the newsagency until Phil is up to coming back.
Phil is looking at a photo of Julie and crying. There's a loud knock at the door and he finally gets up to answer it. It's the same two men who were at the back of the funeral - they are policemen.
POLICEMAN 1: Sorry to trouble you, sir, but could we have a word?
PHIL: What, now?!
POLICEMAN 2: It is rather important, sir.
PHIL: I've told you everything!
POLICEMAN 1: Now, that remains to be seen, doesn't it, sir?
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