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Neighbours Episode 2246 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2246
Australian airdate: 26/09/94
UK airdate: 23/06/95
UK Gold: 11/06/01
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Philip East
Guests: Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Paulo Cechero: Hannes Berger
Victoria Smith: Mary-Rose Cuskelly
Detective Illich: Rod Densley
Detective Hackman: Colin James
Young Child: Anthony Macali
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Julie's funeral takes place. Some policemen stand at the back.
- Debbie is not coping with Julie's death very well.
- Some policemen come to see Phil and tell him they need to interview him again.
Phil has been down the station with the policemen and explains that they had more questions about Julie and the fall. Apparently they think foul play is involved. Debbie eating copious amounts of cereal.
PHIL: I have this awful feeling that it wasn't an accident. I think Julie might have thrown herself off the tower because of our argument. Because of me.
Debbie looks shocked and suddenly flashes back to the night Julie fell. In her mind's eye, she sees the tower Julie fell from.
Lou, Cheryl and Brett arrive home from the funeral. Danni is in a foul mood and Cheryl asks her quietly if she's still upset about Michael. She starts to cry and Cheryl comforts her.
As Cheryl hugs Danni, she winces, and Cheryl pulls back her hair to see that Danni has had her ears pierced several times.
Phil and Helen are going over Julie's death again. Helen thinks Debbie is behaving a bit strangely, but Phil says Debbie doesn't know any more than they do. Phil tells Helen what happened after his and Julie's argument.
PHIL: When Julie stormed off, I went after her. We were both pretty angry. I said some things I shouldn't have. She was becoming illogical, you know - irrational.
HELEN: Yes, I know.
PHIL: She told me that she was going to take Hannah away and...that I'd never see them again. I told her to be reasonable, and to think about Hannah and how much she'd hate that. That made Julie go into even more of a frenzy. She said...'You'd all be happier if I was dead'.
HELEN:(shocked) Philip.
PHIL: She told me to leave her alone. I said something like "suit yourself" or something equally as crass, and then she said, 'If that's how you feel, you'll never see me again!' I just...assumed she'd go home.
HELEN: But Philip, you weren't Julie's keeper, you weren't to know how she was going to react.
PHIL: But I'm to blame, Helen. I was responsible for her state of mind and why she killed herself. I can't escape that.
HELEN: Yes, but Philip...are you *sure* it was suicide?!
PHIL: I wish with all my heart that it wasn't...but it had to be.
Brett and Lou are trying to train Dahl the galah to speak. Cheryl is ranting at Danni about her ear piercings. It's not even clear that the needle used to pierce Danni's ears was clean, but Brett says that Danni has been to the doctor. Cheryl tells him to mind his own business! Danni tells her tearfully that she thought Michael might like her more. Cheryl softens and comforts Danni. Brett rolls his eyes and says he's always in the wrong!
No.26, the following morning
Lou has offered to fill in at the newsagency for Phil today. Phil thanks him and fills him in on the police enquiry. At the table, Debbie is spreading butter on her toast and flashing back to the tower again. Helen asks her if she's OK and suddenly she drops her toast. She assures Helen and the others that she's fine though.
Cheryl is struggling to find childcare for Lolly. Brett heads off to see Helen and Danni is going over to Paulo's.
Lou comes in and tells Cheryl that Phil has had to pull out of the Variety Club bash. Brett offers to fill in, but Lou doesn't think it's a good idea.
Vikram is serving when Colin comes in. He asks after Phil and introduces himself. He offers to help out in the newsagency while Phil is off for free. Vikram gratefully accepts.
Paulo is showing Danni how to use his tools for making jewellery. He invites her to make some of her own designs, but she's not entirely happy with her designs. He advises her to design with her heart, perhaps a gift for someone. Danni says she has an idea who she could make a gift for.
Helen and Brett are doing meditation, but Brett breaks off as he's in a bit of a bad mood and can't concentrate. He's fed up of feeling ignored at home. Helen thanks him for his company and tells him he's been a great comfort to her in recent days.
Cheryl sees an advert on the board for a Nanny wanting work and decides to call her. Lou is quite surprised to find Colin in the newsagency. Vikram tells him that Lou won't be needed today as Colin is filling in. Lou asks Vikram if Colin is driving him round the twist, but Vikram thinks Colin is very entertaining(!) Cheryl has already arranged to meet the Nanny at the Coffee Shop.
Coffee Shop
Cheryl and the Nanny are getting on well and having a great time slagging Ren off about her stance the baby competition(!) Cheryl has a cursory look at the woman's CV and tells her she's hired!
Brett and Helen are making sandwiches.
HELEN: Oh, Brett, you're so young. Sometimes I forget how young you are. I seem to be burying all my children. And their children.
BRETT: Mrs D...
HELEN: I've just...lived too long. I'm...tired.
BRETT: You're the strongest person I know.
HELEN: I'm tired of being strong.
Lou rolls his eyes that Cheryl has hired a complete stranger to look after Lolly, but is more concerned with worrying about the Variety Club bash.
Lou heads of to the car yard, just as Brett comes in. Cheryl hugs him and asks him to look after Lolly until the new nanny, Victoria, arrives. Brett sighs.
The funeral parlour has rung and Helen tells Phil that they want a decision about Julie's ashes. Phil says it's too soon to think about it. Helen tells him the decision can't wait. Just then, Debbie spontaneously lets out a bit of a cry, but tells Helen she's fine.
Colin helps Danni and Paulo to find some jewellery- making magazines. Colin suggests Vikram leaves early as he looks very tired. He'll look after things until Phil arrives to pick up the takings.
Brett is telling Lolly that she's the only one who listens to him and doesn't tell him to 'shut up and get lost'!
Victoria arrives and introduces herself to Brett. She tells Brett she'll start straight away and he go about his business now. When he's gone, Victoria turns on the television and sits down to have a cigarette!
Phil is stunned to find Colin manning the newsagency.
PHIL: Colin...what? Where's Vikram?!
COLIN: I sent him home.
PHIL: You sent him home?!
COLIN: Yes, the poor chap was out on his feet.
Phil just looks at him.
COLIN: I suppose I should start at the beginning, shouldn't I?
PHIL: Yeah.
Colin offers Phil his condolences for Julie and tells Phil his search for a part- time worker is at an end - he'll work for him for no charge.
COLIN: The perfect solution! What do you say?
Phil is stunned.
<<2245 - 2247>>
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