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Neighbours Episode 2244 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2244
Australian airdate: 22/09/94
UK airdate: 21/06/95
UK Gold: 07/06/01
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Paul Cechero: Hannes Berger
Tennyson Jones: Warwick Comber
Beryl Lipcott: Suzanne Brenchley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Michael tells Brett that he's moved on from Danni.
- Cheryl decides to run a baby competition at the Waterhole.
- Debbie gobbles food from the fridge.
- Phil asks Lou to speak at Julie's funeral.
- Danni asks Michael if it's over between them.
Michael tells Danni that he does still love her, but it's not the same as before. If anything, he's not sure whether he could keep up with her wild streak anymore. He's changed - he likes a quieter life in the country now. He wants to go and work on the land, and that's not what Danni wants. He assures her that she'll find someone else.
Ren comes in and tells Cody that Cheryl is set on the baby competition. She's putting an ad in the paper tomorrow and the organisers are coming around to check out the Waterhole as a venue tomorrow. Cody says they could write a letter to Alan Crowley objecting to the competition.
Cheryl and Marlene are talking about how to decorate the pub for the competition. Cheryl is thinking of curtaining the bar section off to make it look less like a pub. Cheryl is convinced that Louise will win!
Brett is comforting Danni who is upset about Michael. He thinks Danni should have seen it coming, though(!) Danni realises that Michael told Brett before he told her and she goes mad! Cheryl comes in and gives Danni a hug.
Michael tells Cody he's feeling quite guilty about the breakup with Danni, but he had no choice really. Debbie is watching the TV which is on mute and is totally unresponsive.
Lou tells Cheryl that he can't think what to say at Cheryl's funeral - he'll have to tell Phil he can't do it.
(The following morning)
Lou is still worrying about the funeral. He had a dream that Julie rose from her coffin and threw a wreath at him for messing up the eulogy(!) Brett suggests that he concentrates on Julie's sense of humour.
Danni has come to give Paulo the jewellery that Michael gave her back. He refuses to take them, saying Danni is angry with Michael now, but she won't always be.
Ren has plucked up the courage to tell Cheryl that she disagrees with baby competitions. Cheryl laughs derisively. Ren gives her a copy of her letter, but Cheryl puts it in her bag, unread.
Marlene is dancing to a gramaphone record! Cody is looking through the junk and Marlene says she'll make a lot of money when she opens her Bric- a- brac shop. Cody tells Marlene that Julie's funeral will be tomorrow, but it's only for immediate family. They get talking about cremation and suddenly Cody finds a pot in the junk box! Fortunately it's empty!
Cody tells Marlene that she and Ren are posting in a letter objecting to the baby competition. Marlene says it's only a bit of fun.
Lou puts up a sign for the "Tindal to Tennant Creek NT Bash".
Lou comes in to find Cheryl reading Ren's letter. She is shocked and heads off to confront Ren.
Ren says the baby competition protest letter is not personal to Cheryl, just about baby competitions in general. Cheryl says she and Ren have very different ideas about how to raise children and tells her that her services are no longer required!
Coffee Shop
Michael tells Brett that Phil has agreed he can come to Julie's funeral, for Helen's sake. Michael admits to Brett that he's still in love with Danni, but he knows it won't work out, so it's better to end things now.
Ren tells Cody that Cheryl has sacked her. Therefore she's going all- out on the baby competition protest - with placards.
Lou is hanging around the car. Marlene is looking after Louise today as Cheryl has sacked Ren.
Just then, Cheryl notices that the judges for the baby competition have arrived and goes over to suck up to them.
Ren and Cody are painting banners "Cruelty to Babies No Contest!" and "Stop Child Exploitation Now".
The judges asks Cheryl if there's total community approval of the contest and she says there is. They tell her that it seems like an ideal location.
They are just admiring Louise when Cody and Ren start their protest shouting, "Ban Baby Contests!". Cheryl is horrified and the judges tell her that she can't have the competition now.
Debbie is still staring into space when Michael comes in. He sits down with her and says he wants to talk. She says there's nothing to talk about - she doesn't want to be reminded about Julie.
MICHAEL: Hey, I understand.
DEBBIE: No, I don't think you do.
MICHAEL:(gently) So tell me.
DEBBIE: This has brought it all back. The way it was when Mum died. And I'm not going to put myself through that again. I wasn't going to tell anyone. And I don't want you telling them. I was sick just before you came in.
MICHAEL: That's not surprising, everyone's been under a lot of stress.
DEBBIE: No, I made myself sick. Like before. I went on a binge and then i realised what was happening and I made myself throw up.
MICHAEL: But how can you...?
DEBBIE: It's alright. I can stop it. I just, I've got to keep myself cut off from everything that's happening.
MICHAEL: How, by pretending it's not?
DEBBIE: No, by not talking about it. By staying out of it.
MICHAEL: You can't do that, that's denial!
DEBBIE: I know what it is. I never wanted to go to the funeral, I only said I would for Dad's sake. I know it's going to hurt them. But I've got to look out for myself. So, I'm not going.
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