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Neighbours Episode 2243 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2243
Australian airdate: 21/09/94
UK airdate: 20/06/95
UK Gold: 06/06/01
Writer: Kieran Gill
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Karl Kennedy: Alan Fletcher
Paulo Cechero: Hannes Berger
Susie: Vanessa Carroll
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Julie passes away. Phil is distraught.
- Michael tells Danni he needs to be with his family.
- The police want to do an autopsy on Julie to determine the exact cause of death.
Hannah is crying and Helen assures her they'll be able to have the funeral in a couple of days. She explains the police need to be sure that Julie's death wasn't suspicious, since there were no witnesses to her fall.
MICHAEL: Nobody wanted this, Hannah.
HANNAH: You did! You're glad she's dead!
HELEN: Hannah!
MICHAEL: Hannah, we're all in the same boat. We all miss her.
HANNAH: You don't! You tried to kill her before!
They descend into a babble of argument.
They are stunned into silence.
PHIL: We all loved Julie. She deserves a bit more respect from her family. I need some peace.
He storms out.
Paulo is showing Rick, Cody and Ren some of the jewellery he's planning to sell at the market.
Michael finds Phil sitting at the bar. He apologises for what happened at home and says Phil was right to shout at them.
PHIL: Must be awful for you kids.
MICHAEL: Worse for Hannah.
PHIL: Yeah. Pretty rought on you and Debbie, too. Wish I could make up for that.
PHIL: When I married Julie, I thought I was giving you a second mum, a chance at a normal family routine.
MICHAEL: Dad, I want to help.
PHIL: You are helping.
MICHAEL: I meant after the funeral.
PHIL: What do you mean?
MICHAEL: I mean, stay here, not go back to the Brosnan Centre
PHIL: I couldn't ask that of you.
MICHAEL: I could work at the newsagency.
PHIL: You've got a new life up there, I don't expect you to stay!
MICHAEL: Dad, I'm worried about yoU!
PHIL: I'll be alright. It's just going to take a little time, that's all.
Paulo is looking at Danni's ear piercing, which is a bit infected. Here follows a public service announcement about piercings. Ren says Danni will have to go to see the doctor.
Brett is sympathising with Helen about Julie.
BRETT: You're very brave.
HELEN: No I'm not. It sounds hackneyed, but life does go on.
Phil and Michael come and Brett shakes hands with them in sympathy, then heads off. Michael says he'd better pop round to see Danni.
HELEN: So, Michael found you.
PHIL: Yeah, he came down to the Waterhole. We talked.
HELEN: Each time he comes home, he seems to be more grown up.
PHIL:(holding back tears) It's like a nightmare, Helen. I keep seeing her, lying there on the... I can't help it. I can't remember her as alive, happy. I can't...what are they looking for?
HELEN:(sympathetically) It'll soon pass, Philip. For a time in our lives, we shared a wonderful person. And that's what we have to concentrate on now.
Brett thinks that Michael has changed. Michael says he likes it at the Centre - people aren't obsessed with fashion and things. He's moved on from Danni now.
A field
Hannah is riding her horse. Debbie suggests that they go home, but Hannah doesn't want to, because Julie isn't there. Debbie suggests they take Painter back to the stables, then they can hang out together.
Dr Kennedy is telling Danni that she's a very silly girl(!) and that infections are particularly dangerous with her diabetes. He gives her antibiotics.
Lou pops round to see Phil who is passing the time doing some accounts. He gives Phil his condolences. Lou suggests they could drink the last bottle of his homebrew together. Phil agrees to join him. Lou also asks Phil about the Bash and Phil says he'll have to bail out. Lou suggests they go out to the Bush for a couple of hours and Phil agrees - if they can go out towards Glentown. He'd like to put some flowers on his mother's grave.
Ramsay Street
Cody and Sam are playing football. They see Lou and Phil coming out of No.26 and look over, sympathetically. Lou and Phil drive off.
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Debbie are hanging out. Hannah is glad that it's the school holidays. Debbie says going back to school will be OK, and Miranda will help her. Often people don't know what to say after a death. They decide to get chocolate cake.
Karl asks Cody if her parents might take an offer on the house, but Cody thinks they're set on the auction. Karl criticises the garden, much to Cody's annoyance.
Karl drives off and Danni and Sam come up. Danni tells Cody that she thinks Karl is horrible.
Danni wants to stop Karl moving in to Ramsay Street. Sam hopes he hasn't got any kids! Paulo asks Danni to design her own earrings. Ren tells Sam and Cody that Cheryl is going over- the- top with the baby competition. Ren herself doesn't like competitions for babies.
Lou and Phil arrive back. Phil is still extremely down and very subdued. He thanks Lou for getting him out of the house, then asks him if he'll come to Julie's funeral.
PHIL: Lou...about the funeral.
LOU: Oh, no sweat, Phil, you want to keep it a family affair.
PHIL: Actually, I was hoping you'd be there.
LOU: Really?
PHIL: Well yeah, you *should* be there. You and Julie were partners.
LOU: Yeah, we were.
PHIL: And I was wondering...I'd appreciate it...if you could say something, or read something.
LOU: You mean, like a ulogy?
PHIL: Yeah, just something simple.
LOU: I don't know, Phil, I'm not really cut out for that sort of thing, mate.
PHIL: You see, mate, I...I don't think I can.
Lou nods.
LOU: Well, in that case, if you think I'm the man for the job...
He nods his agreement.
Phil is on the phone to the funeral director. The autopsy is complete and the funeral will be the day after tomorrow. There are no results from the autopsy yet.
DEBBIE: Could she have been saved if someone had got to her sooner?
PHIL: I asked the same question. It wouldn't have made any difference. She had massive internal injuries.
HELEN: Well, at least it was merciful, she wouldn'thave suffered any pain. We can be grateful, to some extent, for that.
PHIL: I've asked Lou to read a short piece at the funeral. He'll be the only non- member of the family to be involved.
HELEN: Philip, I think asking Lou is wonderful, he'll do it very well...
PHIL: Yes, I think it's right. They were partners.
HELEN: Yes, but Julie was very much loved. There are many people who would very much like to pay their last respects.
PHIL: With a quiet ceremony, the family can farewell her privately. She'd prefer that.
Danni is all dressed up and tells Brett she's out to impress Michael. Brett advises her to give Michael some space. She tells him she's scared Michael doesn't want her anymore.
There's a knock at the door and it's Michael, so Brett makes himself scarce.
Michael tells Danni that things are rough at home. She suggests they go out for the day tomorrow, but says he has to think of his family first.
DANNI: Michael...do I still mean anything to you?
MICHAEL: You do...just not as much as before.
DANNI: Um...are you saying it's over between us?
He is silent.
DANNI: Michael, do you love me at all?!
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