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Neighbours Episode 2234 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2234
Australian airdate: 08/09/94
UK airdate: 07/06/95
UK Gold: 24/05/01
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Stonefish: Anthony Engelman
Shane Rebecchi: Greg O'Meara
Roddy Perkins: Justin Paul
Jamie Horsten: Brendan Hickey
Miranda Starvaggi: Leah De Niese
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Julie and Phil bickering about Phil going to watch football.
- Marlene is trying to get an "old crowd" into the pub.
- Julie tells Phil she's accepted a job for him in America.
Julie and Phil come in arguing. Helen and Hannah go off to make tea. Phil tells Julie that she will have to un- accept the job for him.
JULIE: Philip, I think the real problem here is that I dared to make a decision for once.
PHIL:(angrily) Yes, that is the problem! We're not talking about what colour to paint the kitchen walls here! This is our family's entire future! It's a decision we should have made all together!
JULIE: Oh, I see! Like when we all decided to throw in your job at Lassiter's and take over the Newsagency!
PHIL: That was different. Look, I don't want to argue about it. If you're so keen to go to America, go by yourself! (pause) I didn't mean that. *I'm* not going anywhere. Except to bed, right now, goodnight.
JULIE: Wait a minute! You needn't think we're sleeping in the same bed until we've resolved this!
PHIL: I've taken my turn in the back room of the newsagency! I'm sleeping in my bed! Where you sleep is up to you.
JULIE: It certainly is!
She runs out of the house, slamming the door behind her.
Marlene is listening to headphones and making some posters to advertise a pool competition for the Variety Club. Sam asks if Marlene has told Cheryl. He doesn't think Cheryl will be too impressed with Marlene's improvements.
Julie has got Pam and Doug up out of bed. She tells them she's locked herself out and was wondering if she could sleep on the couch. Pam has clearly clocked what has happened, but doesn't say anything. Instead, she says Julie can have Gaby's room.
Phil, Helen and Hannah are wondering where Julie is. Phil apologises to Helen for his fight with Julie last night.
HELEN: She still loves you, Philip, I'm sure of that.
PHIL: I still love *her*, that's not what's changed. What's changed is we now have different views of the future. We don't want the same thing anymore.
Pam and Doug are wondering what's happened between Julie and Phil. Pam hopes they can sort things out soon as she doesn't really want Julie as a house guest(!)
Julie comes out and Doug heads off to work. She admits to Pam that she and Phil have had an argument, but that she is in the right(!)
Hannah and Miranda walk along. Miranda tells her that all of Erinsborough are saying that Phil and Julie are getting divorced(!)
HANNAH: That's an evil thing to say! It's not true! My parents would never get divorced! They love each other!
Doug tells Phil that Julie spent the night at their house. Phil apologises and tells Doug that he and Julie are pushed to the limit at the moment.
Hannah has come home again. She's worried about where Julie is. Helen says Julie is probably thinking things over. Hannah says that Julie is sulking and is worried that they will get a divorce. Helen assures her that they love each other and Hannah too, so everything is going to be alright.
Helen agrees that Hannah can come to the Coffee Shop with her today, rather than go to school.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Sam is moping to Rick about Annalise. Marlene asks Helen if she can put a poster in the Coffee Shop window. Sam and Rick are both very excited about the pool competition.
Julie is talking about Phil to a very bored- looking Pam. She asks Pam if she can stay another night and Pam reluctantly agrees.
Rick and Sam are playing pool. Doug and Phil are having a beer. Phil hasn't seen Julie today and is looking very depressed. Doug tells him that things will work out, but Phil says there comes a time when you want to cut your losses. Doug says that he and Pam have been through rough patches and sorted it out.
PHIL: The idea of having her out of my life is starting to sound like a good one.
Doug looks worried.
Coffee Shop
Hannah has had a tip from a customer and says that she might be a waitress when she grows up(!)
Stonie and Shane come in. Stonie tells Helen that Shane has just come out of jail. Shane looks at the poster for the pool competition with interest.
Julie comes in. Phil tells her that he's rung Rosemary and declined the American job.
PHIL: I like Australia, I don't want to live in America, I don't want to live on a ranch! I don't want to be a cowboy!
JULIE: But you wouldn't! You'd be a hotel manager!
PHIL: I don't want to be a hotel manager, either. I want to run a newsagency!
JULIE: Forever?
PHIL:(crossly) Why not?!
JULIE: Don't you want to move on? Improve? Make the most out of yourself?
PHIL: I thought we wanted the same things out of life, Julie!
JULIE: Me too.
PHIL: I don't know, I don't want to hold you back.
JULIE: You're not holding me back.
PHIL: Then why do we fight all the time? I'm sick of it.
JULIE: Do you think I enjoy being the subject of gossip for the entire street?!
PHIL: Is that what concerns you in this, your reputation with the neighbours?!
JULIE: No. But it's a consideration.
PHIL: Then why involve Doug and Pam if that's what you're worried about?! The consideration should be your family and your marriage! And whether we want to spend the rest of our lives together when we can't talk for ten minutes without fighting about something?!
JULIE: I knew you couldn't discuss this reasonably! I don't even know why I waste my time trying!
She storms out, leaving Phil looking very cross and upset.
Sam and Rick have lost at pool to some bloke.
RICK: Hey, there's rules about schoolkids in here!
STONIE: Stuff you Alessi, I failed Year 10 twice, remember, I'm older than you!
RICK: Oh yes, sorry mate, for a minute I forgot about your distinguished academic record(!)
Shane is not impressed with the pool skills of the bloke who beat Sam and Rick, and steps up to the table.
Julie comes in and orders a double gin and tonic.
Shane comes over and offers to pay for Julie's drink.
JULIE:(disparagingly) Please.
SHANE: What's the matter?! You worried what people might think?!
JULIE: Why does everybody keep saying that? I don't give a damn what people think! Look, if you want to buy me a drink, hotshot, go for it.
Julie downs her gin and tonic in one.
SHANE: Now we're talking! Have another!
JULIE: I don't mind if I do.
Rick and Marlene looks worried.
Hannah asks Phil when Julie is coming home. Helen tries to distract her with talk of takeout.
HANNAH: Dad, are you having a divorce, or is this like when you and mum separated and Beth was your girlfriend?
PHIL: Beth was never my girlfriend! She was my friend. It was never a divorce, it was kind of a separation I suppose.
HANNAH: Is that like a divorce?
PHIL: Well, yeah...except a divorce is for longer.
HANNAH: Forever?
Phil looks uncomfortable.
PHIL: Yeah, pretty much. That's why people have to be sure that's what they want before they get one.
HANNAH: Are you and mum thinking about getting one?
PHIL: Well, we haven't discussed it in those terms...look, I honestly don't know what's going to happen. There may be another separation. But we'll always love you. And even if we're not together, we'll always be around for you, OK?
They hug.
Stonie and Sam are playing pool. Stonie is not doing very well and moans that his cue is crooked. Sam clears the table.
Julie is looking quite drunk at the bar (she's drinking a bright blue cocktail) and Rick advises her to go home. He goes to call her a cab.
Julie turns to Shane and starts trying to ask him if *he* would take a job in the States, but he goes back to the pool table, which is now getting very rowdy.
DOUG: Sit down, there's something I've got to tell you while we've got the place to ourselves! Gaby called.
PAM: Ohhh how is she?
DOUG: Fine, just fine. Except there's a building boom up there and she can't find a decent builder for the complex. She's offered me the job. Seriously! And I'm seriously tempted!
PAM: Well...how long would it take?
DOUG: Well, months, but that's not the point. There's stacks of work up in the top end. The idea is to sell up here and move there - what do you say?!
PAM: Doug...it's a bit sudden.
DOUG: Doesn't it sound a good idea?! We both hate our jobs, and imagine...sitting under the palm trees in a singlet and shorts in the middle of winter?!
(Now, there's an image)
PAM: Well...what about Cody? At this stage in her final year Doug, it'd be too disruptive. I suppose you could go on and I could stay behind...no, I'd hate that.
DOUG: So would I. It's something we have to do together or not at all! (pause) Ohh...it was a nice idea.
PAM:(hugging him) It was a *very* nice idea. Maybe one day.
DOUG:(disappointed) Yeah. Well, dream on!
Sam is potting the black ball and Shane distracts him at the last second. Rick tells Julie that her cab has arrived and drags her out. Meanwhile, Shane misses the black, but his mate bumps the table and it goes in.
Marlene protests at the cheating, and the guys surround her, but she's unfazed and refuses to give them the money.
Shane asks where Julie is and then a fight ensues about the pool game. Sam and Marlene cower behind the bar.
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