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Neighbours Episode 2235 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2235
Australian airdate: 09/09/94
UK airdate: 08/06/95
UK Gold: 25/05/01
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Marlene decides to run a pool tournament.
- Doug suggests to Pam that they move to Darwin.
- There's a fight at the pub. Marlene and Sam cower behind the bar.
Pub, the following morning
Cheryl and Lou have come to survey the damage. They look around in disbelief. Marlene tells them that it was the pool competition and it was lucky that the police came as quickly as they did. Cheryl is very quiet and very angry and tells Marlene to go home.
When Marlene has gone, Cheryl starts to cry and Lou comforts her.
Helen has come to talk to the Willises about Julie. Apparently she came home very drunk last night and is still sleeping it off. Helen is shocked. Cody says that Julie asked the cabbie in for coffee and then she started singing in an opera style.
Doug hopes it isn't going to be Julie's new lifestyle as he needs his beauty sleep. They'd like Julie to find some alternative accommodation in case it looks to Phil that they're taking sides.
When Helen has gone, Doug tells Pam he's off to the car yard before work.
Cheryl and Lou have finished clearing up. It wasn't as bad as it looked, only a couple of broken chairs, but it will cost a lot to replace all the broken glasses. Lou says that Marlene meant well. Cheryl says that nothing is going right - she can't even feed her own baby. Lou comforts her and Cheryl says she'll keep trying, but just for today.
Ren comes in. Lou drops one of the last remaining glasses in surprise. Ren asks them for a job, but Lou says it isn't a good time.
Lou heads off to the car yard. Cheryl says the cleaners will clean up the rest of it.
Coffee Shop
Marlene is moaning to Helen that every time she tries to do something good, it goes wrong! Ren comes in and Marlene tells her what happened at the pub. Marlene says she's going to go home and do something drastic - housework!
When Marlene has gone, Ren asks Helen if she knows of any jobs around the place. Helen says that the Coffee Shop always needs staff. Ren asks Helen to shout her a coffee in the meantime(!)
Cheryl is frustrated that Lolly isn't feeding very well. Lou advises Cheryl to put her on formula. Cheryl says she's got to get back to normal ASAP - and that means getting Lolly a nanny.
No.30 - Garden
Ren is hanging out the washing and chatting to Cody, who came around looking for Rick. They talk about their siblings and Rick. Cody tells Ren that she wants to do medicine, so she needs to study a lot. Ren thinks there are a lot of straight people around in Erinsborough compared to the hippies she normally hangs round with(!), but she likes it, and thinks she might stay for a bit.
Cheryl is telling Pam that she feels like a failure. Also, she's not interested in sex anymore. (Bit too much information for me) Pam tries not to laugh and says Cheryl is only human. Pam thinks getting a nanny for Louise is a great idea and says she can give Cheryl a list of agencies.
Car Yard
Doug is nagging Lou to have a look at the car he is doing up, but he won't let him. He tells Doug that Cheryl is having a hard time at the moment. He's thinking of taking Cheryl out to dinner to cheer her up.
DOUG: I reckon we've been lucky with our women, mate.
LOU: Yeah, that's true, that's true. Mind you...they've been pretty fortunate too!
Doug observes that Lou loves his work. Doug tells him that he hates doing paperwork. Lou says there's something to be said for routine and familiarity but Doug is not convinced.
Marlene is apologising to Cheryl for the business at the pub.
MARLENE: Look, Cheryl, I just want things to work out between us, but I never seem to be able to find the right track!
CHERYL: Because it isn't going to happen overnight! I think we should start by not working together, otherwise we'll end up bad friends for good!
MARLENE: It doesn't have to be like that.
CHERYL: Marlene, we have to get to know each other, we can't pick up from where we left off because there isn't a place to pick up from. We have to build this relationship.
MARLENE: Yes, you're right. Well, at least we're talking to each other, that's something.
CHERYL: Look, I wasn't myself this morning. I'm sorry. I just...I've had quite a few hassles lately and seeing the Waterhole that way was just the last straw. I'm OK now.
She tries not to cry.
CHERYL: And, er, in a strange way, it's probably forced me to make some decisions that needed to be made. So I'm going to go back to work and I'm going to get a nanny for Louise.
MARLENE: Well, look, Cheryl, maybe I could help you with Louise, because...
She trails off.
CHERYL: Marlene, the agency will be sending someone over for me to interview.
MARLENE: I think that's a very good idea.
She heads off.
No.30 - Garden
Ren tells Cody that the agency has rung with a nanny job for her - shock horror, it's for Cheryl.
Ren arrives for the interview, much to Cheryl's surprise!
Car Yard
Doug tells Lou that he's going to hand in his notice on Monday - he's had enough of paperwork. Lou is surprised, but says that Phil bailed out of his career and he's happy now.
DOUG: The more I think about moving somewhere else, the more I like it.
Cheryl tells Ren that she's looking for a fully- qualified and experienced professional. Ren shows her qualifications references (apparently she looked after some ambassador's children). Cheryl apologises to Ren and asks her to start straight away! She hands Louise to her and she doesn't grizzle at all. Cheryl is pleased.
Marlene is doing paperwork when Cody pops round. She's come to borrow some of Marlene's makeup for the school play. Marlene gives her a big box. They talk about the pub fight. Marlene tells Cody that she's going to put a lot of thought into her next venture - she's going to buy a shop - a bric- a- brac shop! Now all she has to do is find the right location. She asks Cody to come out with her and have a look, and Cody readily agrees.
Doug pours Pam a glass of wine to celebrate his resignation(!) She is dubious, but Doug starts banging on about Darwin. They can be near Gaby and their grandson.
PAM: You really mean it, Doug. You really want to go. Oh Doug, it would be wonderful to watch our grandchild grow up.
DOUG: Absolutely, why not? What do you reckon?!
PAM: No more agency work, no more long- distance granny.
DOUG: Walking in sunshine.
PAM: Oh yes! Let's do it Doug. A new life. I love it.
PAM: What about Cody?
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