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Neighbours Episode 2233 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2233
Australian airdate: 07/09/94
UK airdate: 06/06/95
UK Gold: 23/05/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Kim Roth: Jeremy Fuller
Sassy: Defah Dattner
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Anne Teschendorff: Lois Collinder
Alan McKenna: Ian Swan
Judge: Sally Williams
Medusa Hair Model: Cassandra Miller
Fright Wig Model: Lara Mamic
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Ren tells Rick that the New Moon Festival went well and she'll be able to pay Mark back for the van repair.
- Phil isn't sure that things will work out between him and Julie this time.
- Danni is expelled from school.
Coffee Shop
Cody, Sassy, Packo and Rupert and discussing Danni. They think she was a bit stupid to take the blame for things for money, but she did play basketball really well for them. Cody says Danni is their mate so they have to help her out.
Helen and The Martins have heard about Danni's expulsion. Julie says that she always knew that Danni was trouble, much to Phil's consternation. He points out that Michael was hardly blameless in what went on with him and Danni. Debbie and Helen look fed up at the bickering.
Just then, Kim arrives and Debbie heads off to the fashion show with him. Julie and Phil glare at each other.
Rick is moaning to Cody about being demoted in his job - he thinks his boss was very unfair. He's thinking about chucking the job in entirely. Cody says that Rick will bounce back. Rick invites Cody to the hairdressing competition and she agrees.
Ren comes in for a birthday cake she ordered for Mark. She tells Cody that she's got Mark an amazing birthday present.
Car Yard
Lou suggests Danni can help him get a car ready for the Variety bash.
LOU: They don't make them like this anymore!
DANNI: Thank God!
Lou waxes lyrical about old cars and finally persuades Danni to help out.
Cheryl has popped around with Lolly to tell Helen and Julie that Lolly won the "Loveliest Eyes" in the Shopping Centre Baby Competition. She's now decided to run a Baby Pageant at the Waterhole in aid of the Variety Club. Julie snaps and tells Cheryl that baby competitions are awful, and then says that Lolly will turn out like Danni if she's not careful. Cheryl is offended and heads off.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick and Ren have presented Mark with a birthday cake. Ren gives him an envelope with his present in - it's a flight to London to see Annalise. Mark is shocked!
Cody and Packo are giving out notes concerning the truth about Danni. One of the teachers, Mr McKenna, tells them that Danni's actions were the most barbaric he's ever seen and she should be permanently excluded from any school.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Mark tells Ren that the ticket is too much money and wants to know where Ren got the money. Ren says it was from the festival, but admits she can't afford to pay him for the van as well. Rick says that he and Ren can help out with the shop. Mark starts to come around to the idea of going to London, especially after Ren points out that there are loads of eligible bachelors in London(!)
Helen is refusing to do Hannah's art homework for her. Julie is on the phone to Rosemary. She gives her some exciting news - she's opening a resort for rich Americans in Montana, and she would like Philip to manage it.
JULIE: It'd be the new beginning that Phil and I talked about. Gran, it's wonderful! Something going right for a change. I was beginning to think we were jinxed!
Helen points out that Phil might not want to take the job, but Julie says it's the chance of a lifetime!
Cody and Brett see Mrs Teschendorff the headteacher, and say they have proof that Danni didn't do all the things she said in the book. She says she won't discuss disciplinary matters with other students - Danni had ample opportunity to give her an explanation. They do persuade her to give Danni another chance to explain though.
Cody sends Brett off to find Danni (the newsagency phone is broken) and all the other kids, then meet back at her place.
Car Yard
Lou and Danni are working on the car, and it finally starts. Cheryl comes up with Lolly in the pram and shows them the ribbon that Lolly won.
Brett rushes up and drags Danni off.
Hannah tells Julie she can't come out with her and Phil tonight, she has to stay home with Gran tonight. Rosemary rings again, not having been able to reach Phil at the newsagency. She needs an answer about the job urgently, so Julie tells her that Phil will take the job. Helen looks a bit horrified in the background.
Mrs Teschendorff and all the kids are gathered. They have told Mrs Teschendorff everything about the Book of Blame. Danni arrives and confirms (at the urging of all the kids) that she took the blame for their misdemeanors. Mrs Teschendorff decides to lift Danni's expulsion, but tells all of the kids they're all on Saturday morning detentions for two months. Also, she wants to meet Danni tomorrow for a longer chat.
When she's gone, all the kids cheer and hug Danni.
Hairdressing Competition
Kim has done Debbie's hair. She is very nervous about appearing on the catwalk, but Kim says she'll be fine.
Cheryl and Lou are pleased that Danni's expulsion has been lifted. They decide to head off to see Debbie at the Hairdressing Competition.
Hairdressing Competition
Ren, Cody and Rick are already at the Hairdressing Competition. Various girls come out, with crazy hairstyles. Julie is also there, and isn't too pleased when Helen and Hannah turn up, but relents and says they can stay. Danni, Cheryl and Lou arrive too. Phil rushes in and tells Julie that he was getting the phone at the Newsagency fixed. Julie tries to tell him the news, but just then Debbie comes out. Good grief, what is she wearing?! Everyone gives her a clap.
They announce the winner - and it's Kim (and Debbie). Over the clapping, Julie tells Phil that she's accepted a job in America for him!
PHIL: Julie, you're unbelievable! There's no way I'm going to the States, no way!
JULIE: Philip, it's a wonderful opportunity!
PHIL: Not even for a million bucks a year, have you got that?!
Everyone continues to clap Debbie and Kim.
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