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Neighbours Episode 2224 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2224 (Serendipity Gottieb arrives)
Australian airdate: 25/08/94
UK airdate: 24/05/95
UK Gold: 10/05/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Beth Willis: Natalie Imbruglia
Serendipity Gottlieb: Raelee Hill
Lynette Thorneycroft: Libby Tanner
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Gaby is thinking about having a baby naming day.
- Danni explains to Cheryl that she didn't want to hurt Marlene's feelings about the make- up.
- Hannah sees a burglar.
Coffee Shop
Mark serves a customer who is holding a newspaper up in front of her face - it turns out to be his sister, Serendipity. Apparently she had been working as a nanny for a diplomat in Holland, but he got transferred so she thought she'd come home. She asks after her father and Mark explains he's gone on a trip around Australia. Serendipity wonders if she can have his room, but Mark tells her in dismay that he's just rented it out. However, she can sleep on the couch for now.
Hannah rushes in and gets straight on the phone to Julie, insisting that Mark's house is being burgled. She wants to call the police but Julie just tells her off for spying.
Marlene overhears Julie's conversation and then invites her to a make- up party. Julie says she's not really into make- up, but Marlene talks her into it.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick and Cody are having a cup of tea and chatting. Rick thinks Gaby is a slave driver! Marlene comes over and invites Cody and Rick to the make- up party. Cody says she'll come, but Rick isn't too keen. Marlene tells him that there are lots of products for men - like anti- aging creams!
Lynette is packing Mark's stuff into a box.
Coffee Shop
Mark introduces Serendipity (Ren) to Marlene. She invites her to her make- up party(!) Mark says Ren would love to, saying it's a good opportunity to meet some of the neighbours. Ren does not look enthusiastic!
Hannah rings Mark and tells Mark that Lynette is stealing from him, but he tells her not to be silly. When Mark has hung up, Ren asks Mark how well he knows Lynette, and he admits that he didn't check out her references.
Ramsay Street
Lynette is carrying more stuff out to the van and Hannah is still spying on her. Hannah decides to go over and pinch the van's keys. Lynette sees her and runs after her. As they struggle, Mark and Ren drive up. Mark tells Hannah not to be silly again, but then Ren notices that Lynette is holding her mum's old flute!
Sam comes in to find Marlene sniffing some of her make- up. She's done some food for the party too. She asks Sam to pick her up some wine from the Waterhole.
Rick and Ren are bringing Mark's stuff back into the house. Rick mentions that he's going to the make- up party and Ren and Mark mock him(!)
Cody is studying when Beth pops round! Cody is very surprised and Beth explains that she's come to her nephew's naming day, but Brad couldn't get time off work. They sit down for a catch- up.
Julie has got Hannah a cake with a sparkler on for catching the burglar. She's sorry she didn't believe her story, but says it was like the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'.
Julie and Helen chat about the make- up party and Helen decides to go.
Marlene is quite nervous about her make- up party. Helen is first to arrive, explaining that Julie and Debbie couldn't make it. Marlene invites Helen to be her model and send Annalise off to get some towels and a mirror.
Cody arrives with Beth, who hugs Rick and Mark. They tell her about the burglar and introduce Ren. Ren suggests that she becomes their new flatmate - it seems like a nice place to like (despite the burglars!)
Marlene is worried that no- one is going to turn up, but then Cody, Beth, Ren and Rick arrive. Beth asks Annalise how things are with Mark(!)
Marlene engages Rick as her male model for the makeup and he tells her to be careful as he has a modelling shoot for Lassiter's tomorrow.
Hannah asks Julie if she can join a pony club. Julie says they'll have to ask Phil as it can be very expensive. They chat about visiting pony club on weekends and Hannah casually drops into conversation that she doesn't think Helen likes Julie anymore(!) Julie is quite shocked.
Mark and Sam are hanging out and Sam says he knows that Annalise misses him.
Rick comes in wearing a face- mask and heads off for a shower before bed.
Marlene is doing Helen's makeup and the girls try not to laugh. She invites the girls to looks through the catalogue while Helen goes off to have a look at her face in the bathroom. Annalise tells the girls quietly that they'd better buy something so that Marlene isn't upset. Ren tells Marlene that she can't buy anything unless she's sure they haven't been tested on animals. Cody, Beth and Annalise reluctantly buy a few items and then decide to rush off. Helen also runs out!
Ren tells Mark that the make- up party was awful. Apparently Rick is still in the shower. Just then, there's a scream - Rick's face has reacted to the makeup! He says that Gaby will kill him!
<<2223 - 2225>>
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