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Neighbours Episode 2225 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2225
Australian airdate: 26/08/94
UK airdate: 25/05/95
UK Gold: 11/05/2001
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Beth Willis: Natalie Imbruglia
Serendipity Gottlieb: Raelee Hill
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Lata Chatterji: Kamila Webb
Moina Beresford: Esme Melville
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou tells Brett that he's bought Marlene's car.
- Vikram drops his wallet and Lata picks it up.
- Beth arrives for Zac's naming day.
- Rick's face has an adverse reaction to Marlene's make- up.
Beth is cuddling Zac. Pam and Doug are delighted to see her.
BETH: This little guy is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.
DOUG: Willis babies are exceptionally good- looking, it's tradition!
BETH: Then I only hope ours takes after Brad's side of the family...my mother said my brother and I were ugliest babies ever born.
CODY: What did you say?
BETH: Mum said my brother and I were...
CODY: No, the bit about your baby taking after Brad...?
Everyone reacts.
BETH: I only found out last week!
DOUG: I can't imagine it, Brad, a daddy!
Everyone fusses over Beth while Pam answers the phone and it's her mother who lives in Ireland. Apparently she's in Australia and is coming to see them tomorrow! Doug wonders if everything is OK with her.
Ren is putting tea- bags on Rick's face. Annalise arrives to help with a beauty recipe from her father.
Cheryl is wondering where she will get bar staff from - it's too late to advertise and she wants someone that she knows. There's a knock at the door and it's Doug to check that Lou and Cheryl are coming to the naming ceremony. They chat about the car restoration and Doug agrees to meet Lou and 10am down at the yard.
When he's gone, Cheryl says she'll just have go behind the bar herself but Lou points out that Cheryl wanted to spend more time with Louise.
No.30, the following morning
The potion has worked on one side of Rick's face, but not the other as it's rubbed off in his sleep. Rick says he'll just explain to Gaby. Annalise is still there this morning and when she's gone, Ren and Rick congratulate Mark on getting back together with her.
Pam is all dressed up for the naming ceremony and wondering where Doug is. Rick comes around to see Gaby and she says he looks like the Phantom of the Opera! Cody says they can just put concealer on the bad bits of Rick's face!
Car Yard
Doug and Lou are fitting a new back seat to their car. Doug tells Lou that his mother- in- law is on the way. Apparently he doesn't have a very good relationship with her. Lou says Doug is lucky - he's had 3 mother- in- laws!
When they take out the old back seat, they discover some old things, like a newspaper and a ring. Lou recognises it as Cathy's ring. Cathy was his first wife. Lou realises that the car is actually his old car!
Coffee Shop
Annalise and Mark are working behind the counter. Annalise tells Mark that she can't wait to get to London, but she'll be back again. They kiss.
Pam is very cross that Doug has abandoned her, but just then her mother arrives and she, Gaby and Cody hug her. She rolls her eyes that Doug is out and says that last time she visited he went fishing for the entire ten days(!) They also introduce her to Beth and she pronounces her much too good for Brad(!) They coo over Zac and grandma is pleased to see Zac is wearing the family christening gown.
GRANDMA: Oh, the dear little boy. What a pity it won't be a proper christening.
GABY: How do you mean, a proper christening?
GRANDMA: Well, with a priest and the holy water, and godparents. But I suppose that's the least of his problems. Poor fatherless mite.
Gaby's face is a picture!
Vikram is apologising to Phil for letting him down over the repayments, but Phil is unconcerned. Vikram explains how financially difficult it has been to establish Lata in school - and last week he lost $100 from his wallet. Phil suggests that Vikram could open a repayment account for his loan, and siphon some of his wages straight into it. Lata overhears their conversation and looks very guilty.
Lou is taking pictures of Louise in her pram. Lou is delighted to have found his old car and Cheryl rolls her eyes.
Gaby gets a call from Rosemary about publicity for the Darwin venture. Apparently there's a charity car bash run by the Variety Club and Rosemary wants them to sponsor a car. But the vehicle has to be over 25 years old. Lou and Doug tell Gaby that it's her lucky day!
Mark and Ren chat about their father and Annalise. Ren tells him to trust that they'll both come back.
Rick comes is from his modelling shoot - apparently they just did profile shots!
No.28 - Garden
Everyone has gathered for Zac's naming day. Gaby calls Jack forward to plant a tree.
No.28 - Inside
Pam tells Gaby that she thinks Jack is going to be an "asset to the family" and Gaby agrees.
GABY: It's funny, but I think that Jack...oh, it's too soon to tell.
Doug and Jack comes in for a beer. Jack thanks Pam and Doug for all their support.
Lata brings Vikram some lunch, much to his surprised. She also gives him some money and says that from now on any money she earns from babysitting, she'll give to him - she owes him a lot.
No.28 - Garden
Annalise is off to the airport and hugs Gaby goodbye - she'll be in Darwin by the time she gets back. Cheryl tells Lou that she must find bar staff.
Gaby and Jack chat and they agree they'll see what happens between them in Darwin.
Grandma tells Doug that they'll miss Gaby when she goes to Darwin.
No.28 - Inside
Pam's boss has rung her to ask why she hasn't turned up for work. Pam is confused - she cleared the day off with her boss last week! Her boss tells her she has no memory of that and she'll have to report Pam!
Annalise is just heading off and saying goodbye to Mark.
No.28 - Garden
Pam storms out in anger and tells Doug what's happened with work. Apparently Pam rang her boss back and resigned!
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