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Neighbours Episode 2223 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2223
Australian airdate: 24/08/94
UK airdate: 23/05/95
UK Gold: 09/05/01
Writer: Chris Philips
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Lynette Thorneycroft: Libby Tanner
Customer: Faiek Aziz
- "Love Never Runs On Time" by Paul Kelly
- "Love The Life" by Bass Culture (feat Gina G)
- "Henry VIII Suite" by John Foulds
- "Dreams Of Heaven" by Ground Level
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Hannah spying on the other residents with her spy-scope.
- Julie storming away from Philip into the depths of the night, after their car breaks down.
- Rick and Mark being over the moon at having found a new flatmate in Lynette.
Philip is trying unsuccessfully to get the motor of the car to tick over. Hannah asks why Philip didn't chase after Julie. Philip falters with excuses and comes up with the fact that he couldn't leave Hannah alone in the car in the dark as there are too many weirdos about. Hannah thinks that's a rubbish excuse because she could've locked the doors!
Philip gets out of the car with Hannah and locks it up. Hannah wonders if they're going to find a hotel like Julie intended to. Philip says that they're going to find a telephone so that they can get someone out to fix the "damn car". They walk off into the night with their arms around each other.
Number 30
Lynette pops over to pick up the key but Rick forgot to get his key copied. Mark offers up his key, saying he'll get one cut off Rick's tomorrow. Annalise comes over and they chat happily about Lynette moving in. Annalise warns Lynette to make sure that the boys do some housework too!
Annalise thanks Rick for introducing her to the idea of poetry - she's got a trip to London out of it. She tells Mark that she has to leave sooner than she thought because they want her to attend a poet's society dinner. Mark offers to help with the "logistic nightmare" of her packing! Mark suggests that they go to the Waterhole to make plans.
Number 22
Brett and Lou are watching television. Sam bursts in.
SAM: Guys, you have got to help me. She's after me in a big way.
BRETT: Who's after you?
SAM: Nan!
LOU: Marlene?
SAM: Yeah, she wants to give me a Roxanne Marie male facial.
LOU: Well, lucky for you she doesn't do bikini lines(!)
Brett and Lou think it's hilarious but Sam doesn't - Marlene practically had him in a headlock!
BRETT: Sam, you can run but you can't hide from Nan!
SAM: Yeah, well, she knows I'm here now. The only way I could escape was because she wanted me to give you a message.
LOU: Oh yeah? When's my appointment?(!)
BRETT: She'll have her work cut out with you, with a face like that!
LOU: You can't mess with perfection, son!
Apparently Marlene wants Lou to sell a car (1966 HR Holden) for her. A guy who couldn't pay her back some money gave her a car instead of the cash. Lou is over the moon when he hears what sort of car it is. Sam tells them that it's in front of their house right now.
BRETT: You won't be able to move that old relic.
LOU: That's no way to talk about your grandmother(!)
Brett thinks the car is useless, but Lou is very impressed.
LOU: My favourite car was an HR. In fact, my son, Guy, was conceived in the backseat of one. Now there's a story!
Number 26
Philip sits down with a cuppa in an empty living room. He looks worriedly at his watch. Julie enters through the door a moment later. She looks at him coldly and shuts the door.
PHILIP: (concerned) You ok?
JULIE: (curtly) Yes, I'm fine.
Julie silently makes her way towards their bedroom.
PHILIP: (smugly) Couldn't find a motel, eh?
Julie stops in her tracks, sighs and goes back to face him.
JULIE: I decided it was an unnecessary expense under the circumstances. I do have a home and nobody is going to force me out of it!
PHILIP: Julie, nobody is trying to force you to do anything. You stormed off of your own free will!
JULIE: Oh, so I still have free will, do I, Philip? I thought you made all the decisions about every single move I do or do not make.
PHILIP: I don't think that's true.
Julie is unconvinced. She asks after Hannah, and Philip's put her to bed.
JULIE: Did you fix the car?
PHILIP: No, we got a lift home with the tow truck that took it to the garage.
JULIE: So. You're not quite Super Dad then?
PHILIP: (annoyed) I'm not trying to be! I'm just trying to stop everything from falling apart.
JULIE: Oh, so now I'm letting things fall apart, am I?
PHILIP: That's not what I said!
JULIE: No! But it's perfectly clear it's what you meant.
Julie leaves the room. Philip sighs.
Mark and Annalise toast to her trip abroad. He thinks that she's worked very hard for it. Annalise is nervous, but Mark thinks that everyone gets nervous at their first trip. Annalise thinks that her poems probably aren't good enough, but Mark assures her that they are - else they wouldn't be flying her half way across the world!
Annalise says she's going to Paris for a few days too, and Mark advises her to take the Chunnel! They talk about how romantic Paris is, and when Annalise worries about getting around London, he offers to dig out his old tube maps and to write a list of all of the good places to eat. They agree to meet tomorrow night so he can go through it with her.
Number 26
It's the morning and the mood is a lot lot lighter than it had been the previous night. Philip, Julie and Hannah are in the living room. Hannah is spying out of the window with her spy-scope again. Philip's served up an impressive breakfast, and Julie compliments him, but remarks about him finding her jobs all terribly easy. Philip confesses that he doesn't - he likes the cooking, but he hates the organising, shopping, cleaning and washing!
Julie compromises and admits that it's like his handyman jobs - half the time, she doesn't even notice that they need to be done. She admits that she likes mowing the lawn and feels quite creative in the garden, whereas Philip enjoys cooking sticky buns (what a surprise!) saying that it feels like meditation for him - he just goes with the flow.
PHILIP: That's what we should be doing more of.
JULIE: COOKING STICKY BUNS?! Philip, I'll be like the size of a house!
Philip laughs and tells her that he means going with the flow. He suggests that they stick with the jobs they both like (her gardening, him cooking) and come up with a roster to split the rest of them between them. Julie agrees and they happily kiss.
Ramsay Street
Sam jogs home and picks the paper up as he runs in.
Number 24
Annalise is up and eating breakfast. Sam tells her that he knocked her for the run, but she had such a late night she didn't hear him! When he finds out that she was with Mark, he's quite cold. Eventually, he remarks that he thought Mark and Annalise's relationship was all over. Annalise thought so too but she's always been able to count on him.
SAM: (unhappily) Sounds to me like you're still in love with him.
ANNALISE: Yeah, maybe I am.
Sam looks very unhappy!
Number 30
Mark is carrying some very British things in, and singing Rule Britannia. He gets Rick to give him a hand.
RICK: Why are you in such a good mood?
MARK: Why are you in such a grumpy mood?!
Rick isn't looking forward to being stuck in Gaby's office all day, pushing paperwork around and looking after Zac whilst she goes to meetings. Mark correctly guesses that Rick won't be up for overtime and confesses that Annalise is coming over. Rick now understands the root of Mark's good mood!
Mark has convinced himself that Annalise is only going to Paris because she knows how much Paris means to him. Mark says that he's planning a really special night for Annalise so Rick agrees to keep out of their way.
Philip is bundling some magazines when they slip off the counter. Julie picks them up and offers to bundle them for him. He readily agrees as he can't tie a knot to save himself! Julie shows him exactly how to do it (hilariously one of the magazines comes a bit loose and it's not the best demonstration in the world!) and Philip is in awe. Julie jokes that she got a badge for magazine tying.
Philip suggests that she do it every day, so she switches it for him doing the displays. She tries to talk him into the stationary stock take but he doesn't like that job either!
JULIE: Well, why don't we make that Vikram's responsibility?
They happily kiss and put their heads together...and then suddenly pull apart when they realise that they have customers waiting!
Car Yard
Lou is looking after Lolly. Sam drives up in the Holden. Lou tells Lolly to be ready for a piece of history! Sam comments on Lolly being dumped on Lou, but Lou doesn't mind looking after her.
LOU: When I was 25, my HR was my whole life. The girls really used to go for me in it. They made that backseat nice and sturdy too, if you know what I mean?
Sam thinks Lou shouldn't be talking like that in front of Lolly! Lou reckons that if his HR could talk, she'd have some stories to tell! Lou clocks that Sam looks unhappy, but Sam says that it's a long story. Sam wonders if Lou will find a buyer for the HR, but Lou reckons he's not going to sell it - he's going to restore it to its former glory.
LOU: Louise, what do you reckon? Your old man just bought himself a classic car!
Number 26
Hannah is regaling Julie with stories of who she has spied upon at school! She tells Julie that Mrs Hicks and Mr Shanahan are going to run off together.
HANNAH: I accidentally discovered them in the sports shed and they were...
JULIE: (sharply) Yes?
HANNAH: ...well, you know. They were kissing and getting together and-
JULIE: Hannah, that's disgusting!
Julie tells her off for making stories up about people. Hannah reckons that the spy-scope never lies, but Julie warns her about ending up like that boy who cried wolf! Hannah's never heard of the story, so Julie tells her the tale. Hannah thinks the story just sounds gross, but Julie rolls her eyes and tells her that it's a lesson - if she keeps making up stories, someday when her story really counts people won't believe her.
Number 30
Mark has decorated Number 30 with London related paraphernalia. Rick is very impressed at a policeman's helmet and puts it on.
RICK: Stop, guvnor, or I shall shout stop again!
MARK: What?!
RICK: Well, they don't carry guns do they, man, how else do they arrest people?
MARK: I dunno, they ride over them with their horses or something.
Mark wonders if it looks like England enough. Rick thinks it's awesome. Annalise comes over, so Rick scarpers off to Lou's to watch some of the Commonwealth games, drink beer and eat pizza! Annalise is impressed and Mark tells her that he's cooked roast beef and yorkshire pudding for them too. He offers her Guinness, cider or gin and tonic to drink. Annalise chooses cider and he goes to get it, telling her it's from Somerset. Annalise smiles at everything he's done.
Number 22
Sam, Rick, Lou and Brett are geared up for the games. Philip comes over to join in. Apparently Cheryl's at some women's empowerment seminar! Brett is stoked to have his first night in with the lads. Lolly gets grizzly, so Lou goes to take her upstairs. Brett offers instead, so Philip dives in Brett's seat!
LOU: Well, Phil, glad you could make it.
PHILIP: About time I started doing a few things I enjoy doing, mate.
LOU: Good on ya, mate. Takes a tough man to stand up to Julie!
Philip reckons he might take up a sport (this is the man who feigned a serious leg injury to get out of his contract with his personal trainer?!) and that Julie will just have to get used to it! The lads all start to ogle the swimmers!
Number 30
Annalise thinks she won't get used to drinking warm beer. Mark is showing her slides of London and Annalise can't believe that she's going to be there next week. Mark gets all soppy and they talk about how they're going to miss each other. Annalise says that despite all of the hassles they had living together, he's still her best friend.
MARK: I still love you, you know, Annalise.
ANNALISE: Yeah, I know.
Annalise doesn't repeat it, but they toast to London.
Ramsay Street
A moving van is in the street. Lynette gets out of it.
Number 26
Hannah is spying on the street!
HANNAH: Hmm, this looks a bit suspicious to me, Holly.
PHILIP: What's going on?
HANNAH: A truck just pulled up outside Mark's house.
PHILIP: Well, what's so suspicious about that?
HANNAH: A woman's driving it!
PHILIP: A woman can drive a truck, Hannah!
Philip is surprised - he thought his and Julie's battle of the sexes would've taught Hannah that much. He joins her at the window. Hannah thinks that Lynette looks sneaky, but Philip thinks she looks respectable.
HANNAH: She walks like a robber.
Philip takes the spy-scope off her! He tells her that it's gone far enough and she should pack her bag before she's late for school.
HANNAH: But Dad!
PHILIP: I'm not going to talk to you any more, Hannah - go now!
Hannah is not happy!
Number 30
Lynette lets herself in. She runs into Mark and they joke about burglars. Mark offers her a hand to move her stuff in but Lynette says she has a friend coming over to help. Mark tells her that Rick's already gone to work.
LYNETTE: Have a good day.
MARK: You too!
Mark leaves.
LYNETTE: (to herself) I will!
Lynette starts rifling through drawers.
Car Yard
Brett has a letter for Lou - he forgot it this morning because he was so bleary eyed following his big night! Lou wonders if Cheryl was ok about all of the mess, but Brett says that she just made him take the cans to be recycled.
Lou shows Brett his Holden. They hop in and Lou says that if Brett helps him to restore it, he can have it when he turns 18. Brett is very pleased at that idea. Lou jokes that the backseat was made for the drive-in. Brett reckons he can't wait to take Lata to the drive-in(!) Lou warns him not to get any big ideas about coupling up with Lata in the car - Vikram will have Brett's guts for garters!
Coffee Shop
Rick asks if Annalise had a good night in old London town. She did and Rick's feeling a bit worse for wear after the lads' night. Annalise comments that she saw Philip earlier and he was looking a bit fragile! Rick reckoned that they all had one too many to drink!
He pumps her for details, as Mark wasn't very forthcoming. Annalise says it was one of the best nights in ages. Rick thinks they're going to get back together. Annalise doesn't think that's right - she still loves him, but they don't have enough in common. Rick tries to come up with things and then suggests that it's good to have different interests! Annalise thinks that their temperaments are so different too, and Mark is always stressed. Rick thinks that Mark has been a lot more chilled out of late.
RICK: Trust me, you guys will work it out.
ANNALISE: I hope you're right.
RICK: Hey, Annalise, I am *always* right.
They laugh. Annalise says that last night was pretty special for her.
Ramsay Street
Lynette carries a bundle of stuff to the van.
Hannah hides in the yard of 26 and tells Holly to be quiet. She starts to spy through her spy-scope.
HANNAH: We're going to get to the bottom of this.
As Lynette starts to pack the van up, Hannah realises that her suspicions were correct.
HANNAH: She *is* a burglar! I knew it!
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