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Neighbours Episode 2222 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2222
Australian airdate: 23/08/94
UK airdate: 22/05/95
UK Gold: 08/05/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Kim Roth: Jeremy Fuller
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Pam's bike is taken away.
- Julie tells Cheryl about her and Phil's role swap.
- Jack tells Gaby that he's coming with her to Darwin.
Hannah is spying through the window using a periscope while Phil plaits her hair. Hannah is very pleased and says Phil is much better than Julie at plaiting hair! Phil says he's not backing down on the role- swap!
Gaby tells Pam that she can't stop Jack moving to Darwin. Pam is rushing off to work though and will talk to Gaby later. Helen comes in and is surprised that Gaby is taking the job in Darwin - but she's glad the project is going ahead.
HELEN: Something tells me that you're going to be very happy with your new life. Good for you.
GABY: And it's going to be a pleasure doing business with you!
A road
Kim sees Debbie and they chat about life. Debbie says she's waiting to go to New York, but Kim wants to find some excitement closer to home. He asks Debbie to meet him in the Coffee Shop at lunch- time.
Marlene is raving about her new makeup selling job, claiming she'll make a fortune. Cheryl isn't so sure. Cheryl speaks to Gaby on the phone and asks her if she's going to enter Zac in the Beautiful Baby competition. Gaby is not impressed! Marlene thinks Louise would easily win the competition!
Doug is trying to find Pam a new bike in the Classifieds. Vikram hands him an advert from the noticeboard which is just the bike Doug is after! He heads off.
Vikram tells Phil he can't sleep due to his money troubles. Phil offers him an advance, but Vikram says he'll sort it out.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Kim tells Debbie that he's been accepted into the State Hairdressing Competition. He wants her to be his model. Debbie isn't sure she can handle all the attention, but Kim assures her it's just a bit of fun, and most of the attention will be on him. Debbie agrees.
KIM: Deb. Don't you know how beautiful you are?
DEBBIE: Oh yeah, that's why I have tonnes of guys beating my door down(!)
KIM: Yeah, well, tonnes of guys don't know you like I do.
There is a bit of a pause.
KIM: To be quite honest with you, I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met.
He leans over and kisses her, but Debbie pushes him off.
Julie demands to know why Helen isn't taking Hannah to the concert and assumes Helen is trying to get back at her. Helen is offended and Julie is forced to apologise. Helen advises her to take a long look at her behaviour as it's affecting everyone around her.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Kim apologises for kissing Debbie, saying he knows she's not ready for any complications in her life. They agree not to ruin their friendship.
Coffee Shop
Pam is ranting to Gaby about her boss offering her a redundancy package. Gaby advises Pam to go back to agency work - maybe in Darwin(!) Gaby tells Pam that Jack has already spoken to his work about relocating to Darwin. She isn't entirely sure about it - Jack did take off with Zac once before when he didn't get his own way. Pam says she thinks it'll be alright, and Gaby agrees she can't deny Zac the chance to have his father around.
Doug has cleared the tables and chairs away to make room for Pam's new bike, which he has decoarated with pink ribbon.
Kim and Debbie are discussing hairstyles. Helen advises him to take advice from Phil(!)
Hannah is trying to drag Phil off, but he is talking to Vikram about a newspaper thief.
A road
Julie is driving while Phil does Hannah's hair in the back of the car. Julie is not pleased to hear Hannah's compliments about Phil's prowess in hair styling!
Marlene is showing Cheryl and Danni the makeup for her get- rich- quick scheme. Cheryl is shocked to hear that Marlene has paid $500 upfront for the makeup. Marlene asks Danni to be her test subject.
Pam is very surprised to see the bike and is very chuffed.
Pam gets in from a bike ride and chat about how lucky it was that Doug found the advert in the newsagent window. Pam waxes lyrical about how the bike helps her put things in perspective - like the kids going out into the world.
Marlene is putting makeup on Danni. Danni is horrified and says Marlene has gone over the top. Danni feels sorry for her though and after a while says the makeup is "growing on her"(!)
A road
Julie, Phil and Hannah are driving home from Hannah's dance meet. The car breaks down on the way and Julie gets out to look at the engine.
Cheryl is horrified that Danni hasn't put Marlene straight about the terrible makeup - Marlene is planning to hold makeup parties!
A road
Julie is trying to push the car while Phil sits in the driver's seat. She starts ranting about the role swap and Phil tells her that you can't jump- start an automatic car. Julie storms off into the night!
<<2221 - 2223>>
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