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Neighbours Episode 2221 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2221
Australian airdate: 22/08/94
UK airdate: 19/05/95
UK Gold: 07/05/01
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Lata Chatterji: Kamila Webb
Tiberio: Peter Ghin
Louise No.1 Simone Locke
Louise No.2 Heidi-Louise Margocsy
Zac No.2: Peter Moglia
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Gaby realises that her heavy work schedule is going to take its toll on Zac.
- Lata and Brett talk about the school play.
- Gaby tells the Willises that she's got a new job - in Darwin.
Pam, Doug and Cody are shocked. Pam and Doug say there's no need for Gaby (and Zac) to go to Darwin - she doesn't even know anyone there! Gaby says that wouldn't have even considered it normally, but now she thinks it's her best option.
Brett is rehearsing a play while Danni looks on with amusement. Lou comes in with some photographs of Louise - but he thinks there's something wrong with the camera and is going to buy a new one later. Lou asks Danni and Brett to babysit tonight, but neither of them can do it.
Gaby admits to Pam that she's terrified of moving to Darwin, but it's such a good opportunity to set up a new business. Pam points out that it will be a lot of work, but Gaby says it won't be like running a huge hotel - they're just tours for artists. She's be able to choose all her own hours too. Gaby says that Pam could relocate too, but Pam says her life is in Erinsborough.
They try not to get emotional about missing each other and Pam asks if Gaby has told Jack yet. Gaby says she'll meet up with him in person to break the news.
Lou sees Doug and then gets into conversation with Vikram's sister (Lata). He ends up asking her to babysit for Louise tonight and she agrees.
Gaby has broken the news to Jack about the move. He is very disappointed, even though Gaby says he can visit any time. He wishes Gaby would accept money from him - he is Zac's father after all! Gaby says they're still going to Darwin.
Doug and Lou are taking photos of Zac and Louise with Lou's new camera. Doug is very down about Gaby moving to Darwin.
Ramsay Street
Lata comes up and tells Brett that she's babysitting Louise. He looks a bit flustered.
No.22 (later)
Lou and Cheryl are getting ready to go out. Brett and Danni are also going out. Lata sits down on the sofa and Brett pops back, saying he's decided not to go to the meeting after all. They agree to watch the Commonwealth Games together.
Jack is cuddling Zac while Doug and Pam try to talk Gaby around. Pam invites Jack to stay for dinner and he happily agrees.
Cheryl is itching to get back behind the bar. Lou is looking through his photos of Louise again and Cheryl shows them to the waiter. He says that all babies look the same(!)
Lata answers the phone to Cheryl and assures her that everything is fine with Louise. Lata and Brett start rehearsing the play. They agree that they are attracted to each other, just like their characters. They rehearse, but start giggling like fools!
Lou and Cheryl have popped around and are showing the Willises the photos of Louise and Zac. They chat about Gaby's move to Darwin. Cheryl thinks it's a good move for Gaby, but Jack is not so enthusiastic.
Lata and Brett are rehearsing a song when Cody and Danni come in. They giggle, but don't reveal their presence until Lata and Brett kiss at the end of the song. They crack up laughing.
Lou and Cheryl have returned home. Cheryl asks Brett what happened at the freeway meeting and he quickly changes the subject(!)
Lou and Cheryl settle down to watch a film.
Cody arrives home to find Gaby watching the same film as Lou and Cheryl. She goes off to bed.
The film has ended and Cheryl has fallen asleep on the sofa. She starts dreaming about Louise grown up, and Lou telling her that it's Louise's destiny to marry Zac (who looks just like Doug!) They push their way through balloons to the accompaniment of evil laughter(!) Gaby appears and says Doug is only joking and reveals the real Zac. Then a rock band comprised of other Ramsay Street residents starts playing. (Oh Cheryl, please wake up!)
Gaby wakes up, apparently from the same dream(!) and Doug gives her a hug.
Cheryl is telling Danni, Brett and Lou about her dream. Then she reads about a Beautiful Baby competition in the Erinsborough News. Brett tells her not to do it to Louise!
Jack comes round to see Gaby, who is just on her way to work.
JACK: Listen, I did a lot of thinking last night.
GABY: Really?
JACK: Yeah...and I have an announcement to make. It's about Darwin.
GABY: What about it?
JACK: I'm coming too!
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