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Neighbours Episode 2217 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2217
Australian airdate: 16/08/94
UK airdate: 26/12/1994
UK Gold: 12/12/2000
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Lata Chatterji: Kamila Webb
Anne Teschendorff: Lois Collinder
Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Kim Roth: Jeremy Fuller
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Cheryl is upset about Marlene and Lou is disappointed in her behaviour.
- Debbie says that nobody understands what she's been through - except Kim.
- Jack offers to look after Zac but Gaby refuses. He begs her to reconsider.
- Brett and Lata are messing around and Brett swings Lata across Anne Teschendorff's car, accidentally damaging the aerial.
Erinsborough High - Yard
Anne Teschendorff exits the school and Lata panics. Brett tells her to own up. Lata says that Vikram will kill her - she's not even supposed to stay behind after school. Danni steps in and says she'll take the blame for her usual fee; she can't remember her rates, but swears it'll be cheap.
Anne Teschendorff approaches and Danni takes the blame.
ANNE TESCHENDORFF: I don't know what's got into you lately; you're always in some kind of trouble.
DANNI: Yeah, just unlucky I guess.
Anne Teschendorff isn't convinced and calls Danni into her office. Brett and Lata look stressed.
Number 26
Debbie is lying on the sofa watching videos. Philip pops by to see how she's doing - and he turns off the video, scoffing that she's already seen it 7 times. He pauses, realising that she's got a whole stack of videos, and asks if she's watched them all today.
Debbie is defensive and says she has nothing else to do. Philip suggests a walk - or meeting the other kids in the Coffee Shop. Debbie refuses and Philip reminds her that settling back in isn't easy, but she has to make an effort.
They briefly clash over the best way forward, with Philip reminding her what the clinic said about moving forward, and Debbie reminding him what the clinic said about not being hassled.
PHILIP: Is there anything I can do?
DEBBIE: Yes. Turn the video on again.
She settles down on the sofa and Philip leaves, defeated.
Number 28
Pam and Doug arrive home after being on Penelope's bike - and Doug comments that she would've been proud. Pam still can't believe Penelope has passed away and is worried about what she should do with the bike. Doug is confused, as Penelope gave Pam the bike - but Pam warns him that the family might think that it was just a loan.
PAM: It's worth quite a bit.
DOUG: After you did it up!
PAM: ...yes, but they're not wealthy people, Doug. I have to say something.
DOUG: Well, ok, put an offer in to buy it.
PAM: Well, we're not wealthy either!
Doug reckons that the important thing is that the bike stays with Pam and she enjoys it - as that was Penelope's wish. Doug says he'll find a few quid to buy it and Pam can consider it an early birthday present.
As they're celebrating, Cody packs up her schoolwork. They apologise for disturbing her, but Cody says it's no problem and heads to the bedroom. Gaby walks in, with a crying Zac.
DOUG: That's his nappy cry.
GABY: What?
Doug proceeds to do impersonations of Zac's crying for different problems - i.e. hungry, nappy change etc. Pam and Gaby exchange an amused look.
DOUG: Was it something I said?
The Coffee Shop
Brett and Lata are sat together when Danni comes in with the verdict - a detention and the cost of the aerial. Lata thanks her for taking the blame. Danni reels off the costs - for the detention, and for the replacement aerial. Danni knocks her 10% charge off and gives an additional discount as Lata is a friend of Brett's, and it was his actions which caused her to break the aerial.
Lata is astonished at the cost. Brett says he'll help her to raise the money and Danni will give them time - but Danni says she can't; Anne Teschendorff expects the money tomorrow.
LATA: But where am I going to find $60 by then?
DANNI: Well, that's not my problem.
Lata says she'll figure something out. Brett offers to walk her home but Lata refuses, saying that Vikram might see. She leaves, and Brett is annoyed with Danni.
BRETT: That was a bit rough!
DANNI: Business is business.
Number 22
Pam has popped over to borrow some baby cream from Cheryl for Zac. They chat about Gaby taking Zac into the office every day.
PAM: At least I can give her a bit of break in the evenings. It's times like this that you really need your family.
Cheryl says it depends on the family, and she could do without Marlene sticking her oar in. Pam asks if they're still having problems, and Cheryl says they will always have them - as long as Marlene lives next door!
Cheryl complains that Marlene would be there 24/7 if given the opportunity. Pam says Marlene's just trying to be helpful - and Cheryl complains that Marlene has charmed everyone, including Lou and Danni.
CHERYL: Slowly but surely, they're favouring her over me.
Pam tells her that she sounds paranoid. Cheryl insists it's the truth, but Pam warns her that it's her state of mind.
CHERYL: My state of mind's fine.
PAM: It sounds a little bit like post-natal depression; I've seen it too often.
CHERYL: Pam, spare me the psychobabble. I have had babies before - it doesn't phase me.
Pam says that having babies is a major stress and depression can be the body's way of coping with it. Pam tells her to let her family help out - and when she realises Cheryl hasn't had a break all day, she tells her to take when one Lou gets back.
PAM: Is he due soon?
CHERYL: I wouldn't know. He's probably over with Marlene discussing how unreasonable I am.
Pam rolls her eyes and leaves.
Vikram is filling shelves whilst Lou, Doug, and Philip are chatting. Lou says that Cheryl's being totally unreasonable - both Cheryl and Marlene are.
DOUG: Mother-in-law troubles and you aren't even married! Poor sod.
Lou says that Marlene is threatening to move away. Lou says she won't - but if she did, Cheryl would moan about that too.
LOU: You can't win with women.
DOUG: Tell me about it. And there's Gaby, wearing herself out with the baby - you offer to help, she hits the roof. There's no way to please them!
LOU: No way.
PHILIP: I have to admit, I'm stumped with Debbie.
DOUG: No change?
PHILIP: She's silent, she's hostile. I don't know what else to try.
LOU: (to Vikram) What about you, Vikram? Do you understand them?
VIKRAM: Look at my sister, Lata. I just want to protect her. She smiles at me and says, "Yes, Vikram." I'm sure she's planning to go against everything I say.
LOU: We're powerless, mate - absolutely powerless!
Number 28
Gaby and Pam are sitting with Zac who is grizzling. Pam thinks he'll settle down now they've got rid of his nappy rash with the cream. She warns Gaby she's taking on too much and she offers again to look after Zac every second day. Gaby refuses and then frets over the time as Jack's coming over.
Pam is astonished that Jack is visiting. Gaby says he wants to come to an agreement about Zac and she wants Pam and Doug to be present. Pam is pleased and Gaby goes to get changed - and Pam wonders if she's dressing up for Jack. Gaby says she doesn't want to seem like a slovenly mother.
Zac starts crying again. Pam tells Gaby to get changed and she'll sort Zac - and then Cody bursts through, annoyed, telling them that she's going to study at Rick's because she can't get any peace.
PAM: How much study do you think you'll get done at Rick's?
CODY: A whole lot more than here! This place is a mad--house!
Number 26
Debbie is still lying on the sofa watching videos. There's a knock at the door and she ignores it. The knock becomes more insistent so she reluctantly gets up and looks through the spy hole - and then she enthusiastically opens the door. It's Kim from the clinic and they embrace happily.
Debbie invites him in and he explains he tracked her down by ringing the Erinsborough High office and wangling her address out of the 'dragon of a secretary'. Kim asks if she minds that he turned up, as they're not supposed to socialise outside of the clinic. Debbie says it's the best thing that's happened to her since she's left the clinic.
They talk about the problems she's facing with feeling as if she no longer fits in. Debbie apologises, saying that Kim didn't turn up to listen to her whinge - and he suggests that given all the hassle he had tracking her down, they should get up to something exciting. Debbie looks pleased.
Number 30
Rick is listening to loud rock music and Cody asks him to turn it down. He explains he turned it up because it might've helped her to concentrate(!) He turns it down and then interrupts her studying to read out the advert for a new housemate.
RICK: Young groover wanted to share a hassle free life with two legendary party boys in Erinsborough. She should be young, single, pretty, non-smoking and laidback. Cooking skills an advantage.
CODY: You can't say that.
CODY: You can't say 'she' - it's gender biased.
RICK: Why not? There's already two blokes here!
CODY: Exactly. You want her to do the cooking, and the washing up, and youse want to perve.
RICK: ...I do not.
CODY: Then why don't you write 'he or she'?
RICK: Too many words; can't afford it.
Cody warns him that she's got a good mind to move in and sort him out! Rick thinks she should - but Cody can't afford the rent. She thinks it would be better than living at Number 28.
After checking if he should say 'groover or groovette', Rick picks up the phone to call the advert through.
Number 28
Jack arrives and he's surprised to discover Pam and Doug waiting to discuss. When he mildly protests, Doug explains that Zac's welfare is a family matter.
Number 26
Debbie and Kim are happily reminiscing about some japes at the clinic when Philip enters. It takes Philip a moment to register where he knows Kim from - the clinic.
DEBBIE: What's wrong with that?
Philip explains that ex-patients aren't supposed to see each other. Kim admits that he's right.
DEBBIE: So what? It's a dumb rule.
PHILIP: Well, they explained why, sweetheart. It might hold back your progress.
DEBBIE: What progress?
Kim is astonished to discover that Debbie would prefer to go back to the clinic. He talks about her family, friends and school - and Debbie is silent, and then she says she's not going back to school.
KIM: And why not?
Debbie is upset - she doesn't want to go back and be hassled by the other kids about being in a psych ward. Kim warns her that if she cares what other people think, she's stuffed.
PHILIP: What are you doing, Kim?
KIM: I've gone back to my old job. (to Debbie) If anyone looks down at me, that's their problem 'coz I've sorted out my hassles. Which is more than I can say for most of them. (pause, and then to Philip) Anyway, I guess you want me to get going.
PHILIP: No, I er... I guess some rules were meant to be broken.
He leaves, smiling.
KIM: Well, he's all right!
Debbie shrugs and agrees.
Number 28
Jack insists he just wants to be a good father and Gaby says that attempting to steal Zac wasn't a good start! Jack says it was the only way to get her to see his point. Gaby says he's conned her from day one and she hates the games he plays.
JACK: You're talking ancient history.
GABY: I'm talking less than a year ago! Why should I believe you'll be a good influence on my son?
JACK: Do you regret having our child?
GABY: He isn't *our* child.
JACK: Well, it wasn't an immaculate conception.
Jack says he just wants to share him - and the responsibility. Pam intervenes and says that Gaby's finding it hard to accept that Jack is a responsible person. Jack admits that taking him was stupid but it was the only way he could spend time with him, and nothing like that will ever happen in the future.
JACK: Look, I know my track record is not good, but I have changed!
Gaby doesn't appear convinced - but Jack goes on about how he felt when he first saw Zac, and he begs her to give him a chance to take care of Zac.
Number 22
Brett is pestering Danni over her charging Lata and asks for a freebie.
DANNI: No way. Just because you've got the hots for her!
Danni reminds him that someone has to pay for the replacement aerial. Brett says that neither Lata or Vikram have a cent to their names.
Lou and Cheryl come in, and Lou is fretting over Lolly. Cheryl tells him to stop fussing. Cheryl tells Danni she took a call about the aerial - it'll be $47.95 - and Cheryl warns her that she won't be paying for it. Danni says she'll take it out of her pocket money.
CHERYL: What's going on? Firstly it was windows, then teapots, now aerials - do you need glasses or something?
Danni says it was just a run of bad luck! Cheryl says if Danni wants to be careless, it's her pocket money she's wasting. Cheryl discusses dinner and Danni confesses she's off to see Marlene to play a game of backgammon.
CHERYL: If you want to play stupid games, make sure you don't do them at mealtimes.
Danni argues back and Lou intervenes, telling Danni to go but to give Cheryl ample notice in future. Cheryl is upset - Lou thinks it's unintentional by Marlene, but Cheryl's certain it's deliberate and that Marlene's continually undermining her.
It's late and Vikram is stocktaking. Lata brings him some soup and offers to help him with bundling the returns. He agrees - because that way, he knows she'll be out of mischief - and heads into the back to get some more string, but doesn't notice that his wallet has slipped out of his pocket and onto the floor.
Lata spies the wallet and flicks through the notes inside. She takes out $100 and secretes it in her cardigan.
Ramsay Street
Debbie comes out of Number 26. Brett and Cody are heading to Erinsborough High and they greet her warmly. She asks how school is going and Cody grumbles about the amount of studying needed in her year group. Debbie raves about Kim's visit and says that he tried to encourage her to go back to school.
CODY: And?
BRETT: Yeah, sounds all right to me.
DEBBIE: Yeah, I can just imagine everyone laughing at me and talking about me behind my back. I can see it now - Louise Barker making spew noises at me.
Cody says that's just Louise Barker - and there's a group of them at the school; her, Brett, Danni. She tells Debbie to give it a try - but Debbie refuses. Brett and Cody are disappointed, but when Debbie warns them they'll be late, they have to run off.
CODY: (turning back) Deb! Think about it!
Erinsborough High - Yard
Lata approaches Danni and Danni thinks she doesn't have the money. Lata says she does, but there's a problem - she's only got a $100 note. Lata says she couldn't get change and she doesn't want anyone to know.
DANNI: Relax. I'll fix it. What did you do - rob a bank? I couldn't scam $100 in a day.
Anne Teschendorff approaches and Lata gets Danni to conceal the money. Teschendorff reminds Danni about her detention.
Rick is buying magazines about babies and Philip asks if he's keeping something from them. Rick says he's not pregnant - he's looking after Zac. They briefly discuss Gaby taking Zac to work. Rick picks up the Erinsborough News and shows Philip the advert for a housemate - and Philip reads it, looking astonished.
PHILIP: (eventually) ...had any calls?
RICK: No...no, it's um, it's early yet.
PHILIP: Yeah, I suppose the "groovers" would still be asleep.
Rick heads off and Vikram arrives.
PHILIP: Mate, you look terrible - what's happened?
Vikram explains that his loan payment is due today and although he had the money in his wallet, it's gone - fallen out somehow.
VIKRAM: I'm sorry.
PHILIP: It's you that needs all the sympathy, mate.
VIKRAM: No, both of us. Well, I can't replace it. And you're my guarantor.
Lassiter's Office
Gaby is on the phone but she can't hear properly over Zac crying. Rick walks in and tries to calm Zac by awkwardly singing a rhyme. Jack walks in and wonders what all the noise is about - and Rick hurries off, telling him it's all his!
Jack picks up Zac and soothes him. Gaby looks on in astonishment at Zac liking him. Jack says Zac could like him even better if he's given a chance. Gaby asks if he's free to look after Zac until lunchtime - because Lassiter's is so busy. Jack hands her a mobile phone that he's bought so she can keep tabs on him.
GABY: Oh, I guess you've thought of everything.
JACK: Yeah. So what do you say?
GABY: All yours!
Number 22
Cheryl is sitting at the table looking upset. Lou walks in.
LOU: How's my favourite girl? ...what's the matter, sweetheart?
Cheryl is very quiet - and eventually indicates to the post on the table. The letters are addressed to Marlene but the postman incorrectly delivered them to Number 22 instead of Number 24.
LOU: Well, that's easily fixed!
CHERYL: Look what I did! Look at what I did!
Lou picks them up and Cheryl has written 'not known at this address' on all of the letters. She said she couldn't stop herself from scrawling it across them.
CHERYL: What is wrong with me? The way I am treating my own mother, I am being so irrational.
LOU: Hey, hey. It's going to be all right.
CHERYL: Can you promise that?
LOU: (shaking Lolly's rattle) Yes! I promise.
Cheryl looks unconvinced and disheartened.
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