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Neighbours Episode 2218 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2218
Australian airdate: 17/08/94
UK airdate: 16/05/95
UK Gold: 02/05/01
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Real Estate Agent: Richard Cordner
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sam is surprised that Annalise gave Mark a job at all, considering the way things are between them.
- Mark says he doesn't know why he and Annalise broke up in the first place, and wants to get back with her.
- Hannah loves her horse. Debbie reminds her about Holly. Hannah says Holly's "just a dog"
- Marlene tells Annalise she might leave - she shouldn't have come to Erinsborough in the first place.
- Cheryl doesn't know what's wrong with her - she's being so irrational. Lou reassures her.
Hannah is excitedly showing Helen details about a riding school in Anson's Corner. She'd like to go to some of the competitions.
Julie comes in with Holly, who has apparently been sorted out by the vet. Helen says that Holly has been behaving irrationally lately. Julie says she hasn't had a lot of attention so is acting up, but Hannah's nose is buried in her horse magazine.
Helen agrees that Hannah is neglecting Holly and Julie tells Hannah to start behaving more grown up.
Holly jumps up and Hannah pushes her off. Poor Holly.
LOU: It didn't happen before with the other kids, did it?
CHERYL: Uh- uh.
LOU: Then what makes you think it's post- natal depression?
CHERYL: Because I'm post- natal and I'm depressed.
LOU: Ah.
He tries to reassure her, saying she'll soon bounce back. Cheryl does think she should see a doctor though.
Marlene tells Sam that they're leaving.
MARLENE: There's no good hanging around where you're not wanted.
ANNALISE: *I* want you!
Sam says Marlene should just talk to Cheryl and sort things out - she'll lose a fortune by selling the house so soon after buying it. But Marlene's mind is apparently made up.
Mark tells Lou that he's trying to find a new lodger and has put an advert in the Erinsborough News.
Coffee Shop
Sam and Annalise are discussing how they can chance Marlene's mind about leaving. Mark comes in and awkwardly goes off to the counter. He looks over at them, jealously.
The Office
Cheryl drops in to chat to Gaby and tell her about her post- natal depression. However, the doctor thinks it's "just" general exhaustion.
Gaby tells Cheryl that she's surprised that Jack has stepped up and she's had to change too - she's had to accept help with Zack and not try to do everything herself.
GABY: I used to really resent it when Mum wanted to take over. We've talked about this before. But now, I think it's a gift. And I guess it's a gift for Zack, too, having so many people around who care about him. Anyway, can't blame his grandmother for interfering and spoiling him. After all, it's what grandmothers do, isn't it?
Cheryl looks thoughtful.
Coffee Shop
Lou, Sam and Annalise are plotting to get Cheryl and Marlene together to sort things out.
LOU: We don't have to give them any warning. Just stick 'em in a room for a while and let them thrash it out!
ANNALISE: Don't you think that might be just a little bit dangerous?
LOU: No! Well...just a little bit.
He suddenly looks worried(!)
Annalise suggests neutral ground - they could invite both of them to a "special late night Coffee Shop" event. Lou likes this idea.
LOU: You're not as blonde as you look!
When they've gone, Mark comes out of the kitchen and awkwardly tries to ask Annalise for a date. Much to his surprise, she agrees.
Ramsay Street
Cheryl comes up the street to find an Estate Agent putting up a "For Sale" sign outside No.24.
CHERYL: I think there's been a bit of a mistake here, this place was only recently sold!
ESTATE AGENT: Yeah. The new owner's put it back on the market.
CHERYL: Are you sure?
CHERYL: But why?
ESTATE AGENT: Something to do with family problems I think she said?
Cheryl looks worried.
Helen is painting when Hannah comes in, takes a carrot from the fridge, and tells Helen she's off to the Coffee Shop.
HELEN: Are they running short of carrots?
Hannah admits that she's going to see Painter instead of sorting Holly out. . Helen says that if she can't look after Holly, she'll have to think about giving up one of her two pets.
HANNAH: Holly's part of the family, I'd feel terrible if I gave her away.
HELEN: Hmmm. Well, you'll have to think of something...
HANNAH: Yeah. Wash the stupid dog.
She stomps off.
CHERYL: Don't you think putting the house on the market was a bit much?
MARLENE: What else was I going to do? All I wanted to do was help you when the baby came. Look at the thanks I got!
CHERYL: I know I told you you should butt out...
MARLENE: Oh, you said a lot more than that my girl, believe me.
CHERYL: I only thought you were trying to take over.
MARLENE: Take over?! Look, if I had wanted to run your life, I'd have done it when you were a child. But, oh, no, you chose to go with your father. Well, you're as stubborn now as you were then.
CHERYL: The next time that you want to look after Louise, I'll be more appreciative, I promise. Couldn't we try again?
MARLENE: Why should I?
CHERYL: Because I don't want you to go.
MARLENE: Well. I would have lost a packet selling the place now, anyway.
The phone rings and it's Sam - inviting her to dinner tonight at the Coffee Shop. Cheryl says that Lou is also taking her.
MARLENE: The only 'special' tonight at the Coffee Shop will be you and I getting together. They must think we were born yesterday!
CHERYL: Really? Maybe we should teach them a little lesson, I mean, if you play with fire...should get your fingers burnt, shouldn't you.
Cheryl is singing out of tune in her room and Lou shouts up the stairs to tell her to hurry up.
CHERYL: It won't matter if we're a bit late, will it?
LOU: Yes, it will as a matter of fact!
LOU: Er...because it's a special occasion, I told you that.
Cheryl tells him to go on ahead and she'll see him there.
When he's gone, Cheryl creeps down the stairs.
Mark is getting ready for his date with Annalise (they are going to the cinema). He looks at a photo of his Mum and sighs.
MARK: Good night, Mum. Don't wait up for me.
Sam is badgering Marlene to hurry up to get down to the Coffee Shop. Marlene says she's left her coat at Helen's and he should go ahead.
Sam asks Annalise why she's going out with Mark tonight. She says it's none of his business.
Mark knocks and gives her some flowers that he bought "on the way" (from No.30 to No.24? Is there a pop- up flower stand outside?!) They head off, leaving Sam looking fed up.
Julie tells Hannah and Helen that Painter has had to see the vet about some barbed wire around her foot.
JULIE: I'm fed up with this, Hannah. You're going to have to decide which pet you want. Because you're obviously incapable of looking after both. Who's it going to be? Holly or Painter?
Hannah looks stricken.
Coffee Shop
Sam and Lou are setting up the Coffee Shop for dinner.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Cheryl and Marlene are conspiring.
CHERYL: They should be worried enough by now. Are you ready to go?
MARLENE: I think it's time for the show to begin!
Coffee Shop
Lou and Sam try to act casually when Cheryl and Marlene come in.
MARLENE:(to Cheryl) What the hell are *you* doing here?
CHERYL: I was just about to ask you the same question!
MARLENE: Well, I've come here for dinner, but not with the likes of you, I don't think I can stand the smell!
CHERYL: It would be a lot better than having to watch *you* eat you old sow.
MARLENE: What did you call me?!
CHERYL: I called you an old sow.
MARLENE: Right, well that does it.
Sam and Lou are aghast.
LOU: Come on, girls, cut it out!
SAM: You're not supposed to be fighting like *this*...
SAM: Well...because...
LOU: Because the other diners will be here soon. They don't want to see a donnybrook on the doorstep!
MARLENE: Oh, OK, fair enough. Well, we'll finish it out the back, where we won't be disturbed!
CHERYL: Gladly!
SAM: Um...Nan...
But they are already marching off to the kitchen.
MARLENE: And that argument we had before, I thought that was all cleared up, but now I cannot stand the sight of you!
CHERYL: Well, the sooner you leave town the better, because as far as I'm concerned, I don't have a mother anymore!
In the shop, Sam and Lou are wincing.
CHERYL: Put that thing down...
Sam and Lou rush into the kitchen in terror.
MARLENE: I wish you could see your faces, you look like a couple of gallahs!
They explain that they made up this afternoon!
Outside No.24
Mark and Annalise are back from the cinema.
ANNALISE: I'm really glad that we can still be friends.
MARK: I don't want to be friend anymore, Annalise.
ANNALISE: Why not?
MARK: I want us to be how we were. I really miss you!
He leans in to kiss her but she evades him.
ANNALISE: Mark, I don't think we can do this. Thanks again for the movie. I'll see you soon.
She goes inside, leaving Mark looking despondent.
Hannah gets up in the night and Holly barks.
HANNAH: Sshhh. Haven't you caused enough trouble, Holly?
She picks up the phone and dials the stable.
HANNAH: Sorry to call so late, but I was really worried about Painter, is she OK? Yeah, I'm going down to see her first thing in the morning. Yeah...I know...but mum doesn't mind at all now, she feels really guilty about what happened. Well, I'd better let you get back to sleep. But don't worry about Painter. Because nobody's going to keep me away from her ever again. Bye.
She hangs up.
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