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Neighbours Episode 2216 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2216
Australian airdate: 15/08/94
UK airdate: 12/05/95
UK Gold: 30/04/01
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Lata Chatterji: Kamila Webb
Anne Teschendorff: Lois Collinder
Det. Sgt. Illich: Rod Densley
Butza: Emily Stanza
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Holly the dog isn't feeling well. From a dog's- eye perspective, Helen is blurred.
- Cheryl tells Marlene to back off and give her some space.
- A policeman asks Helen what's in the suspicious package. She says it's just herbs for alleviating the symptoms of her glaucoma.
- Helen is arrested for possession of drugs(!)
Phil sees Lou in the shop reading a magazine.
PHIL: You got the burping and the feeding down to a fine art yet, mate?
LOU: I beg your pardon?
PHIL: Louise.
LOU: Oh! I thought you were having a go at my table manners there for a minute(!)
PHIL:(laughs) Well...if the cap fits...
LOU: Oi, don't be cheeky!
Phil puts on a rather fetching(!) Lassiter's sweatshirt saying he feels cold.
Lou hands in a roll of film for processing - more photos of Louise!
Lou tells Phil that Cheryl and Marlene are arguing. Although Lou understands why Marlene is keen to see Louise - she wasn't around when the other kids were small.
The phone rings and Phil answers it.
PHIL: G'day, Helen.
He listens to what she has to say.
PHIL:(in disbelief) What?! You can't be serious...how?! Yeah, I'll come down straightaway.
He puts the phone down.
PHIL:(to Lou) Helen's being held at the Erinborough Police Station.
LOU: Strewth!
PHIL: Something about receiving illegal substances in the mail.
LOU: What kind of illegal substances?!
PHIL: I've got to go down and bail her out.
LOU: There's got to be some mistake!
PHIL: Yeah, there's *got* to be.
Julie has just heard the news about Helen's arrest when Brett comes in.
BRETT: Hi, is Mrs Daniels home?
JULIE: Um, no. No, she's not at the moment.
BRETT: Doesn't matter. I was just wondering if she got any more herbs from Dave? He was supposed to send her some soon.
JULIE: Herbs? In the mail?
BRETT: Yeah. I mean...my crop was doing alright, but it's like some dog ate them!
JULIE: Some dog? Some dog that's very sick indeed, no thanks to you, Brett Stark!
JULIE: Oh! You and those herbs!
BRETT: Medicinal herbs can be pretty potent, but I doubt...
JULIE: They have caused this family nothing but trouble! And now that I think about it, Helen hasn't been herself ever since she started taking them! And now this!
BRETT: Now what?
JULIE: Now what?! Not only have your herbs poisoned Holly, but the police think Gran is a drug trafficker! That's what!
BRETT: A drug trafficker?!
JULIE: Dave sent her those herbs through the post for her glaucoma. Really!
BRETT: But they're helping her! They're medicinal...look, there must be some mistake!
JULIE:(handing him the phone) Tell that to the police!
Coffee Shop
Marlene and Lou are having coffee. He tells Marlene that Cheryl will come round, she's had a lot on with the baby and her mother returning suddenly to her life. He thinks they should sort it out and promises to have a word with Cheryl.
Danni is telling Brett about her latest "take the blame" earnings. However, his mind is elsewhere.
BRETT: I'm in trouble.
DANNI: Oh, alright...how much?
BRETT: Lots of trouble.
DANNI: No, you dag. How much will you pay me to take the blame?
BRETT: You want to say you poisoned Holly and sent Mrs Daniels to jail?!
DANNI: What have you been doing Brett?!
BRETT: I don't know what's going on. The cops reckon there's something suss about Mr Gottlieb's herbs. Helen got some in the mail and they've been questioning. And Holly got sick from eating my plants.
Danni says there was probably a mix up - maybe the herbs went to the wrong address?
Outside the Coffee Shop
Danni sees Lata who's on her way home with a cheese sandwich for Vikram. Danni doesn't think that it's very much food. She tells Danni that Brett invited her to a restaurant. Danni says that Brett scares easy, so Lata should go easy on him(!)
No.22 (evening)
Brett is playing with Louise.
BRETT: Who's a pretty girl?! Yes, you are! Yes you are! You're a pretty girl!
CHERYL: And who's a naughty boy?!
BRETT: Not me.
CHERYL: Yes, you are! Helen has been questioned by the police, and the Martins' dog is sick. Could you explain, please?!
BRETT: Oh, you heard.
CHERYL: Oh yes, I heard alright, the whole town is talking about those herbs! What's going on?! What have you been planting in my garden?!
BRETT: Mum, calm down.
CHERYL: Do you realise the ramifications if you've been doing anything, you know...
BRETT: It's nothing illegal!
CHERYL: It wouldn't want to be!
BRETT: Who says it was my plants that made Holly sick? It could have been anything! You don't know *what* is in processed dog food these days!
CHERYL: Oh, honestly!
Lou and Danni come in from shopping having picked up fish and chips as well! Lou tells Cheryl he bumped into Marlene, who is really upset. They all think Cheryl should make up with her, but Cheryl doesn't want to.
Helen the drug trafficker arrives home with Phil.
JULIE: Where on earth have you been?! I've been worried sick! Philip, I thought you might have been charged with being an accomplice or something!
PHIL: Settle down, Julie, it's alright. (To Helen) Can I get you a nice cup of tea?
JULIE: Tea? How appropriate. Herbal, I suppose.
PHIL: Julie!
HELEN: Thank you, Philip, camomile will be fine. Something the matter, darling?
JULIE: Oh, no, why would you think that, Gran?! Call me old- fashioned but I see no reason why we should expose our household to illegal substances just because you've been influence by some hippy!
HELEN: Excuse me!
PHIL: Julie, you really don't think that Helen is guilty?!
JULIE: What else am I supposed to think?! Holly's sick from eating Brett's plants, Gran's been questioned for receiving suspicious substances.
HELEN: I don't believe this!
JULIE: Neither do I! My own grandmother, addicted to drugs! Gran, how could you?!
Marlene is out of sorts this evening and Annalise offers to make her a toasted sandwich. Annalise observes that she hasn't seen Sam much recently.
ANNALISE: Sure he doesn't mind me living here?
MARLENE:(laughs) Course he doesn't. He'd have you on toast any day!
Marlene is still upset about the row with Cheryl and says she's thinking of leaving Erinsborough.
HELEN:(angrily) You had better be aware of your facts before you talk to me like that, how dare you! Have you any idea what I've been through today?!
Phil comes back in to the room.
PHIL: Helen, here's your tea. This is getting out of hand.
JULIE: Look, it's been a distressing day for me as well!
Helen just laughs, despairingly.
JULIE: Hannah is very upset about Holly. You cannot tell me that those herbs are harmless!
HELEN: Holly could have eaten any number of plants and been just as sick as she is. You can't blame Dave's herbs for this!
PHIL: That's right. There are any number of plants in the area that can be poisonous if you eat them.
JULIE: Oh, really.
Helen runs through a list of poisonous plants which Julie rebuffs.
JULIE: Holly ate Brett's plants. And I'm holding him financially responsible for her vet bills!
PHIL: Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
HELEN:(upset) It went out of the window with family loyalty, obviously!
JULIE: Gran, you cannot blame me for wanting to protect my family! (To Phil) Do you want our children exposed to dangerous drugs?!
PHIL: No, of course not, but there's no need to be throwing ridiculous accusations around either.
JULIE: So, *I'm* the one being unreasonable?!
PHIL: We don't even know what the herbs *are* yet! Helen certainly has no idea.
HELEN: Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law, Philip.
PHIL: Yes, I know that Helen. But Julie was happy to have the herbs in the house...they've done nobody any harm...
JULIE: Philip, you are missing the point! She has broken the law! She'll have a record! What will people think?!
HELEN:(shouting) I don't give a damn what people think!
JULIE: Oh, Gran, you must be joking! How are your friends going to react?
HELEN: Far more sensibly than you, I hope.
JULIE: Gran, I think those herbs might have affected your brain! Look what they've done to Holly! You may well need help.
Helen just sighs in despair.
Outside No.22, the following morning
Danni and Brett are off to school, but Brett decides to call in on Helen on the way.
Helen answers the door to Brett. Things are quiet this morning, Julie is at the Newsagency.
BRETT: Look, Mrs D, I honestly didn't think there was anything wrong with Dave's herbs. I mean, I'd never want to endanger your health, or Holly's or have you arrested or cause a big family fight...
HELEN: Brett!
BRETT: I just feel awful.
HELEN: Brett, don't, please! I know you had the best of intentions when you brought over Dave's herbal remedy...and look, my glaucoma is very much alleviated, I'm very grateful!
BRETT: How can you say that after what happened yesterday? It must have been so humiliating.
HELEN: Yes, it was. But that's not your fault, or Dave's.
Danni and Lata have made the shortlist - they're going to be in the school play, and so is Brett. The play hasn't been decided yet. Butza reckons her play will be chosen over Brett's.
No.22 (Garden)
Cheryl is surprised to find weeds being thrown over her fence. It's Marlene weeding, while Annalise is hanging out the washing. However, Marlene pops inside just as an irate Cheryl decides to aim her garden hose over the fence. She soaks Annalise!
Cheryl looks over the fence and realises she's got the wrong person. She smiles sheepishly.
Lou is telling Cheryl off about the garden incident.
LOU: This is getting ridiculous!
CHERYL: You had to be there, Louis.
LOU: I'm glad I wasn't! It's embarrassing just hearing about it! Backyard warfare...it's like being back in kindergarten.
CHERYL: Oh, all right! So I made a silly mistake.
Annalise comes in through the back door looking very displeased and still soaking wet.
ANNALISE: Oh, yes, you can say that again!
CHERYL: Oh, Annalise, I'm so sorry.
ANNALISE: You have got a real problem, Cheryl!
CHERYL: I am so sorry, I didn't mean any of...
She starts towelling Annalise down.
ANNALISE: It is bad enough that you and Marlene are always at each other's throats, alright, I figured that's none of my business. I can handle that, it's *this* I can't handle!
Lou is trying not to laugh(!)
ANNALISE: You and Marlene had better sort out your silly problem before you drag the whole street into it!
CHERYL: I never meant to...
ANNALISE:(sternly) You've gone too far!
She stalks out. Lou is still trying not to laugh(!)
After School
Ms Teschendorff tells the school play kids that they're going to put on the best play in the school's history. The winning play is..."Swimming Against the Tide" by Melody Zander. (That's Butza). Butza is pleased. She hands them around. Apparently the play is about an Australian swimmer (so that should be easy to portray on a school stage!). Final auditions will take place soon.
Brett and Lata discuss auditioning for the leads in the play.
Julie comes in to find Helen doing some baking.
JULIE: Hello.
HELEN:(frostily) Hello.
JULIE: There's some mail here for you.
HELEN: Thank you.
JULIE: One looks like it's from Scott and Charlene and the other from Rosemary.
HELEN: Good, nothing illegal!
The phone rings and Julie goes off to answer it. It's the vet calling about Holly, who is apparently still very unwell.
There's a knock at the door and Helen opens it to the police.
POLICEMAN: Hello, Mrs Daniels. We've investigated the contents of the parcel and found the substances to be totally legal.
HELEN:(relieved) Thank you.
POLICEMAN: Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused but we do have to follow up on all such reports.
HELEN: Yes, of course. I'll make sure that it's wrapped more securely next time.
POLICEMAN: It might save any confusion.
HELEN: Could you tell me what exactly was in the mixture, I'd rather like to know.
POLICEMAN: A combination of three herbs, apparently, chopped very finely. Gentian, barberry and...something else. Anyway, if you make an application at the police station you can have a copy of the botanist's report.
HELEN: And, er, could I collect my fingerprints as well?
POLICEMAN: We'll destroy them in your presence.
HELEN: Thank you very much. Goodbye.
She closes the door.
JULIE: Gran...you've been cleared of all the charges.
HELEN: Fortunately, the law likes to check its facts. Not like some.
Julie looks very guilty.
JULIE: Gran...I'm so very sorry. I feel dreadful.
HELEN: I'm not surprised. Perhaps this will teach you to think before you speak.
JULIE: You're right. I had no business making those accusations.
HELEN: No, you hadn't. Now, I'm going to make myself some of my special tea...if that's alright with you, darling?
Ramsay Street
Brett, Danni and Lata are reading through the play which apparently contains some songs! Once of them is a love song and Brett sings it, dancing around with Lara. She ends up falling on to the hood of Ms Teschendorff's car and snapping the aerial.
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