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Neighbours Episode 2190 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2190
Australian airdate: 08/07/94
UK airdate: 06/04/94
UK Gold: 23/03/01
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Dave Gottlieb: Ivar Kants
Sam Kratz: Richard Grieve
Marlene Kratz: Moya O'Sullivan
Andrew MacKenzie: John Morris
Elliot Patterson: Jon Concannon
Jemima Newman: Bernadette Lamaro
Megan Levy: Michelle Twigden
Officer McKinnon: Androo Allen
Carol: Moira Claux
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Unavailable
Number 30
Dave is explaining to Mark that they're holding a party to farewell Sally as she moves to the spirit world from the earth, in line with Tibetan Buddhist principles. He says that she'll have been in bardo for 49 days.
Mark does not seem at all convinced by any of this. He gets up, intending to move his things from Annalise's room and into Dave's. Dave says that this might just be a stage Annalise and Mark are going through - and their love will either deepen or disappear.
MARK: Thanks, Dad - it's a really cheery thought(!)
Dave laughs. He explains that he and Sally went through something similar - she was attracted to a drummer in the band, and Dave decided not to make a fuss about it, and Sally came back to him.
MARK: Yeah, well, I don't know I could be that big about it, Dad.
DAVE: Well, I wasn't sitting around the house making chutneys!
Dave tells Mark to be honest with himself with how he feels about Annalise, rather than what she - or others - might expect of him. Mark says he doesn't know what to do, and Dave encourages him to come with him the next day. He says there'll be different people and Mark needs to 'have a rage'.
MARK: I appreciate what you're trying to do. But no thanks.
The Waterhole
The bar is closed and Annalise is drowning her sorrows whilst talking to Rick. Annalise reflects that their problems started with Cheryl's advice.
RICK: How come?
ANNALISE: She told me to flirt with someone else to make Mark jealous.
RICK: (astonished) That wasn't your idea?
ANNALISE: No. Boy did I improve on it, though! Mark hates me - so does Gaby. *I* hate me!
Rick tops up Annalise's glass and she spots that he's pouring from a bottle of Doug's home brew.
ANNALISE: What is it doing in the pub, Rick?
RICK: You told me to get beer and I got beer!
He says he had no other option; the beer strike has emptied all of the bottle shops. Annalise tells him to get rid of it all, and he says this is the last bottle. She's pleased, but Rick isn't!
RICK: We're the only pub around with no beer! We're the laughing stock of Australia, for crying out loud!
Annalise is upset, saying she can't even manage a bar, let alone life. There's a knock at the door and Rick lets Elliot in, saying Annalise has post- launch blues. Annalise starts crying on Elliot.
Number 28
Pam and Sam are talking about the trip and Cody is envious. Doug says she should go too - so she can keep an eye on Pam. Pam and Sam agree, and Doug says he and Gaby will be fine having a day on their own.
DOUG: I might hose out the garage.
The Waterhole
Elliot is trying to advise Annalise; she's despondant. He warns that plots and schemes are fraught with danger. Elliot says that he felt discombobulated when Annalise started behaving towards him as she does in his more memorable dreams.
ANNALISE: It was a lousy idea.
ELLIOT: I just wish you hadn't been pretending.
Annalise tells him that she's always been clear on their relationship being professional. He's very upset.
ELLIOT: I find it very hard to pretend that I'm in love with you when I really am, but I'm not supposed to be. What I mean is, if you needed someone-
ANNALISE: - you're very sweet, Elliot.
ELLIOT: ...but Mark's the One? Am I right, or am I right?
ANNALISE: You am. Unfortunately.
Number 30
Early morning. Mark is sitting on the sofa in his night clothes and amongst some bedding when Annalise returns.
MARK: Stay over at Elliot's, did you?
ANNALISE: No, I didn't. Did you sleep out here?
MARK: No. Dad did.
MARK: Because I've moved out of your room.
Annalise is really upset; she doesn't want this to happen. She blames him for being all over Gaby. He snaps that she gets jealous at the smallest thing and rants about the poem she wrote. She says she wishes she'd never written it.
ANNALISE: I don't want us to break up because of that.
MARK: It's not about the poem. It's about us!
Annalise says that they love each other, but Mark doesn't understand why they're always fighting. Annalise gets very upset and Mark feels as if she's blaming him and trying to manipulate him by crying. He says he's going with his dad to clear his head.
ANNALISE: You can't - what about the Coffee Shop?
MARK: (incredulous) That's all you can think about? I'm going away to think about our relationship and all you can care about is the damned Coffee Shop?!
ANNALISE: No! No, I've got a lot to say to you. Oh, you don't even want to listen, Mark. Oh, just go to the farm, maybe it'll solve everything!
She storms off, crying.
The bikers are on the road. They reach the farm.
The Waterhole
Rick is cleaning tables when the police come in. They ask if he's serving home brew - all whilst Annalise watches on from behind the bar. The police explain that one of their officers attended the book launch the previous night and was served home brew. Annalise comes over.
RICK: Really? Are you sure it was here?
The police explain their new inspector is keen to stamp out the practice. Rick insists there is none on the premises and they don't know anything about it - and Annalise starts crying.
Annalise slides into one of the chairs and when the police ask what the matter is, she explains she broke up with her boyfriend. They offer a handkerchief and give Rick their card so he can contact them if he hears any more about it.
The police leave and Rick is delighted that Annalise saved Lou and Doug by turning on the waterworks.
ANNALISE: Rick! I'm not putting it on!
She slumps onto the table in tears.
The Farm
Dave embraces Carol. They talk about Butterfly, Carol's soulmate - apparently named because bikes flew out from under him. Just then, Mark drives up.
DAVE: You made it! I'm glad.
MARK: If you think this bardo thing's important for Mum, Dad, I'm glad I'm here.
DAVE: Who's looking after the Coffee Shop?
MARK: No- one.
DAVE: Hey!
MARK: It's closed.
DAVE: Big step towards irresponsibility, son.
MARK: I thought you'd be impressed.
They both laugh.
The Hospital
Lou is leaving and tells Cheryl that he's got some good news - but then he stumbles against something. He picks up a whiteboard and Cheryl immediately looks shamefaced. It's full of all of Lou's items Cheryl is trying to get rid of via Brett: Elvis mirror, ornamental pig, wooden fish etc.
LOU: I ought to skin you alive!
Cheryl says if she'd been up and around, she wouldn't have had to resorted to underhand tactics; she'd have just got her own way.
LOU: Oh, would you now?
They flirt a bit and Lou says she can come home the day after tomorrow.
LOU: Only if you promise to be good.
CHERYL: Louis, am I ever anything but?
They pash.
The Farm - Montage
Mark is looking out from a tree, contemplating. Cody, Sam and Pam are messing on a swing and then by a river. We see shots of wildlife, them riding horses, building a fire, and them lying around as Dave plays guitar.
MARK: It's just like old times.
Then we cut to Dave and Mark at Sally's grave. Mark lays a flower down on the grave whilst Dave watches.
The Waterhole
Macca is advising Annalise to be honest, else you end up hurting someone - even herself. Rick comes over and says there's a lady at the bar wanting to buy some home brew; Macca says he'll approach her.
He goes over and she introduces herself as Megan and explains she needs some for a 21st party but beer's scarce. Rick asks how she heard about it, and she says that one of the girls tasted it in the bar the other night. She presses them; her brother is only going to have one 21st birthday.
Macca says he might be able to put her in touch with the right people. Megan makes a comment about it being very mysterious.
MEGAN: Anyone would think it was illegal to drink this stuff.
Rick and Macca laugh.
The Farm
They're having a BBQ and Carol is giving Mark a tarot reading. She turns over the death card and they talk about things ending, and Carol warns that there's always new beginnings too.
She turns over more cards and Dave appears, both of them pleased at the reading. Mark still does not look impressed. Dave thinks it's apt - they came here to farewell Sally and begin anew. Mark reckons he has someone else to say goodbye to.
Dave says if he needs any help, he knows where to find him. Mark says it's something he needs to do alone. They embrace and Mark leaves.
Number 30
Annalise is reading on the sofa when Mark enters. She is apprehensive. They talk awkwardly about their respective days - and then they both go to speak.
MARK: You go first.
ANNALISE: No, you go first.
MARK: Oh come on, let's not argue about this too, huh?
ANNALISE: All right. I've done some thinking and I need some time alone.
MARK: Yeah, well I did a lot of thinking up at the farm too. I don't want to lose you, Annalise. All we ever seem to do is fight, and I don't want that either.
ANNALISE: Well what do you want?
MARK: I don't know. Is it too late to work this thing out?
ANNALISE: What did we like about each other in the first place?
MARK: (flustered) It was physical, I suppose, I...
ANNALISE: There's got to be more to us than that, Mark.
Number 28
Macca has turned up with the Megan, the lady from the bar. Doug says that Annalise told him earlier that the police had been making enquiries about who was making the home brew.
MEGAN: What's that got to do with me?
DOUG: (laughs) You can't be too careful, that's all.
Doug explains he's not in the process of breaking the law; he only makes the home brew because he likes it.
MEGAN: Do I look like a cop to you?
Doug and Macca exchange a look.
MEGAN: No, really.
DOUG: It's hard to tell!
She says that she just wants her brother to have a good party - there's a beer strike, Doug has some brew, she wants to buy it. She can't see a problem. She says she's heard it's of highest quality and Doug agrees - and she asks if he brews it by himself.
Doug explains he has a friend who helps, and she says she'd love to meet him! Megan says she's really interested in home brewing and she's going to buy all of their stock, so Doug's friend should come around and have a sip before it's all gone.
The Waterhole
Pam, Sam, Dave and Cody arrive back. Pam is enthusing about Dave's bike. Cody enjoyed riding in the sidecar and suggests Pam get one. They suggest swapping Pam and Dave's bikes - Pam is reluctant due to the work she's done on her bike but Dave and Cody encourage her, and Dave offers some cash to make up the difference. They shake on the deal.
Dave orders some beer for all of them, but Rick can't serve them beer so offers them cocktails.
DAVE: What do you think we are - yuppies?
Sam insists they want beer and Rick has to explain that they don't have any.
SAM: Oh, come on - what's a pub with no beer?
Rick explains the delivery didn't come through and they've run out but they can have anything from the shelf. They all roll their eyes in disappointment.
Two plain clothes cops are watching from the other side of the bar.
Number 28
Lou has joined Doug, Macca and Megan. They go to leave and Megan is surprised that they don't have it in the house. Lou explains that the Waterhole ran dry, so Doug gave it to them to sell - but luckily, there's some still left at Kia-Ora house.
DOUG: A bloke has to help out in a time of crisis.
Megan says she needs the toilet before they leave. Doug makes a joke about how he used to need the loo a lot too but now he's cured!
Number 28 - Bathroom
Megan takes out a mobile phone and dials a number.
The Waterhole
Sam is raging that there's no beer, telling Rick he should've stocked up if he knew there'd be a strike. They argue back and forth a bit whilst the two plain clothes cops watch on.
A mobile phone rings and the cop answers. Focus cuts back to the bar and Pam suddenly exclaims she knows where to get some beer. All of the group file out, but Cody stays behind to talk to Rick.
The cop takes three names down: Lou Carpenter, Doug Willis, Andrew MacKenzie. She says they'll keep an eye on 'this lot' - but when she looks up, the group has gone and Rick is listening in. When she challenges him, Rick makes an excuse about getting them orange juice - but instead, he rushes to grab Cody and warns her that Doug and Lou are in trouble, as the cops are setting a trap.
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