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Neighbours Episode 2179 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2179
Australian airdate: 23/06/94
UK airdate: 22/03/95
UK Gold: 08/03/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Sam Kratz: Richard Grieve
Dave Gottlieb: Ivar Kants
Elliot Patterson: Jon Concannon
Duck: Brian Nankervis
Flash: Peter Rowsthorn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil looks bemusedly at Spook Spotters and tells Hannah off. Helen says he can just ask them to leave, but apparently, it's a free report.
GHOST HUNTER: From what I've picked up so far, this place is *crawling* with paranormal activity!
Julie and Debbie come in and look bemusedly at all the equipment.
Elliot and Annalise are looking through her peoms. She asks if she can add another one about her and Mark. He says it's a bit clichéd, but agrees.
The Spook Spotters recommend the "complete cleansing" package to Phil (rather than partial cleansing) and it's a lifetime guarantee(!)
PHIL: Um...we'll let you know!
He ushers them out of the door.
Phil looks at the quote.
PHIL: Holy...
HELEN: Ghost?
They all laugh.
PHIL: Five hundred bucks?! They're crazy.
JULIE: Or they think we are.
Hannah begs him to pay it, Phil just looks bemused.
(The following morning)
Helen asks Debbie if she really wants to go back to school so soon. She says everyone should stop hassling her and takes some toast with her.
Doug is making himself a big breakfast to distract himself from his forthcoming tests today. He ends up giving it all to a heavily pregnant Gaby!
Coffee Shop
Mark asks Brett if Danni can work for him this afternoon, but she's on detention. Sam offers to help. But they'll have to hire Sam a suit.
Phil has agreed to pay five hundred dollars for the "exorcism"(!)
PHIL: Look on it as sort of an indulgence. As a treat for Hannah, if you like.
HELEN: A very expensive treat!
PHIL: It's probably cheaper than therapy!
Phil laughs and the Spook Stoppers arrive shortly afterwards.
DUCK: Let the cleansing begin!
They start spraying smoke around the room!
Julie sells Dave a raffle ticket and he asks her to put up one of his posters in the shop. Gaby comes in and looks interested in his massage classes. She tells him to put Doug and Pam down for them!
Doug tells Pam that he's got a clapped- out prostate and has to have surgery next week. She tries to comfort him but he's very upset.
DOUG: You know what this operation's going to do for me, don't you?!
PAM: Make you better.
DOUG: It might make me infertile!
PAM: So, join the club!
DOUG: Oh, thanks a lot!
He hobbles off.
Annalise and Elliot are having a drink and looking over her poems again. She looks at him anxiously. He says Mark will be impressed with her poem.
Annalise goes over to the bar and talks to Mark, who glowers a bit at Elliot's presence.
The Spook Spotters are just leaving and Hannah says she feels a lot better. On the way out, Hannah sells them a raffle ticket! and Phil gives them a cheque.
Gaby is soaking her feet. She tells Pam about the massage classes with Dave and that she's signed her and Doug up. Doug is still sulking about his operation.
When Gaby has gone, Pam orders Doug over to the sofa.
PAM: Now, look! You might not even be infertile. Anyway, it's not as if you wanted to have more children after the op?!
PAM: Oh, Doug. This is exactly how I felt when I started going through the menopause. Worse, when I found out Gaby was pregnant. What you've got to do is stop looking at it as the end of an era and start thinking about it as the beginning of a brand new one!
DOUG: Yeah...getting old.
PAM: What's so wrong about that? At least we get to grow old together. And, um, well, I'm quite turned on by old mean.
DOUG: Is that right?
PAM: So why don't you bring your wrinkly old man face over here and give this wrinkly old girl a bit of a kiss?
He does so.
DOUG: Thanks, hun.
Hannah is a lot happier. Brett tries to ask Debbie out, but before he can speak, she says she's fed up of everyone asking how she is and stomps off.
Phil is about to draw the raffle for the snake quilt. Spook Spotters are also there and draw the winning ticket - Dave Gottlieb!
Coffee Shop
Sam tells Mark that Elliot is still hanging around with Annalise.
Sam has got a hire suit on and a bow tie! He and Mark head off with the food.
Dave's massage classes have started, but Doug has decided not to come. They all sit down on mats and start with breathing exercises.
Elliot starts telling Annalise how beautiful she is. She tells him to concentrate on the poetry.
The massage class is just finishing and they are all very relaxed.
Helen tells Gaby that she's thinking of handing the Artists' Tour project over to Rosemary. She's not sure about the direction the project has taken and thinks it has strayed from the original idea. Gaby isn't pleased.
Mark and Sam come in as they're all leaving. Dave notices that one of his mats is missing, then finds Pam sleeping on it in the hall(!)
Hannah thanks Phil for paying for the Spook Spotters. Apparently Debbie has been in her room all night. Also, Debbie's doctor rang and said she has test results for Debbie. Julie and Phil wonder why as Debbie is doing so much better. Helen doesn't look so sure.
Pam has woken up now, but it's late. Mark decides to go and pick Annalise up from the Waterhole.
Dave suggests that he, Pam and Sam go on a biking expedition to say farewell to the farm - it's due to be sold any day. They could even make it a weekend. They enthusiastically agree.
Elliot tells Annalise that she still has "untapped potential". He suggests coming back to his place to read some poems.
ELLIOT: If you must know, I am interested in your poetry. But I'm even more interested in you.
He kisses her and she pushes him off, just as Mark comes in through the back door.
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