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Neighbours Episode 2104 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2104
Australian airdate: 10/03/94
UK airdate: 07/12/94
UK Gold: 23/11/00
Writer: Don Linke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug comes out and greets Gaby. He's also pleased to see her and asks her what went wrong. Apparently things just "didn't work out the way she expected". Apparently Stefano didn't really need her and she missed home.
Pam comes in and she and Gaby hug excitedly.
Debbie shows Brett and Helen the card that Hannah is making for Julie. It's all different seeds stuck on paper. Debbie thinks it's cool and original. Brett says it could be an environmental and economic winner(!)
Phil tells Wendy that he's had a look at her books. He's drawn up a business plan which he thinks will help her. However, she'll need a cash injection to get her through. Wendy says she just can't raise any more cash or get any loans. Phil says he'd like to help, but Lassiter's are under pressure from the bank too and he'll need the rent money by the end of the week. Wendy starts to cry and says she'll have to sell the shop and get a job.
Gaby is being a bit evasive about why she left Europe, just saying vaguely that she didn't like living there. When pressed, she says that Stefano didn't take her seriously and just wanted someone on his arm at functions.
The subject turns to Doug's business which he says is going OK, despite a few set backs. He moans about Pam making a mistake with his concrete mix.
Pam shows them a present she's got for someone in work for their retirement. She reckons she's only a few years behind them herself and thinks she might start looking for a retirement village. Doug is incredulous.
Brett, Debbie and Cody are discussing the seed card idea. Michael comes in and reminds Brett that they've got cricket practice. Brett says he's really relaxed about his cricket skills now. He invites Debbie along to watch, but she doesn't want to .
The Office
Phil greets Gaby and is surprised to see her back. He tells her there have been a few changes and Cheryl has got Gaby's old job now. Gaby is very surprised to hear this. She asks Phil if he has any casual work for her but he doesn't - he suggests that she gives Parkside Pacific a call.
Doug and Pam think Gaby isn't telling them the truth about why she left Europe. Pam is looking for the retirement village brochure, much to Doug's disgust.
When Doug has gone, Gaby comes in. Pam tells her that she feels totally worn out and thinks she's starting to go through the menopause.
PAM: For the first time in my life, I feel old.
GABY: Have you told Dad?
PAM: No. Just let me get used to it, first.
Gaby suggests that they go shopping to cheer her up. Perhaps Pam needs a new hobby to rejuvenate her.
Cody tells Debbie that Brett *really* likes working with her and he definitely likes her. Cody thinks Debbie had better give Brett the brush- off before he gets his hopes up.
The Office
Phil is frustrated by his workload. He picks up the trumpet and looks at it wistfully. As he plays a few notes, Mark comes in. He gives Phil the menu for the Charity Club Banquet.
Brett comes back in and tells Rick that he bowled the other team out. He congratulates him.
Lassiter's Lake
Phil is sitting on a bench looking stressed. Helen comes to find him. He says he can't cope with his workload anymore - he just wants to chill for a bit and feed the ducks.
Gaby and Pam have been shopping for a new outfit for Pam. Helen has popped around for a cuppa and they talk about potential hobbies for Pam. Helen says that she could get back in to painting and suggests Pam comes along to her community art classes. Pam agrees.
The phone rings and it's the real estate person again. Pam says she'll go and meet him.
Michael tells Brett that he is a good cricketer after all. Debbie pops in and asks to talk to Brett alone.
When Michael has gone, Debbie asks if the rumours about Brett liking her are true. He admits that he does like her. Debbie says she's flattered but she's promised she won't get distracted from her schoolwork so she'd rather be friends. Brett looks disappointed.
Outside the Pub
Phil, Doug and Mark are having a beer. Doug tells them that he's enjoying being self- employed again and he thinks being your own boss is the only way to go. They conversation turns to whether Phil likes his job or not. He says he does, but he's not getting much out of it anymore and it's interfering with watching his kids grow up.
Brett tells Rick that Debbie is too busy studying to have a boyfriend. Rick says that he should just ask another girl out. Brett isn't sure, but then says that maybe hypnotherapy can help him with girls as well as cricket.
Cody is grilling Gaby about her job in Europe and why she came home.
Doug answers the phone and it's Stefano ringing for Gaby.
GABY: Stefano. I just had to leave, I'm sorry I couldn't give you any more warning. Stefano, you don't have to apologise for anything. No, I'm not coming back. It's got nothing to do with the work. No, it's not about holidays or money either, I've made up my mind. I'm sorry Stefano, I've made up my mind, OK?
She puts the phone down.
Debbie tells Helen that she's set Brett straight about liking her. Phil comes in and says he's made a decision. He's looking a lot happier.
PHIL: You're going to help me celebrate.
DEBBIE: Celebrate what?
PHIL: The rest of my life. I'm now master of my own destiny.
HELEN: You're talking in riddles.
PHIL: I just resigned from Lassiter's.
Debbie and Helen look shocked.
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