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Neighbours Episode 2105 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2105 (Gaby Willis announces that she's pregnant)
Australian airdate: 11/03/94
UK airdate: 08/12/94
UK Gold: 24/11/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tom Weaver: George Mallaby
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou grudgingly admits to Cheryl that hypnotherapy might have helped Brett a bit. Brett says that he wants to carry on with the hypnotherapist for a while. In conversation, Brett says that the hypnotherapist is helping him cope with Cheryl and Lou treating him like a dork. Cheryl looks shocked.
Helen doesn't know what to say about Phil's resignation. He assures her that he's made the decision for a better quality of life for all of them. He's decided to run the Newsagency and the kids will help out. Helen doesn't think Julie will like it and what will Lassiter's do for a manager now? Phil assures her that he's already got someone very competent lined up.
Gaby tells Doug that she's been offered the Lassiter's manager job! Doug is surprised to hear that Phil is going to be self- employed in the Newsagency, especially in the current economic climate.
Gaby tells Doug that Pam has gone off to look at some retirement places.
Coffee Shop
The estate agent (Tom) is showing Pam the plans of the retirement village. He gives her a detailed run- down on the facilities and says that Pam's parents will be very comfortable there. He laughs in disbelief when he hears that Pam is looking for her and Doug! He thinks it's far too premature. Pam explains about her colleague retiring but she realises that Tom is right. Tom gives Pam his card and tells her pointedly that his after- hours number is on there as well.
Cheryl is deep in thought. She tells Lou she's worried that Brett thinks they're embarrassing.
Phil is telling Hannah about the Newsagency and how much more time they'll be able to spend together. Helen urges Phil to keep his perspective.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is teaching Phil how to rollerskate(!) Cheryl comes along saying there's been a glitch in Phil's travel arrangements for the Hoteliers' Conference. To her shock, he tells her he's resigned from Lassiter's. Then he skates off down the street(!)
Cheryl quite likes the idea of Gaby and her running Lassiter's. She and Lou are being lovey- dovey again and Brett and Rick roll their eyes.
Art Class
Pam arrives late for the class. To her surprise, Tom the real estate agent is there. He shows Pam where all the equipment is. They chat and get on well.
Lou, Cheryl, Brett and Rick are playing Pictionary very competitively. Brett says he'd better go and get on with his history assignment. Cheryl is being very stiff with him.
When Brett has gone, Rick asks why Cheryl and Lou are acting all prim and proper suddenly.
Art Class
The class is just finishing. Tom and Pam critique each other's work neither of which are very good.
Gaby is crying in the living room when Doug gets home. He doesn't notice she's upset at first and babbles on about the Phil and the Newsagency. They've had a photo of Hope from Stephen and Phoebe too which they look at. Finally, Doug realises that Gaby is upset but she won't tell him why.
GABY: It's just that...nothing worked out the way I thought it would.
(The following morning)
Doug asks Gaby if she's OK. She says she is and heads off to sort out her contract.
Lou asks Helen to keep an eye on the kids while he goes to the Hotelier's Conference with Cheryl. She agrees.
Rick asks Lou if he can have a lift to Sydney with him as Cathy is having an operation on her leg and Benito is away. Lou agrees.
The Office
Phil is packing up his desk when Gaby comes in. He gives her a letter from Cheryl and she isn't too pleased that Cheryl is going to the Hoteliers' Conference for a week.
Gaby opens the letter and looks through the contract inside.
Garden of No.28
Doug tells Pam that Gaby isn't well and was taking tablets this morning. They wonder what it is.
Cheryl is on the phone to her friend in Sydney planning some nights out. Brett comes in. Cheryl gives him her credit card to pay for his hypnotherapy and any emergencies - and not to tell Danni that he's got it(!)
Brett tells Cheryl that she doesn't need to change the way she acts towards him - him feeling embarrassed is his problem. Cheryl shouldn't change her personality for him. They hug.
Gaby is doing some work at the table while Pam looks for her glasses. They talk about the Lassiter's job and Pam asks her what's going on with her.
GABY: OK. I mean, you're going to find out eventually, I might as well tell you now.
PAM: You know, whatever it is, I'm on your side.
GABY: I hope so. You're going to be a grandmother!
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