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Neighbours Episode 2103 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2103
Australian airdate: 09/03/94
UK airdate: 06/12/94
UK Gold: 22/11/00
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Office
Phil is feeling a bit stressed in the running of the hotel. The bank manager wants updates on occupancy rates for the hotel and Wendy Slater is three months late with her rent. Helen advises him to get some more sleep if he can. She offers to help him but he says Cheryl will be in soon.
Cheryl and Lou are arguing in their bedroom, so loudly that they have woken Rick up. He staggers through to the kitchen and asks Danni and Brett what's going on. Rick moans about Brett's rat being in his room.
In the bedroom, Cheryl is packing her things into a suitcase.
CHERYL: Have you seen my hair curlers?
LOU: Funny you should mention that. I've hidden them. I use them secretly while you're asleep(!)
A row ensues and Lou says that he's the one that's had to make all the compromises since Cheryl moved in. She tells him that he's been a batchelor too long. He just says that he'll be glad to get back to being one(!)
Phil tells Wendy that he needs to have the rent paid soon. She apologises and says that everything's been getting on top of her because the kids have had a lot of school excursions and the van broke down so she had to get it fixed. Phil offers to help her comes to an arrangement with her creditors and ends up saying he'll have a look at her books for her.
Ramsay Street
Cheryl is packing her cases into the car. Lou just stands there and says he can't help. The kids come out and say they don't want to go back to their old house. Rick says that Lou and Cheryl should just a get a new, larger bed. Lou and Cheryl eventually agree to try this(!)
Cody and Debbie tell Michael about the business project at school - it will give them experience at running their own business. Since Cody wants to do medicine she isn't sure she wants to do it, but Debbie says that everyone needs business skills in some way. Brett comes in and they elect Debbie as project leader. Cody is going to be the manager. Now they just have to come up with a business idea. Debbie suggests that they form into teams to think about a unique product.
Ramsay Street
Brett asks Rick rather awkwardly about Debbie's romantic status. Before he can answer, Michael comes along and Rick tells him that Brett "has the hots for your sister". Brett is not pleased.
Lou and Cheryl are back from the bed shop. Cheryl is in a much better mood although Lou is still grumpy. However, a new bed is being delivered later today.
Michael picks Lou's brains about a potential new car- related product. He says he'd love a light up screen in the back window so he could tell the car behind what he thinks of their driving(!) eg "Get off my tail, you mongrel"
Rick and Cody pick Cheryl's brains about an exercise- related product but she can't think of anything. She tells them that everything's already been invented - they just need to improve something that already exists, like a mouse- trap.
Brett and Danni are picking Helen's brains about a new product. Helen thinks they should avoid gimmicks. She can clearly see that Brett likes Debbie.
Phil comes in and Hannah moans that he forgot to pick her up from calisthenics. Luckily, the teacher called them and Helen organised a taxi. Hannah is making a model of the Solar System and asks Phil to help her with it, but he says he has to work. Hannah is disappointed. Phil says perhaps Wendy's books can wait - they'll have a family night tonight. Hannah hugs him.
No.24 (Bedroom)
Lou and Cheryl are laughing delightedly about their new adjustable bed which has arrived. Each side has its own controller. It cost $2,500, but Cheryl says it's cheaper than moving house. Danni, Brett and Rick pile on too to have a go. It seems peace is restored.
Michael shows Helen a trumpet he found in a house he was renovating for Doug - it was in a sealed up room.
Phil has got some videos for their family night but Debbie and Michael are heading off to their Youth Enterprise meeting. Hannah says that she's seen most of the video already and she's making a card for Julie too. Phil rolls his eyes.
Cody, Michael, Brett and Debbie are discussing their product. Brett is clearly smitten with Debbie.
Phil and Helen have watched the video on their own without the kids. Phil says that he doesn't want to lose touch with the kids but Helen assures him that he's doing fine as a Dad.
He sees the trumpet from Michael and picks it up and plays it. He's says maybe he could take lessons again some day.
No.24 (Bedroom), the following morning
Lou has had a good night's sleep and he and Cheryl have made up. He controls the bed into a more suitable position for hanky- panky (yuk!)
Michael is looking through some papers from the house in Gladstone Street. The last owner was a lady called Mary Pingelly and Helen vaguely recognises the name.
Debbie and Michael talk about the business project and Michael tells her that Brett likes her. Debbie says Brett is too young for her.
Helen finds a photo of Ramsay Street amongst the pictures - a man standing outside No.32. It looks like it was about 10 years ago. She doesn't know the man in the photo though.
Cody and Michael are hanging out. Cody wants to do research on the business project and fends Michael's advances off. She tells him she wants to keep things light between them physically. He is not happy but she tells him not to push it.
Just then, Gaby comes in unexpectedly. Cody runs to hug her.
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