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Neighbours Episode 2102 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2102
Australian airdate: 08/03/94
UK airdate: 05/12/94
UK Gold: 21/11/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Sophie Giardi: Antonietta Morgillo
Kev: Brad Wade
Doula Tassios: Pat Simone
Kim Ngan: Wendy Chan
Susie: Vanessa Carroll
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michael shows Brett the medals, but he's more interested in playing cricket. Apparently Brett is going to see a hypnotherapist soon.
Lou has removed the last of Lauren's belongings from her room so that Danni can move in. As he lifts the box, he gets a "big twinge" in his back. Lou tells Cheryl that his back in bad because of the sleeping arrangements.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is still cross about not being mentioned in the article and is even crosser when Kristy her colleague sings Mark's praises too.
KRISTY: You must be really proud of him.
ANNALISE: Yes, I am. I'm going to tell him exactly what I think(!)
Mark protests that he wasn't responsible for what went in the newspaper article, but Annalise is unmoved, berating him for stealing her thunder.
She tries to ring the paper, but Mark takes the phone off her. They've had good publicity for the Coffee Shop, and if they make a fuss about the details of the article, the newspaper could retaliate by bad- mouthing them. Annalise allows that he has a point, but insists that he cares more about his own image than her business.
No.24 (bedroom)
Cheryl is lying on the bed reading the horoscopes in a magazine which advise Lou to stand up for his rights(!) Lou's back is still very bad and says he's finding it hard to sleep on the other side of the bed. Cheryl refuses to change saying that there must be another explanation. She offers to give him a massage.
Annalise is still sulking about the newspaper article. They bicker about their medical test results and Annalise says Mark should get more exercise.
No.24 (bedroom)
Cheryl is giving Lou a massage but he isn't enjoying it very much. Brett and Danni come in to find out what the noise is about and laugh at them.
Hypnotherapist's Office
Cheryl explains to the hypnotherapist (Sophie) that Brett needs more confidence to play cricket properly. Cheryl is rather over- bearing, so the hypnotherapist suggests that she picks Brett up in an hour.
Ramsay Street
Mark tells Lou about his medical report which indicates high blood pressure and cholesterol. Lou thinks Mark is a hypochondriac, but Mark just asks if he might need a psychiatist(!)
Hypnotherapist's Office
Brett is explaining to the hypnotherapist that he doesn't *want* to play cricket anymore as there's no point to it.
Under hypnosis, Brett reveals that enjoyed playing cricket with his father and now he misses him. The hypnotherapist helps him to hang on to happy feelings from when he was younger.
Coffee Shop
A customer asks Annaise if Mark is around as he looked cute in his picture in the paper. Just then, Mark comes in and everyone sitting in the Coffee Shop claps him (as if!)
Annalise has calmed down a bit today and tells Mark that business is really good today. She suggests that he comes to aerobics with her to get some exercises.
The hypnotherapist is instructing Brett to hang on to how he felt about playing cricket when he was young. She then wakes him up from his hypnosis telling him that when he wakes up, he'll feel much better about playing cricket.
Mark has purchased an exercise bike for Annalise for her birthday. She thanks him but clearly is a bit disappointed.
Annalise tells Danni that she's a bit disappointed about Mark's lack of romance for her birthday. Mark comes in and tells Annalise that he's got her something else as well.
Ramsay Street
Brett and Lou are playing cricket - Brett is playing much better.
Mark and Annalise, followed by Danni, Lou and Brett enter No.30. They discover a surprise party that Mark has set up for Annalise! Annalise is very pleased.
Michael and Brett chat about the hypnotherapy.
No.24 (bedroom)
Lou is trying to sleep but his back is hurting. Cheryl is reading a racy book and trying to get Lou into the mood(!) Lou asks again if he can move back to his side and Cheryl finally agrees. Lou is very relieved to be back on his side.
CHERYL: This book's got me thinking...
LOU: Not tonight, Josephine!
(Early morning)
Cheryl rolls over and pushes Lou out of bed(!) He staggers around the bed to get in on the other side, but Cheryl is now hogging the entire bed.
(A bit later)
Brett and Danni are standing over Lou who is asleep on the living room floor(!) Cheryl comes out and asks him what he's doing. Lou moans that she reads late with a light and then hogs the entire bed, not to mention putting lemons on her elbows(!) Cheryl gets cross and says she'll move out! Lou agrees!
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