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Neighbours Episode 2101 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2101
Australian airdate: 07/03/94
UK airdate: 02/12/94
UK Gold: 20/11/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Pru: Olivia Davis
Reporter: Georgie Basey
Photographer: Rod Catterall
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)
- Michael and Doug notice that a wall in the house doesn't match up with the architect plans
- Doug asks Pam if she's ok. She doesn't look it, but reassures him that she's fine.
Doug's house
Doug and Michael are scrutinising the wall. There appears to be the outline of a door. There's only way to find out what is/used to be behind there. Doug takes a sledgehammer, tells Michael to stand back, and starts hacking away for all he is worth, demonic rage etched across his face.
What should be Daphne's
Annalise is preparing food in the kitchen. An excitable Mark bounds in. Deploying a brand of baby talk, he says that it's somebody's 19th birthday soon, and he's wondering what she might like to do. A romantic dinner for two, or a big party. She wants a surprise -anything so long as it's from her boyfriend, apparently. [Girls never really mean that, do they?] Mark doesn't think so, fishing as he does for a couple of hints. Annalise goes on to ponder what she's going to wear for an interview, which Mark was oblivious to. It's for the Erinsborough News about the new menu. Annalise wonders about some lingerie, maybe black, lacy.
MARK: What, for the interview?
ANNALISE: No, for my birthday.
They start laughing and touching.
Doug's house
Doug doesn't appear to be out of puff after all that pounding; there's not even a bead of sweat on his brow. Anyhow, there's a sufficient hole in the wall now. Michael shines his torch in. This provides virtually the only light to mirror the eerie mood. It looks like somebody used to live in there. Michael considers the possibility that it was somebody on the run, or a deranged killer. Although he doesn't look too confident himself, Doug sensibly suggests that his young protégé has been watching too many movies, and that the truth is probably much more simple.
Pam is poking away at a plate of food, as Annalise asks if she wants anything else. 'A young woman's body,' Pam mutters laconically. Annalise shuffles over to the counter where Mark is sitting. He asks if she has put anymore thought into what she wants for her birthday. She drops hints about diamond earrings, Italian shoes and French perfume, which Mark is very slow to pick up on. She then mumbles something about setting up gym gear later. First she wants Mark to visit the doctor with her: she's going for a check-up and thinks he should have one too. He doesn't want to, but when Annalise claims he would if he loved her, he relents. Pru comes in, sits down, and starts talking to Pam. They comment on how much in love Mark and Annalise are. Pam laments that it must be good to still be able to arouse such passion in a man.
Ramsay Street
Lou is showing Brett how to hold the cricket ball with Hannah and Danni watching on. Hannah asks if she can play. Lou tells her to stand in the field: this isn't a game, it's a serious coaching session. Brett is in bat, whilst Lou runs up to bowl. As he approaches the creases (in the form of some sort of bowl), he pulls up in agony. It's his back, a common complaint amongst bowlers. Danni's got a different theory -it's arthritis, a common complaint amongst old people. Hannah wants to have a bowl. Rather predictably she hits Brett's stumps first ball. Danni chuckles in the background.
Doug's house
Doug and Michael are in darkness, but for torchlight. They've found various belongings: football trophies, war-medals, and a trombone-case, inscribed with the initials "L.G.M" Doug them stumbles upon a manual, leading him to realise that they're in a bomb-shelter (he did a few quotes on them in the '70s). Who built it? Who is L. G. M.?
Pam is looking bedraggled in comparison with her visitor, Cheryl. Pam talks about young love in the guise of Mark and Annalise. 'Oh Pam, anybody would think you are going through the menopause,' chips in Cheryl. The truth dawns on Cheryl. She apologises and asks Pam about the possibilities of HRT. Pam's given it some thought, but she's worried about the increased risks of breast cancer (already the third most common cause of death amongst women in Australia).
No.22's Balcony
Hannah can de seen running around Ramsay Street, as Brett tells Lou that he's not cut out to be a cricketer. Would AB get bowled out first ball by a ten-year-old? Lou tells him he knows how to play, and is a great student of the game; he just needs that little voice inside his head saying, "You can do it"! Brett mocks that the one saying he can't is drowning it out. Lou still thinks he just needs more confidence. As they go down the stairs for another hit, the tennis ball lands on the balcony. Hannah has hit a six.
Mark and Annalise are having their pictures taken with the food. The woman journalist flirts with Mark, the cameraman with Annalise. Once they have left, Mark and Annalise can't keep their hands off each other. They think the interview went well.
Doug is telling Pam about his day, whilst they wash the dishes. Doug says the last occupant of the house had no relatives. Once he died, there was nobody to pay the bills. Pam thinks it's sad that you can live your life, collect momentos, yet it all goes to waste. Doug hopes his wife isn't going to get all teary on him again -something she has been doing all too often lately. Pam wonders if hse has been that bad, and suggests it's probably just a passing virus from which she will recover. Doug hopes so, because his wife has got so many different moods these days. Pam has had another mood change, and attempts to seduce "Dougie". He'd prefer the mood that just sees them snuggling up in front of the TV. It's not to be. They start kissing.
No. 30
Mark is worried about his visit to the doctor. Apparently he didn't actually say much, it was all grunts and groans. Annalise jokes that at this rate he won't make her 19th birthday. He fishes for clues, asking about memorable birthdays she has enjoyed in the past. She says she has told him she wants a surprise.
Mark "Cosmic" Gottlieb prattles on about his mother making him moon-cakes for his birthday when he was seven. Annalise's mother wasn't into that sort of thing. Other than looking after a stray puppy for a night, she's never had much to shout about. Mark vows to change all that, starting this year.
Lou and Cheryl's bedroom
Cheryl is eating chocolates in a slinky nightie; Lou is wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. They talk about Brett's cricketing aspirations. He's rubbish, but Cheryl thinks there's hope. Lou rolls over, and tries to kiss his lover, excited about what will happen when the lights go out. Cheryl tells him to leave them on -she wants to finish the next chapter of her book!
Doug comes out of the bedroom, putting on the last of his clothes. Pam is ironing her uniform; she has been asked to do a shift at the hospital. It transpires that Doug fell asleep on Pam last night, leaving her frustrated. To make it up to her, Pam wants Doug to take her out to a restaurant. Doug says it sounds good, but he has agreed to work late with Michael on the house. Pam gets annoyed, accusing her husband of putting a rundown old house before his wife and family. If he doesn't find her attractive anymore, he should just come out and say it rather than using the house as an excuse. A puzzled Doug was under the impression she wanted him to buy the house. 'You wouldn't have the first idea of what I wanted,' is Pam's parting shot.
Robinson House
Michael is shining his newly acquired medals at the table. Brett comes in and announces that he's quitting the cricket team; even Hannah plays like a pro compared to him. Michael reassures his neighbour that he is just going through a temporary loss of form. Michael then dashes off (leaving Brett alone in the house).
Outside Doug's house
As Michael goes inside to get a hacksaw, Pam arrives with a "peace offering" -a food hamper. She feels bad about what she said earlier. She's also going to help Doug do some manual work.
Mark is reading the paper whilst he eats his breakfast. Annalise enters the fray and tells him to look for the coffee shop review in the paper. When he finds the article, his face drops and he pretends and it isn't there. Annalise thinks it must be in tomorrow's then, as she breezily leaves for work.
Ramsay House
Lou, Cheryl, Brett and Danni are eating croissants for breakfast. Cheryl thinks her son needs the power of positive thought to help improve his cricket game. When she was younger it helped her kick her 40 a day smoking habit. Lou wasn't aware she used to smoke. Brett thinks this is the answer to all his problems:
'I see a hypnotherapist who can hypnotize me into thinking I'm a great cricket player. And if I think like one, I'll act like one, right. And if I play like one, I'll be one.'
Oh, right.
Doug's house
Michael reports back to Doug. The old couple next door remember the lady who died in Doug's house a few years ago. She lived with an eccentric old fellow who just upped and left one day; he went for a walk and never came back. There's no news on the bombshelter, though. Pam's beavering away with the cement mixer. She's got the consistency wrong. Upset when Doug calls her a 'silly woman', she runs off, almost crying.
Cheryl is reading the Erinsborough News. Annalise comes over to take her order. Cheryl says free publicity is the best publicity. Annalise isn't getting her hopes up because she hasn't seen the article. Cheryl turns the page to a large picture of Mark. The article reads:
'Mark Gottlieb, the handsome, charming and brilliant chef is behind the coffee shop menu by day, producing fine cuisine at the restaurant by night.'
'Lise Herman' gets a small mention later in the article. Annalise is furious -she runs the coffee shop, not Mark. 'Boy has he got some explaining to do.'
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